How To Use Canva Pro Premium In October 2022 [100% Working]

Are you currently using the free version of Canva but are considering upgrading your account to Canva Pro? You may have one important question before switching to Canva Pro, which is “Is Canva Pro worth buying? Is Canva Pro any good?”

If you ask me personally, the short answer is, I think Canva Pro is worth buying and making one of your business investments. For just $12.99 per month (or $9.99 per month if paid annually), you get access to over 75 million images, videos, animations, and elements, as well as a pro model, one-click resize, features brand kit tools, and many more.

But frankly, the right answer to that question depends on your design needs. However, I'll show you all the differences between Canva Pro and the free Canva plans, so you can determine if the paid version of Canva Pro is worth buying.

Canva (Free) VS Canva Pro

Canva is an online graphic design editor that lets you create graphics for your brand and business, like Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, ebooks, and more. There are two versions of Canva: a free version called Canva and Canva Pro one of the paid plans.

Canva free version

The free edition of Canva lets you access several types of templates and design them according to your needs. This includes posting feed updates, stories, ads in graphical form on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. You can also make posters, postcards, letterhead, and other printed materials. To get started, Canva has a large selection of styles and designs to choose from. You will also have access to a number of free stock images. However, since this is a free version, all templates and stock photos will of course be limited. As of this writing, there are only 250,000 free templates, around 100+ types of designs for social media posts, presentations, letter designs and more. For the free version, you will also only get access to limited free stock photos and graphics and 5 GB of storage space only.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is also known as Canva premium version or Canva premium edition. Canva Pro includes all the features that the free version of Canva has to offer as well as many additional features. Among them is that you can access more than 75 million stock photos, videos, audio, and premium graphics. And all stock photos, videos and premium audio you can use for free. In addition, there is also a brand kit tool feature to help you build a consistent brand. As of this writing, Canva Pro has over 420,000 templates, 100GB of storage space, features for scheduling social media content across 7 platforms, and, of course, if you're confused about using Canva (though it's very rare), you'll have access to the support team who are ready to help provide solutions to your problems.

What are the feature differences between Canva free VS Canva Pro?

Let's check out all the differences between the free version of Canva and Canva Pro!

Premium stock images, photos, videos and graphics

Canva is a free app that gives you access to 4 million images, videos, and other elements. You can also upload your own images or graphics, and premium photos can be purchased for only $1 (approximately 14,000 Rupiah). However, if you use Canva Pro, you will have access to the entire photo library (stock photos). This photo library contains more than 75 million images, videos, diagrams, icons, and other elements that you can use for free in your designs.

The free version of Canva doesn't have a huge selection of stock photos and many of the free images and photos on offer are cheesy and less original. However, on the positive side, the image quality is also of high quality. And using the free version of Canva is certainly better than having no photo source at all or using another free source but the image quality is very low.

The good news is that Canva Pro has a large selection of images, videos, and other graphic elements compared to the free edition. In this context, investing 12.99 dollars per month for stock photos, videos and other graphics is definitely worth it!

Brand Kit Manager

One of the benefits of using Canva Pro as discussed earlier is the opportunity to collaborate with the entire design team or work team. The project manager has control over the model and can allow other team members to use it. Even better, all models can be found in one place. This means that Canva users can access models whenever they want.

The Brand Kit Manager can also be used to determine which fonts, color schemes and logos are compatible with the brand. All company asset charts can be stored in one location, eliminating the need to send links or files to other team members (which saves time). All important graphics regarding the brand kit (fonts, color palette, logo, etc.) are accessible to any team member who has been granted access.

The free version of Canva lets you create a single color palette of only three colors, but you can't upload transparent logo or font files. However, with the Canva Pro Brand Kit, you can easily store all your brand designs. You can also create up to 100 color palettes with 100 colors each by uploading your logo and font files.


The next premium template is on our featured list for Canva Pro reviews. The Canva Pro platform has more than 420,000 templates on it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the free version of Canva only has a library of 250,000 templates.

Another feature we love about Canva Pro is that Canva Pro has a variety of designs, neatly organized by time, activity and topic. Thus, it will be very easy to find the ideal prototype by entering keywords into the search box.


