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How effective is Blinkist's app? Is it beneficial? Describe your experience as a paying customer. What about the cost? Does it compare favorably to other book summaries? My Blinkist review aims to provide you with answers to all of these queries and more.

An overview of my Blinkist review (FAQ)

Blinkist is a free app. Yes, but you can only read "the daily selection," which is a randomly selected book summary, as a free user.

How does the Blinkist app feel to use? Because of Blinkist's concentrated functionality, clean design, and simple interface, using it is quick, easy, and simple. Its primary use cases, reading and listening, are catered to.

Can Blinkist be used offline? Yes. Your library will automatically download the summaries you upload in text format. Audio files can also be downloaded, even automatically, and then deleted once you've finished listening.

How many books can you find on Blinkist? The Blinkist team adds roughly 40 new books each month, bringing the total number of books in the library to almost 5,000.

What is the price of Blinkist? The monthly cost is $12.99, however you can save 50% if you get the annual plan. However, if you use an affiliate link like ours, you may save an additional 35%, bringing the cost down to $5.34 each month (or $0.18 per day). Here, you can do that.

Is Blinkist a good investment? In my opinion. It gives excellent value for the money and outperforms the majority of free book summary websites. It is the least expensive book summary service in absolute terms and costs less than a coffee a day (or in some regions, even a month!).

What Benefits and Drawbacks Can Reading Book Summaries Have?

Most consumers review products or services by outlining their likes and dislikes right away. That's incorrect, especially when considering just one of the many services that fall under a certain category. summary of the books in question.

The idea of a book description itself has certain distinct benefits and drawbacks. These will undoubtedly go to Blinkist and other book summary services. Really, you can't hold one firm responsible for them.

Look at those initially so we may subsequently more precisely identify the particular advantages and disadvantages of Blinkist.

advantages to reading book summaries

You will omit all superfluous information. This is particularly useful for novels that simply present one or a few compelling arguments. You can also steer clear of bad books completely.

You can pick up information on numerous subjects more quickly. You can read a summary of a meditation book in a few minutes as opposed to devoting a month to it. Then you can move on to the following mindfulness book or a different subject entirely.

Without notes, you'll most likely retain more information. Since book summaries focus on facts and succinct examples of them, you'll probably recall 3-5 items after reading one. It can be difficult to effectively memorize anything if you read a whole book without making any notes.

The drawbacks of reading book summaries

The majority of the book's humor and plot will be lost to you. It makes reading enjoyable, which is a negative thing. Depending on how much you relate to the story, it may also aid in your memory even if you may need to take notes.

Big concepts and unplanned discoveries from truly excellent novels will be lost on you. Every page of the best literature is a powerful blow. All of their information cannot be condensed into a summary. To get the most out of some novels, you simply must read them cover to cover.

Without context, you could understand facts incorrectly. Sometimes an idea is expressed in a summary in one way, but the book's setting develops it in a different way. However, without that background, you're understanding the notion differently and coming away with the impression the author didn't want for you to have.

You are now placing your trust in the summary's author as well as the book's author. You lose if the summary writer does a poor job. For instance, they might omit a significant tale, which would cause you to forget a significant fact.

All book summaries and the services that offer them must adhere to these rules once more. Now that those have been considered, let's focus on the Blinkist app user experience.

What Is the Price of Blinkist?

First off, downloading and installing the Blinkist app are both free. However, a free account only allows you to read one summary every day—the daily pick. You have no influence over what you're reading because this is a collection of randomly selected blinks. You need to subscribe to Premium to get full access.

An annual and monthly plan are available from Blinkist.

You can access their material at any time for a monthly fee of $12.99 (or the equivalent amount in € if you live in Europe). Over 5,000 titles are available, along with audiobooks, shortcasts (podcast summaries), offline reading and downloading, underlining, and the option to sync your highlights with Evernote or send summaries directly to your Kindle. If you consider the "talent" you are receiving in exchange, that works out to less than $0.50 each day, which is a reasonable price. But hold on!

You save 50% when you sign up for the annual plan, so your monthly payment will be just $6.67 (or €). That's a significant savings. The software will have made up for itself even if you only use it for six months. Does it have room to improve? Actually, it can, so yes.

Summary: Is Blinkist worthwhile?

I like this thought experiment to decide whether you should pay for a subscription:

Think about being able to purchase the ability to read one book per day. Similar like The Matrix, it is directly uploaded into your brain. What is the value of that talent to you? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? Blinkist should be worth to you whatever that figure is.

Because if you subscribe to Blinkist Premium, you practically learn this ability over night. You'll read one set of blinks and absorb the main ideas of an entire book in 15-20 minutes rather than squandering hours on uninteresting novels and putting off reading. Colleges charge $200,000 for a degree that barely qualifies as instruction.

Some coffee shops in my hometown of Munich, Germany, charge $7 or more for a single cappuccino or latte. But for less than that, I can have access for a full month to more than 5,000 book summaries and audios, all of which have the same goal in mind: to make me wiser.

I pay ten times as much for my everyday coffee at $0.18. Perhaps you are, too. I'm at a loss for words if that isn't obvious.

You'll save a ton of time, be able to study in circumstances where you couldn't before, recall more, and pick up information about new subjects more quickly as a result of Blinkist. The benefits much exceed the drawbacks. Blinkist is the most affordable book summary service in terms of absolute cost, and I believe it provides excellent value.

The Verdict on My Blinkist

Let's quickly go over each subsection.

First off, the Blinkist app's user interface is excellent. It loads quickly, has an intuitive, minimalistic design, syncs with all of your devices, and lets you resume where you left off at any time. The program softly encourages you to read and listen to book summaries, which are its only two legitimate use cases.

Second, the benefits of the Blinkist app far outweigh any drawbacks. Although the summaries are primarily fact-based and some of them aren't flawless, you can quickly learn a ton of new ideas because of how comprehensive they are. You'll remember a lot of what you read because the reading and listening experience was excellent.

Third, Blinkist provides excellent value for the money and is, in actual terms, the least expensive book summary service. Blinkist outperforms the majority of rivals with a library of more than 5,000 summaries and a cost of just $0.18 per day. They are less expensive than all other paid services and offer more content than the majority of free summary websites. But even taken alone, it's a self-investment you won't regret making. My final recommendation is to use Blinkist as an addition to your regular reading, not as a substitute.

When you can't read a book, you can learn through audiobooks, skip the filler, and preview excellent novels before deciding to read them cover to cover. This application is ideal for that purpose. Additionally, you will significantly accelerate your learning process if you read 1-2 summaries each day. I strongly advise you to register.

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