Canva Pro Review 2023: Is the Paid Version Worth the Purchase?

What Is Canva? Overview

Basically, Canva is an online platform that simplifies the design process of all kinds of visual materials across a few main categories:

Social media: This is definitely the most used template category in Canva – all for your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest accounts, including all kinds of graphics for posts (like thumbnails) and profiles (like background images).

Identity: While not a logo creation tool, Canva offers the means to quickly create a brand logo, with thousands of pre-made images you can use as a starting point.

Business: This category includes presentations, invoices, proposals, certificates, resumes, and many other useful templates for all business purposes.

Information: Canva simplifies the process of creating professional-looking posters and infographics. The templates help you structure your message and display data in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Printable: In addition to digital images, there are ready-made templates for physical things, such as invitations, flyers, brochures, menus and more. The best part? You can order print materials from Canva and have your items at your door within a week!

Everyday: Canva is also useful outside the office. For example, when you want to create beautiful designs for yourself and those closest to you – calendars, postcards and photo collages.

And yes, all of that is available in the free version of Canva. Then, what's the point of paying for Canva Pro?

Canva Pro vs Canva Free

When creating designs with Canva, you may notice that some of the templates are covered with diagonal lines –

To get rid of the lines, you have to select the image and click on the “remove watermark” button in the lower right corner:

A window will appear showing the price for those premium images… and we come to the first important part of Canva Pro's offering: For a flat monthly fee, Canva Pro gives you access to a comprehensive library of 60+ million premium images at no extra cost, either within templates or as separate images.

If you use Canva frequently, this option might be cheaper (and hassle-free) than paying every time you need to remove the watermark. Of course, this isn't the only feature of Canva Pro – it's just the one that stands out the most.

What about other benefits? The first, Besides images, the Pro version unlocks all other premium design components, including illustrations, icons, backgrounds, music, and videos.

This feature is very useful, but not something unique. Then, what exactly makes Canva Pro able to increase your productivity? Its branding features!

With Brand Kit, you can customize your company logo, colors, and fonts with a single space – so they can be used automatically for every new design you create: This is especially helpful if you regularly create posts with branding for one or more social channels – especially for all the design types that we have explained in the previous section of this guide.

Unlimited folders (maximum 2 folders for the free version) and 100x more storage space (1 Gb for the free version) make Canva's Brand Kit even more flexible.

Finally, there is a third set of features in Canva Pro that we might call the “magic wand” – Its premium editing tools automatically animate and resize your images, as well as generate PNG images with transparent backgrounds. The automatic auto-resizer is an interesting feature, but our favorite is the animator, so you can instantly turn your images into engaging videos or GIFs: Canva Pro offers 3 feature sets that can be broadly categorized into premium design components, productivity enhancements, and advanced tools.

Most of its features are useful (and some are great). But, before we can conclude whether Canva Pro is worth buying or not, we also have to look at other factors –

How Much Does Canva Pro Cost?

You can upgrade to Pro for US$12.95 per month (or US$119.4 per year, which is equivalent to US$9.95 per month for an annual bill).

Canva offers a 30 day trial. However, you will need to enter your credit card details, although you won't be charged before your free month is up: Compared to other similar alternatives, Canva offers the longest trial period. Plus they offer the cheapest monthly fees (we made all prices in US$ for easy comparison) You may see 3 brands at the bottom of the table priced under Canva Pro – that's what we call Canva “clones” – – some new tools that clearly mimic Canva's features, even the interface  Even though we feature them in our comparison table, they can't quite rival Canva Pro.

Actually, the first 3 competitors are also not as good and great as Canva for several reasons:

  • the collection is smaller due to a limited selection of templates, images, videos, and other design components;
  • it has fewer features, notably no clear brand kit and no productivity-enhancing tools such as automated animators;
  • the focus is narrower as they are generally used for photo editing or social media posts, rather than complete design and collaboration for brands across multiple channels.

So, the answer to our original question is actually pretty clear – here's a summary:

Should You Use Canva Pro?

Rather than simply saying yes, in this guide, we've tried to compare Canva Pro against its free version and some similar alternatives.

Here's what we can conclude:

Canva Pro offers a significant increase in productivity compared to the free version. Plus, it has a huge collection of premium design components, with a 30-day free trial. This makes Canva Pro the most attractive option so far compared to other similar tools.

However, the final decision to upgrade to Canva Pro still depends on your specific needs:

If you only need a design once, of course, you don't need to buy a paid subscription. However, you can get a wider selection of images and templates with their free trial. Don't forget to cancel your subscription on time!

For simple and/or rarely used designs on a single social media, the Pro version is also too much, as Canva's basic toolkit already offers almost everything you need.

If you regularly create brand designs (say you're a professional designer, social media manager, or small business owner), Canva Pro will save you a LOT of time and effort. Maybe even cheaper than buying the premium images separately.

For those of you who manage multiple social media simultaneously (such as Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels), the Pro version is a must buy. The auto-resizer alone can cut your design time in half 🚀

If you work on a team (e.g. a marketing agency, design collective, or a marketing department at a large company), Canva Pro might be too simple. We recommend trying Canva Enterprise which offers additional collaboration tools and dedicated support.

If our guide still doesn't help, the easiest way is to try it yourself. There's nothing to lose in trying because it's free, and you can decide whether this tool is worth buying or not.

How to Join Canva Pro with Team Invite Link

We are sharing this canva pro team invite link only for Education, Experience, and Research purpose. We are not encourage peoples to use this canva pro team invite link for personal interest. Many users purchase Canva Enterprise and they allow other users to join their team to enjoy premium features. If you cannot afford Canva premium then you can join Canva Pro through the Canva Pro team invite link. You must keep in mind that if the team owner deletes the team, you will lose Canva Pro access so always save your designs on your phone or computer. We highly recommend you & every user to Buy membership or by subscribing on appropriate terms. We not responsible for any harm/damage, use this at your own risk. To join Canva Pro through the team invite link, follow these steps:

  1. Visit from your mobile phone or PC.
  2. If you don’t have a Canva account then create a free account on the Canva website using your email.
  3. Once you created an account on Canva, Log in to your Canva account.
  4. Please wait until the 60 seconds below
  5. After logging in to your account, click on the Canva Pro team invite link as shared below.
  6. After clicking on the Canva Pro team link, click the “Got it” option. You have successfully joined Canva Pro with the team link. Now, you can enjoy the premium features of Canva.

If the Canva team has converted into a free version then you can leave that Canva team and join a new one from the link shared above.

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