Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords April 2022 (Daily Updated 100% Working)

Netflix is a leading video streaming service that offers a variety of entertainment options, including movies, series, and more. It offers superior service and also charges a lower subscription fee than its competitors. If you are a frequent consumer of video entertainment, you are probably aware that Netflix is a one-stop shop for all the latest and greatest exclusive movies and seasons.

With its low subscription fees and impressive features, it has amassed approximately 222 million users from all over the world and is still growing. Additionally, it has grown to become one of the world's largest streaming companies. Netflix, on the other hand, requires a monthly or annual subscription plan in order to stream its content. We will provide free Netflix accounts and passwords to those who cannot afford its subscription plan. We've added new unused accounts (Email & Password) that will work in April 2022 to the list below.

What Are Free Netflix Passwords & Accounts?

As you are now aware, Netflix is a video streaming service; therefore, in order to access Netflix features, you will need an active Netflix email address and password. It will enable you to access Netflix's premium content and features. Netflix offers four distinct subscription plans (Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium) that each offer a unique set of benefits at a different price point.

The cheapest plan costs 149Rs or $2 per month and includes the ability to stream videos at 480p, watch Netflix on your mobile phone or tablet, and is limited to one device at a time. It also includes unlimited movie streaming and the ability to cancel the subscription at any time. Its most expensive plan, premium, costs 649Rs or $8.61 and allows you to stream videos in 4K+HDR and share up to four screens.

What are free Netflix accounts and passwords? Indeed, they are the same Netflix account, but they are subscribed to a higher plan and are not limited to use on a single device. This means that accounts can be used concurrently by multiple people on multiple devices.

And for your convenience, we've gathered free Netflix accounts and passwords from a variety of sources that claim to work. Now, allow us to demonstrate those accounts and passwords.

Updated April 2022: Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords

Below is a list of free working Netflix usernames and passwords. The email address and password for the account may not work for everyone; in that case, we recommend proceeding to the next one on the list until you locate a working account.

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords That Work In April 2022



Plan Validity


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


28 April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30 April 2022


30April 2022


30 April 2022


28 April 2022


30 April 2022

We only add an email address and a password here after testing them; we add them only if they work. Additionally, the majority of users change the passwords for their free Netflix accounts once they gain access. That is why you see an incorrect password during the login process. However, do not be concerned if you are experiencing the same thing. There are numerous ways to obtain free Netflix access; allow me to demonstrate.

In 2022, How to Get Free Netflix Accounts

If you're looking for a free Netflix account because you're not ready to commit to a Netflix subscription plan or cannot afford the money without first trying the service, we've shared free Netflix accounts and passwords above. The free Netflix accounts can be accessed by entering the username and password. Thus, you will be able to get a sense of the product's features and content. Apart from that, there are a few additional methods for obtaining free Netflix accounts.

We've compiled a list of the best ways to get a free Netflix account in 2022. By following them, you can obtain a free Netflix account for a specified number of days, such as 14 days, 30 days, or 7 days.

1. Get a 7-day trial Netflix account for free

A standard signup on the Netflix platform entitles users to a free seven-day trial account upon initial signup. Within those seven days, you'll have complete access to Netflix and will be able to take advantage of all of its features and content. To complete a standard signup, simply visit Netflix's official website and sign up for any subscription you desire. After seven days, you can easily cancel your account without incurring any fees from Netflix.

(As of 2022) Netflix's free trial offer is no longer available in all regions. You can check availability in your region by clicking here.

2. Utilization of Virtual Debit Cards

There are numerous services available on the Internet that enable the creation of multiple virtual debit cards that can be used for Netflix subscriptions, online payments, and other purposes. The trick is to create multiple VDCs and sign up for Netflix trial accounts using different email addresses. Once the trial period expires, you can sign up with a different email address and enjoy the trial account again. You can repeat this process until you grow tired of Netflix.

3. Account Sharing with Netflix

If your friends have a premium Netflix account, you can ask them to share it with you. Generally, if you have good friends, they will share their accounts with you without hesitation. In the worst-case scenario, you can give them some money and collaborate on obtaining the Netflix Account. That will undoubtedly work out if you understand what I'm referring to here. This will save you money in comparison to paying for a premium Netflix account on its own.

4. Utilize an Airtel-provided Netflix account.

Airtel has partnered with Netflix to bring a fantastic offer to India and select other countries that includes a free Netflix account with select Airtel postpaid and prepaid plans. If you are an Airtel customer, you can take advantage of this offer and receive a free Netflix account. To learn more, simply download and open the My Airtel app, then sign up using your Airtel number. The App contains comprehensive information and instructions on how to obtain a free Netflix account by subscribing to an Airtel plan.

5. Apps for Netflix Content

Using free movie apps is a popular workaround for watching Netflix content. These apps offer a large selection of movies and television seasons and include a section for content from over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hotstar. On the free movie apps below, you can explore and watch your favorite Netflix originals as well as other entertainment offered by the platform. Additionally, these apps are legitimate, and you can download them safely from App Stores.

