Ubersuggest Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

Neil Patel bought the keyword research tool Ubersuggest in February 2017 and transformed it into a comprehensive SEO tool. Ubersuggest was once completely free, but it is now a freemium tool with free limited access, monthly pricing, and a lifetime deal option.

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Free versus paid versions

Ubersuggest is not a free SEO tool, as I previously stated. Many articles, reviews, and videos on the internet tout this tool as the best free SEO tool. This is because the SEO app used to be completely free but is no longer. Therefore, the majority of online resources contain out-of-date information.

Ubersuggest's free tool was upgraded to a paid version. There is, however, a free, data- and feature-limited Ubersuggest plan. If using Ubersuggest for free is something you're considering, you should know what you get: Before access is restricted for the day, you are allowed to conduct a total of 3 searches per day.

You cannot close this screen once it appears after that. Then you have the choice to link your Gmail account and create a free account. Before your account is restricted for the day, you can conduct a total of 5 searches. You will then be given the option to wait 24 hours or upgrade to premium.

You will see little information for those five searches as well. You can see how limited it is for free, and that all online content is false. Therefore, I will use the Ubersuggest PRO account in this review going forward to illustrate.

Lifetime offer and monthly rates

Let's now quickly review the Ubersuggest pricing structure. The cost of Ubersuggest can be paid yearly or on a monthly basis. As I am writing this review, the monthly pricing costs are listed below. You'll know whether Ubersuggest is worthwhile at this price after reading this guide. A lot of people have questions

Frequently asked questions

What Is Ubersuggest ?

Neil Patel bought the keyword research tool Ubersuggest in February 2017 and transformed it into a comprehensive SEO tool.

Ubersuggest was once completely free, but it is now a freemium tool with free limited access, monthly pricing, and a lifetime deal option.

Ubersuggest is it free?

No, not at this time. In the past, Neil Patel promised that the free SEO tools would always be available. Later on though, he made it a paid model with only a small amount of access available for free.

What is the price of Ubersuggest PRO?

There are two price tiers for Ubersuggest PRO. First up is the lifetime offer from Ubersuggest, which starts at $120 for 3 websites and $400 for an agency plan. They charge $12 per month for three websites and $40 per month for an agency website.

Are the data from Ubersuggest reliable?

The accuracy of the data is crucial for SEO. When locating low-competition keywords, you need search difficulty to be accurate. For backlinks, you want to see all the backlinks based on the proper analysis.

After testing, I discovered that Ubersuggest's search volume, CPC, suggestions, on-page, and PPC metrics are accurate, whereas Domain score, Search score, SEO difficulty, and backlinks are frequently wrong.

Who is a good fit for Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a useful all-in-one SEO tool because it performs numerous SEO tasks. However, based on my research, it's not appropriate for everyone. This, in my opinion, is appropriate for beginners, independent contractors, and SMBs who wanted to do SEO. They use this simple SEO tool to spend a few hours each week optimizing their SEO strategy even though SEO is not their primary marketing strategy.

Additionally, I would not advise using Ubersuggest if your marketing strategy heavily relies on SEO because the data it offers is either scarce or wildly inaccurate. For instance, they detect a low number of backlinks and ranking keywords in comparison to their rivals, and their keyword difficulty scores are incorrect.

What are some alternatives to Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest's competitors include SEMrush, ahrefs, MorningScore, BrandOverflow, Moz, GetKeywords, KeywordTool.io, Answerthepublic, KWFinder, and many more. Read this guide to see the complete list and the data comparison with Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest pros & cons

Throughout this guide, we have covered both the Ubersuggest PROS and CONS. Let's quickly review the main benefits and drawbacks of Ubersuggest in this section.


  • Very user-friendly tool with a simple interface
  • explains every feature of the tool in the tooltip, guides, and explanations.
  • most of the functions needed for a full SEO campaign are provided.
  • Low monthly prices and a lifetime offer
  • Neil Patel backs the program (A well known digital marketer)
  • The SEO app is completely mobile-friendly.
  • Your Google Webmaster Console account is connected to Ubersuggest, bringing additional data into the application.
  • You can check out statistics and outcomes at the national or local level.
  • responsive and beneficial assistance


  • Ubersuggest will be able to see all of your verified site data once you've connected Google Webmaster Console.
  • When using the tool, it occasionally got stuck while loading, so I had to close and reopen it in order to proceed.
  • Ubersuggest's free plan has very few features and data; it is no longer available for free. (If you come across any articles or videos that state it is totally free, they are from previous years.)
  • When compared to tools like ahrefs, semrush, morningscore, Moz, and getkeywords, SEO data like keyword difficulty, backlinks, and referring domains is frequently inaccurate. (Using incorrect data can waste your SEO efforts.)
  • Limited information or features are available for the tool's functions. I discovered that the tool's features/functions are quite limited when compared to the market. Keyword gaps, lost or new links, comparisons, and other factors


Due to their lifetime deal price, Ubersuggest is a great tool for SEO beginners or those looking for an affordable SEO tool. I suggest looking into alternatives if you intend to use Ubersuggest for free because the free plan has restrictions.

The main restrictions for Ubersuggest that I can currently see are:

  • Limited data where the keyword difficulty value is inaccurate. (Falsely portrays competitive keywords as being simple.)
  • Low number of backlinks found for the domain and webpage. (According to my research, Ubersuggest only displays 10%–50% of the links.)

I'm hoping that this will get better so that it becomes a reliable all-in-one SEO tool that eliminates the need for anything else besides Ubersuggest. If you found my review, comparison, or guide to be helpful, I would appreciate it if you would forward it to your friends.

How To Use Ubersuggest Premium Account Free

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