How to Give People Robux on Roblox 2022 (100% Working)

How to Give Robux to Others on Roblox 2022

Roblox is an impressive platform that allows users to create and play games created by others. Apart from this perk, what makes the game fascinating is the process of creating the character and customizing it with an infinite number of clothes, gears, and cosmetic items. However, this requires real money, and not everyone has the means to purchase thousands of Robux. If you want to brighten someone's day by giving them free Robux, you may be interested in learning how to give people Robux on Roblox.

To be honest, a lot has changed on the Roblox platform; it has now improved. If you want to donate Robux to others, the process is not straightforward, but you can still donate using a workaround. On Roblox, you can easily donate Robux to your friends, family, or group members. There is no direct process, but we will walk you through it in this article. Let's get started.

Is It Possible to Donate Robux on Roblox?

Officially, there is no feature that allows you to donate Robux directly to other Roblox players. If you wish to proceed in the manner of a bank-to-bank money transfer, we regret to inform you that there is currently no such option. Rather than that, you can donate indirectly by purchasing a user's Game Pass or by inviting the user to donate Robux to your group. You can make a one-time payment to a member of your group by using the One-time payout feature.

Roblox is more than a gaming platform; it also allows users to interact with one another and trade items for the in-game currency Robux. To purchase anything on the platform, you must first fund your account with real money. When it comes to donating Robux on Roblox, there are two ways to do so indirectly.

These methods will not require you to donate real money. If you have Robux in your Roblox account, you can use them to donate to anyone on the platform. Thus, you now know that you can give Robux to others on Roblox. Allow us to demonstrate how it can be done properly.

How to Give Robux to Others on Roblox

There is a distinct method for donating Robux between PCs and a separate method for donating Robux between PCs and mobile devices. We will guide you through both platforms, so that whether you want to donate Robux to a Roblox user on a mobile device or a PC, you can do so easily and without any hassle. Thus, donating Robux PC to PC is a simple and cost-effective option. If you have the option, you should definitely consider this method.

Donating Robux from a PC to a mobile device is considered an expensive method due to the fact that it requires the creation of a group, which costs 100 Robux. If you have already created a Group, this is the simplest and most efficient method. Now, allow me to walk you through the process of donating Robux on Roblox.

How to Distribute Robux from PC to PC

You can donate to a user in this way by purchasing a Game Pass that the recipient has discounted.

1th Step: should be to create a Game Pass for sale if the recipient has not already done so. Therefore, simply log into Roblox and navigate to the Create tab. If you already have one, proceed to step 6.

2nd Step: Click on Manage My Games in the Create tab.

3th Step: Under Manage my games, you'll see a list of all the games you've created. If you haven't created a game, there should still be a default game created for each new user by Roblox. Simply click on the gear icon beside the game and then on create Game Pass.

4th Step: To create a Game Pass, you'll need an image. You can download a secure image from Avatar Shop, and selecting an image from the Catalog for your Game Pass should be straightforward. Return to the Game Pass creation page and add the downloaded image. Give it a title and then click Preview.

5th Step: On the Preview page, verify that everything is in order and then click Verify Upload.

6th Step: After you've uploaded the Game Pass, you'll want to sell it. To do so, simply select Configure from the three-dot icon on the Game Pass page.

7th Step: In the subsequent window, select the Sales tab.

8th Step: Decide on a sale price for the item. Bear in mind that regardless of the price you set, you will only receive 70% of it. Roblox will retain 30% as tax.

9th Step: click on Save and then on Go to Details.

10th Step: Copy and share the link to the sale Game Pass page with the user who wishes to donate. If you are the user who donated, it is now your turn to contribute.

11th Step: Log in to the Roblox account you wish to use to make a donation. After that, paste the copied Game Pass sale page.

12th Step: Click on the Buy button.

13th Step: Confirm by clicking on Buy Now.

14th Step: Completed. You have successfully made a donation to the user of Robux.

Robux will be deducted from your account and should reach the recipient within 2-3 days after you confirm the sale Game Pass purchase. While it will be immediately transferred, it will take time for it to reflect on your Balance. The recipient can view the donation transaction at Trade>Summary>Pending Robux.