Canva offers a number of free fonts. You will not be able to use your own font. Meanwhile, Canva Pro lets you access the entire font collection, which includes over 1000 fonts, as well as the ability to upload your own font files. You can also upload custom fonts and customize the header, subtitle and body type of the brand package. Moreover, you can upload your logo and view it easily from your design template.

Team Access

Free Canva Team Access lets you email a link to one of your designs to team members so they can view or edit it. Canva Pro does too, but of course with other added features like helping you email a link to one of your designs so team members can view it, edit it, or use it as a reference. If you want to sell Canva templates, this is a must-have feature.

This functionality is a huge improvement over Canva's free version of the “share link to edit” feature. If anyone wants to buy your template and doesn't make a copy before editing, your design will be lost! However, if you are using Canva Pro, you can use the “Share link as template” option, (share link as template). Where then, the link that you share is shared for the design template. The share link as template option is not available in free Canva.

Magic Resize

With the free version of Canva. You won't be able to resize a design if you accidentally create a design that's the wrong size. If you get the wrong size, yes you will have to start over from scratch. But fortunately, with Canva Pro, you can resize your design files with the magic resize feature to speed up the design process. With just a few clicks, you can convert a single template into multiple formats. This is an amazing feature that will save you a lot of time.

Transparent background

With Canva Pro, you can easily remove distracting backgrounds and save your graphics as PNG files. When saving logo templates, this feature is also very useful. However, you can't do that with the free version of Canva because transparent backgrounds are not available in the free plan.


The difference here is that Canva's free animations give you access to 6 ways to animate your graphic concepts. While Canva Pro gives you access to 11 different animation options for your designs. In Canva Pro, you'll find animator tools that let you animate your graphics and make them more visually appealing. An extensive image library is available for your graphics too.

Canva Pro, as described earlier, gives you access to a large media library that makes it easy to create fresh and attractive graphics. You also don't have to worry about copyright infringement in your marketing materials when using Canva Pro because the images you choose are already licensed to use.

Storage and folder capacity

Free Canva offers 1 GB of free storage, while Canva Pro comes with up to 100 GB of storage capacity. This means that if you exceed storage on the free version, you may need to delete some old templates or designs to save the new files. And the free Canva only lets you create a maximum of 2 design folders, while Canva Pro lets you create as many folders as you want to organize your designs.

Canva Pricing Packages

Canva offers free plans (Canva) and paid plans (Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise). As you know, Canva is free to use, but if you plan to upgrade your account to Canva Pro, here are the pricing options:

Canva Pro Pricing

The monthly plan costs $12.99 per month. It is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. But if you opt for the annual plan, the Canva Pro Annual Plan costs $9.99 per month and is billed annually at $119.99.

Canva Enterprise Pricing

CanvaEnterprise is designed for teams that need all of Canva Pro's features and smart design features, as well as complete control to collaborate and publish business-branded designs at scale. You can sign up for Canva Enterprise if you have a large enough team for $30 per month per person.

Canva Non-Profit and Canva Education

And good news for nonprofits, students, and teachers, you can apply for Canva Pro for free!

Canva Pro Recommendations


  • Canva Pro offers lots of stock and templates to work with. And I think you should upgrade to Canva Pro if you want to have access to an extensive database of templates. It's perfect for people in the creative industry who usually sell design templates.
  • You don't have to worry about copyright infringement in the content of your marketing materials when using Canva Pro because the images you choose have been given permission to use them.
  • The feature to share links to use as design templates is a lifesaver for those of you who ask buyers to access and copy one of your templates.


  • The photo library search feature needs to have more filters for each search because sometimes you can spend more time scrolling through hundreds of images to find the right image or graphic. The only way to search for images, photos or other elements is by keyword, but sometimes the results are very limited. 
  • Canva cannot be used offline. Canva is not for you if your internet access is slow or you don't always have internet access. I prefer you to use other editing software.

How to get Canva Pro for Free?

By signing up for a one-month free trial, you can try Canva Pro for free! This is a very fair way to test all of Canva Pro's features before deciding whether or not an account upgrade is really worth it for you. You can also cancel the free trial at any time before the end of the 30 day duration if you decide not to upgrade.

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