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In times of a pandemic like this, entertainment seems to be the most powerful drug to overcome chaos. Entertaining yourself can be productive or just listening to music and watching movies. I myself usually prefer to watch movies by streaming, but to watch free movies that are legal it seems quite difficult to find, because on average, legal movie provider applications are certainly paid. Today I want to introduce one of the free and of course legal video streaming applications. In addition, the features provided are also very many. Namely iQIYI. It may sound foreign to the ear, but who would have thought that this application provides various interesting features that are very beneficial for its users.

Know What is iQIYI

iQIYI is a video streaming platform from China which was launched in 2010 and has only been officially present in Indonesia since 2020. With this application, users can enjoy watching movies for free and legally. There are many choices of films in the iQIYI application and some can be watched for free ranging from Korean Dramas, Anime, to Variety Shows. The iQIYI application can be downloaded for free through the Play Store and App Store.

Full Features of iQIYI Application

iQIYI has many excellent features that you can enjoy for free, although VIP features are also available as an option. Of course, by subscribing to VIP we can enjoy more features. But make no mistake, the features provided for free are more than enough. The display of ads on a free account is also not annoying, only appears at the beginning of the video playback, and does not appear while the video is in progress.

Advantages of iQIYI

Being a free movie streaming application that is quite popular, of course iQIYI has many advantages, here are the advantages.

  • It has a neat and easy-to-use interface.
  • There are many choices of content to watch.
  • Movies, Anime, and Dramas are always updated every day.
  • The ads that appear for the free account are minimal.
  • The price of VIP account activation is relatively cheap.
  • Watch up to 720p resolution for a free account.
  • Videos can be downloaded for free

The most interesting thing in my opinion is that there are no annoying ads even if you use a free account. Movies with the VIP label can also be watched for free even though they will be available for a long time after they are first released.

Disadvantages of iQIYI

It's not complete if you only discuss the advantages. iQIYI of course also has its drawbacks. The following are the disadvantages of the iQIYI application.

  • There is no choice of box office films or cinema films.
  • Dominant films and dramas that are shown are only Asian drama films.
  • For now, there are only 2 that I think are still lacking in the iQIYI application.


1. What app is iQIYI?

iQIYI is a legal movie, drama and anime streaming application available for Android and iOS platforms.

2. Is watching iQIYI free?

Of course, all Movies, dramas and anime can be enjoyed for free. iQIYI also provides VIP account options to enjoy more interesting features.

3. How much does an iQIYI VIP subscription cost?

  • New Member Special, Standard, Monthly Subscription, $0.99
  • New Member Save 20%, Standard, Yearly Subscription, $71.99
  • New Member Special, Premium, Monthly Subscription, $0.99
  • New Member Save 20%, Premium, Yearly Subscription, $79.99

Subscription is renewed at $8.99 after the discount ends.Next recurring monthly renewal will be $8.99. Cancel anytime.


iQIYI is one of the legal movie streaming applications that can be enjoyed for free through the Android and iOS platforms. The features that are presented are also very many and quite complete for a free application. The lack of ads is one of the added values ​​for this application, you won't find annoying ads especially floating ads, because ads only appear at the beginning before the video starts. iQIYI is a streaming application that is highly recommended to use. Besides being easy to use, the appearance of the application is also pleasing to the eye.


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