How to Give People Robux From a Computer to a Mobile Device

You can donate Robux from your PC to your mobile device using this method. This method instantly transfers the Robux to the recipient's account, allowing for immediate use of the donated funds. All that is required is that the recipient be added to your group. Now, this method may be prohibitively expensive if you have not yet created your group. On Roblox, creating a group costs 100 Robux.

1nd Step: Assuming you already have a group associated with your Roblox account. If not, you can create one by selecting Groups>Create a Group from the menu bar.

2nd Step: You must have Robux in your Group funds in order to donate Robux to any member of your group. If you have already received Group funds, proceed to step 9.

3rd Step: To add funds to a group, navigate to the Create tab and select Group creation. Now, click the drop-down menu labeled "Select group" and then select the group to which you wish to add funds.

4th Step: Following that, you'll see a list of all the games created for the group. You may not see anything if you have not previously created a game. To create one, click Create New Game>Select a template for the game>Click the Create Game button.

5th Step: After creating the game, it will appear in the games section. Following that, click on the gear icon to the right and select "Create a Game Pass."

6th Step: Navigate to the Avatar shop and download any item image. Upload it to Game Pass.

7th Step: Once the Game Pass is uploaded, it must be made available for purchase. To do so, from the Game Pass page, click the three-dot menu and select configure.

8th Step: Next, click the Sales tab and enter a sale price. Take note that only 70% will be credited to your account; 30% will be retained by Roblox as tax. After you've entered a price, click "Save" and then "Go to details."

9th Step: On the details page, click Buy, followed by Buy Now. This purchase will benefit your group financially. The funds may take up to three days to reflect in the group funds balance.

10th Step: Once you've accumulated Robux in your Group funds, you can distribute them to any user in that group. To donate, navigate to the Group page, click on the three dots, and then select Configure.

11th Step: From the Group Configuration page, navigate to Revenue>Payouts>One-time payout>Add payout recipient.

12th Step: Now, in the box, enter the username of any member and click OK.

13th Step: Enter the amount of Robux you wish to donate and click Distribute. Once you click the Distribute button, the Robux from the Group funds will be deducted and immediately sent to that user's account.

14th Step: You will receive confirmation of a successful payout. That is all.

That is how you can give Robux to people on Roblox from a PC to a PC or a PC to a mobile device. Roblox has added a time period for fund transfers when you purchase a game pass item or add group funds in order to prevent scams and the exchange of Robux between accounts.

Additionally, both donation methods entail a 30% tax, which you cannot avoid no matter what you do. That is the disadvantage, but these are the only ways to give people Robux on Roblox.


This section will address some of the most frequently asked questions about donating Robux to friends, family, and group members on Roblox.

How much Robux are you willing to donate?

You may donate as many Robux as you wish; there are no limits. Due to the fact that there is no official way to donate Robux on Roblox, there is no rule governing this. You can donate indirectly through Group funds or by purchasing sale items through the user's Game Pass.

How long does it take to make a Robux donation?

Due to the fact that we can only donate Robux indirectly, we must complete several steps that can take up to three to seven days. If you are donating from a personal computer to a personal computer, it will undoubtedly take some time (Up to 3 days). However, if you are donating from a PC to a mobile device and have group funds, you can donate Robux instantly. You can send Robux from your group's funds to any new member. You make a payout and it is immediately credited to the user's account.

Is it safe to make an indirect donation of Robux on Roblox?

As long as you adhere to the genuine methods outlined here, you will avoid getting into any trouble. As there is no option to donate directly on Roblox at the moment, there is no rule prohibiting it. One thing I recommend is that you use images from Avatar Shop to create your Game Pass. Using images from other sources for your Game Pass can result in the suspension of your Roblox account. In conclusion, indirectly donating Robux on Roblox is completely safe.


Whether you're running a giveaway contest or simply want to make a random Robux donation on Roblox, you can use one of these indirect Robux donation methods. Until the official donation feature is implemented, you can use these methods to donate Robux to others on Roblox. The second method is the simplest and also works well when donating from PC to PC. However, as previously stated, it costs 100 Robux to create a group.

If you can afford 100 Robux for creating a Roblox group, it is a worthwhile investment. You can continue to run that group indefinitely and easily donate to any Roblox user by simply inviting them to your group. Additionally, funds are instantly transferred to the recipient once you click distribute. In general, donating Robux on Roblox is straightforward, but it does require some workarounds. Once you become familiar with the procedure, donating Robux will become second nature.

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