8 Ways to Fix the Grammarly Add-In Not Working in Microsoft Word on Windows in 2023

Grammarly is the standard add-in for word processing programmes that makes it simple to detect grammatical errors. Unfortunately, there may occasionally be an issue with the grammar checking procedure. It usually works again after a fresh instal, but occasionally the issues just keep getting worse. Sometimes Microsoft Word and Grammarly don't get along. Sometimes it won't add, won't open, won't show up in Microsoft Word, or Grammarly can't connect to the server. Whatever your issue, the solutions listed below will assist you in resolving it. grammarly worth it 2023.

Grammarly Review [2023 Update]: Is Grammarly Worth It?

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1. Rule Out an Internet Issue

Grammarly's inability to connect to the server is a blatant indication that it cannot connect to the internet. In order to assist the add-in in establishing a reliable connection with the server, troubleshoot the internet connection.

The issue is frequently with the word processor or the add-in rather than the internet if you can't open the extension or find it in Microsoft Word. Restarting the router won't harm, though, to make sure the problem isn't with the internet.

2. Ensure Microsoft Word Isn’t Added to Grammarly Blocked Apps List

Due to privacy concerns, you can use Grammarly to block specific apps from accessing it to check the grammar of confidential documents. Once you've restricted Grammarly's access to the add-in in the application, you won't be able to use it anymore. Making sure Microsoft Word isn't added there is therefore crucial.

To do this, right-click the Grammarly icon and select Settings from the menu that appears after clicking the "show hidden icons" symbol.

If Microsoft Word is already listed under Blocked Apps, select the Blocked Apps tab and click Remove next to it. If it's not there, another issue must be present.

3. Rule Out Any Account Issues

If the Grammarly add-in isn't opening properly in Microsoft Word, your Grammarly account might have been suspended. To make sure that isn't the case, go to the Grammarly official website and log in to your account. You can rule out this being a problem if you can access your account on the website.

By creating a temporary free account and using it to access the add-in, you can also confirm this. The issue is with your account if the add-in functions properly with another account. If that occurs, you can either contact your account administrator if you have a team or business account, or you can modify the email address linked to your account.

You must sign out of your current account and sign in with a new account to ensure that Grammarly hasn't banned your Microsoft Office account. You can delete your old account and start using the new one if that helps.

4. Rule Out File Specific Issues

When the internet is working properly, Microsoft Word is not blocked, and your Grammarly account is active, make sure the problem doesn't happen on a specific Microsoft Word document. Check a different document with Grammarly to verify this. grammarly worth it 2023

Consider removing any privacy checks you've applied to a particular document if it functions flawlessly on all other documents but only that one. Turn off the password protection and short-term disable the privacy permissions. Hopefully, this will make the add-in functional once more.

If it isn't working on any document, the problem needs to be looked into more thoroughly.

5. Disable OneDrive Sync and Give Microsoft Word a Fresh Start

Make sure it is not a short-term glitch before attempting major fixes like adjusting firewall settings, reinstalling the add-in, or changing the user account. Therefore, close every window of Microsoft Word and start the word processor over.

Consider disconnecting your OneDrive account as well if you have connected one. By doing this, you can be certain that Grammarly won't stop working due to a syncing problem. Continue to major fixes if neither of these fixes succeeds in fixing the problem.

6. Reinstall the Add-In

After identifying the add-in itself as the root cause, the first thing to do is to reinstall the add-in. Remove the Grammarly add-in from Word that is currently installed before doing so.

To delete Grammarly add-in, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the File > Options.
  2. Select Add-ins from the left-sidebar.
  3. Select the "COM Add-ins" in the Manage dropdown.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Select Grammarly and hit the Remove button

However, if Grammarly is not already listed as an installed extension in the Word Options window, there is one more indirect way to remove it by deleting its relevant registry key.

To do that, open Registry Editor and navigate to the following location or copy the path directly in the Registry Editor:


Right-click on the GrammarlyAddIn.Connect key and hit Delete.

After that, download the Grammarly add-in from its official website and completely instal it. However, before continuing, make sure to close every instance of Microsoft Word. Most of the time, this fix resolves the issue, but if it doesn't, you may be experiencing interference from other add-ins you are currently using. So, think about turning them off.

7. Disable Other Add-Ins

Other add-ins can't interfere temporarily if they are disabled. As a result, turn off every add-in you have active in Microsoft Word, especially the grammar chequers.

To disable add-ins in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Word document.
  • Navigate to the Insert Ribbon.
  • Right-click on the installed add-in.
  • Click on Remove Add-in

Similar to how we did with Grammarly, carry out the same procedure for each additional add-in one at a time or uninstall them all at once from the Word Options add-ins settings.

When disabling the add-ins fixes the problem, identify any that may be interfering and get rid of them completely. As a last resort, you can momentarily turn off Windows Firewall if disabling them makes no difference.

8. Disable Windows Defender

Microsoft's Windows Defender serves as a barrier between our computers and various threats and viruses. We heavily rely on it to keep us safe, but it frequently sees safe programmes as threats.

Although it's unlikely, you can temporarily disable Windows Defender to rule out the idea that it's preventing Grammarly from working.

Check out our article on how to disable Windows Defender if you have never disabled it before. Don't forget to turn it back on when disabling it doesn't work out in your favor to prevent compromising your security.

Grammarly Add-in Still Not Working? Try Some Alternatives

The Grammarly add-in should operate normally after applying the fixes described in the article. Run a malware scan, open Microsoft Word with administrative privileges, and run an SFC scan if the issue still exists to make sure the OS isn't the cause.

If all else fails, try using the Grammarly app, checking your grammar on the Grammarly web client, or starting to use any Grammarly substitute.

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