How To Use Scribd Premium In November 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

Scribd is a digital content service that provides ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, research papers, the best articles from leading publishers, documents, and more. Indonesian-language books can also be found in it, although the number is not as much as English-language content.

Scribd also serves as an online platform for everyone to upload and distribute documents on the internet. There is an embed feature that allows a document to be displayed on another site. Supported file formats include PDF, PPT, DOCX, and others.

Currently, Scribd's premium service is available at a flat rate of IDR 70.000 / per month. The payment method can be by using a credit card, Paypal, Google Pay, and perhaps the easiest for most Indonesians is to use credit. Every month, the Scribd subscription fee will be deducted automatically from the credit you have.

Judging from the variety of content it provides, Scribd is indeed very interesting. However, to really enjoy all the content in the premium service, registrants must master passive English well. The reason is, the number of ebooks in Indonesian is still very small.


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