6. Cookies from Netflix

Another fantastic method of obtaining free Netflix is through the use of Netflix Cookies. Netflix Cookies are essentially files that are created when a subscribed user browses Netflix via a browser. In general, the Browser stores Cookies to improve the user's browsing and overall experience. This method requires only the EditThisCookies extension and valid Netflix cookies. You can use it on either a PC or an Android device. We have 9 cookies for Netflix Hourly Updated 100% working well, visit link below :

7. Netflix Accounts for Free Telegram Channels in 2022

Telegram is evolving into a text-based version of YouTube, where users can subscribe to channels and receive text-based updates about their content. There are numerous free Netflix account-related channels where the administrators regularly host giveaways. You are welcome to participate and try your luck. Additionally, these channels provide their subscribers with free Netflix accounts on a weekly basis, and occasionally in 2-3 day intervals. 

For new updated, Join our telegram group here :

Therefore, download Telegram on your phone if you haven't already and use the search tool to look for the term "Free Netflix Accounts." Join and follow all of the channels that come up in the search to receive free working accounts.

Make certain you join only popular Netflix account channels with a sizable subscriber base and maintain an active presence on them. Once they share the list of accounts, which they usually do on a regular basis, choose one immediately and attempt to login to Netflix using the credentials you've chosen.

Thus, these are the basic seven methods for obtaining a free Netflix account in addition to the free Netflix account's Email and Password shared previously. Now, allow me to demonstrate the advantages of a free Netflix account.

The Advantages of a Complimentary Netflix Account

When we receive something for free, the benefit is irrelevant to the majority of us, but some of you may wish to know the benefits. For those individuals, I'm going to outline the true value of a free Netflix account.

Access to Netflix in its entirety

Some of you may be skeptical that you can access the full version of Netflix with a free Netflix account. That is incorrect; with a free Netflix account, you will have access to the full version of Netflix. Yes, you may encounter some restrictions as a result of the plan associated with the provided free Netflix account. According to your plan, you will have access to all of the features that Netflix offers to its subscribers.

Downloading Capability

If you discover something interesting but lack a stable internet connection or the time to watch it, you can download it and watch it at your leisure. This is possible due to the download feature that Netflix provides to all of its users, regardless of plan. And there are no additional fees associated with this perk; it is included in all four of Netflix's current plans. You can select the video quality you want to download using the download feature. This option will appear once you request downloading on Netflix while streaming videos by clicking on the download button.

4K/Ultra HD streaming

If you have a standard plan or higher with one of the above-mentioned Free Netflix Accounts, you will be able to stream Netflix videos in 4K/Ultra HD. Not all video streaming platforms offer this feature; even those that charge more than Netflix per month offer only 1080p quality. The best part about Netflix is that you can stream any video in 4k resolution. And this benefit is extremely beneficial for users of free Netflix accounts.


The primary disadvantage of television at the moment is that it can only be used by one person at a time. To be sure, the script is different for online streaming services such as Netflix. However, if you have a free Netflix account, you can share the screen with up to four additional family members or friends. This means that four people will be able to use a single Netflix account concurrently. These four individuals can choose their own movies or seasons to watch. That is the primary advantage and feature of Netflix.

Thus, these are the benefits of free Netflix accounts, which are identical to Netflix's actual features. Now that we've come this far, let us address some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Netflix Accounts

If you have any additional questions about obtaining a free Netflix account, you can find the answer here.

How do I obtain a complimentary Netflix account?

To obtain a free Netflix account, you can take advantage of Netflix's trial period and evaluate the platform to determine if it meets your needs. Apart from that, you can obtain a free account from other users who have a standard or higher plan with Netflix. Alternatively, you can use the Netflix username and password that we have provided below. Netflix Content apps also work flawlessly; they grant you access to Netflix without requiring you to create an account.

Is it possible to obtain a complimentary Netflix account in the Philippines?

Yes, anyone in the Philippines can obtain a free Netflix account. The free Netflix username and password are supported in all regions; all you have to do is use the free account information, i.e. username and password, and provide your area's postal code. That's it; you'll now be able to access your Netflix account from any location on Earth.

Netflix trial may not be available in the Philippines; confirm this on the official site.

Is It Safe to Use the Free Netflix Account?

Yes, it is completely safe to use in the majority of areas, unless you are attempting to defraud Netflix by using IDs generated using the free Netflix Account Generator. All of the Free Netflix Accounts provided on this page are genuine; thus, you will not encounter any difficulties after using them. The free accounts were obtained via Telegram channels and other legitimate sources.

Should I Use the Netflix Account Generator to Generate a Free Netflix Account?

You should avoid using it because it makes the generated IDs work on Netflix via a hack. Additionally, the video streaming company is working to prevent fraudulent logins using forged IDs. While those generated IDs may appear to work for you, they can land you in hot water because they are purely illegal. Meanwhile, by using a Free Netflix Account generated by the Netflix Account Generator, you will be taking some risks. We strongly advise against using such tools in order to avoid unnecessary complications.


You've reached the conclusion of this article, and thus far, we've covered nearly everything there is to know about getting a free Netflix account. If you plan to use one of the Netflix accounts provided above, you should be aware that it may only work for a few days. All of the Netflix accounts shared above were obtained from legitimate sources; some of them will work and others will not. However, we encourage you to try each account listed until you find one that works and then stick with it as long as it does.

We update our list of free Netflix accounts on a regular basis and make every effort to include functional accounts. If you have any questions about the free Netflix account that have not been addressed in the FAQ section, please leave them in the comments section below. Additionally, please share your thoughts on this article on free Netflix accounts with us and with your friends if you enjoyed it.

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