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Epidemic Sound is a royalty-free soundtrack studio based in Sweden. The company was founded in 2009 by Peer ström, David Stenmarck, Oscar Höglund, and Jan Zachrisson. Epidemic Sound's catalog has grown to over 50,000 soundtracks since then.

What Is Epidemic Sound and How Does It Work?

To be clear, Epidemic Sound is a membership service that provides customers with royalty-free music. The music can then be used in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and digital material as background music. In addition, the company pays the musicians a portion of the subscription earnings.

It's worth noting that creators who use Epidemic Sound keep exclusive ownership of their tracks. Epidemic Sound compensates composers and musicians in advance and distributes streaming earnings 50/50.

As a result, Epidemic Sound is a fantastic tool for both corporations and creators. Because life wouldn't be the same without the perfect soundtrack or background music setting the tone, the Epidemic Sound value proposition works. As a result, nothing stifles creativity more than a copyright violation. This can result in your material being prohibited, a warning or strike being issued against your account, or the loss of income produced by the content.

What is Royalty-Free Music, and how does it differ from other types of music?

Music that can be used without paying royalties is known as royalty-free music. This music needs either a one-time purchase or a regular subscription cost, like in the case of Epidemic Sounds.

Royalty-free music, on the other hand, is neither cost-free nor copyright-free. The word simply refers to the fact that customers are not required to pay a royalty each time they utilize the music. Royalty-free music merely assists consumers in avoiding the traps that can arise when attempting to handle complicated licensing restrictions.

How can you be sure to stay on the right side of copyright when there is so much digital stuff available at the click of a button?

Users can subscribe to Epidemic Sound and receive royalty-free music.

What Is Music Copyright and How Does It Work?

Copyright is a sort of intellectual property that allows its owners to create unlimited copies of creative works. Copyright duration, for example, varies depending on the sort of work covered, the country, and other considerations. Copyrights also apply to literary works, art, photography, paintings, and music.

Music copyrighting, in particular, is notoriously difficult, with different copyrights for different attributes. For example, ownership and royalties can be divided among several parties. When you add in distributors and other intermediaries, the scenario becomes even more complicated.

Contrary to popular belief, it is the complexity of music copyrighting that makes it so significant. Because the copyright denotes legal ownership of musical or sound recordings, this is the case. This ownership includes the rights to distribute and reproduce the recordings, among other things. Music copyrights also include licensing rights, which allow the owner to profit from royalties.

Musicians, on the other hand, do not always receive royalties every time their music is played. For example, American musicians do not currently receive royalties for radio airplay. What's more noteworthy is that current US copyright laws oblige radio stations to pay songwriters royalties.

This is due to the fact that music has two sets of copyrights: one for the musical composition and the other for the score. The other copyright pertains to the sound recording itself. As a result, US Representatives Ted Deutch and Darrel Issa introduced a bipartisan American Music Fairness bill to address the issue.

Master Recording vs. Composition

Compositional copyrights, on the one hand, cover the actual music composition, such as note arrangement, melody, and chords. Songwriters, lyricists, and composers are the owners of this copyright.

Master copyrights, on the other hand, refer to the rights of the actual sound recording. The performing artist and/or their record label usually own this copyright. Artists and labels, on the other hand, frequently dispute over master copyrights.

For example, after years of battling his former company Cash Money for the right to hold his masters, American rapper Lil Wayne sold his rights to Universal Music Group for $100 million.

It is crucial to remember, however, that the details of master copyrighting are highly complex. Because masters ownership includes things like covers, sampling, quoted lyrics, contributing artists, lyricists, and producers, this is the case. As a result, music copyright litigation can go on for years.

The Sound of the Epidemic as a Value Proposition

Epidemic Sounds, on the other hand, exists to simplify, if not fully, this copyright complication. Users can now listen to high-quality royalty-free music without worrying about breaking copyright laws thanks to Epidemic Sound.

Copyright infractions, for example, are considered a strike against users on prominent networks like YouTube. Creators' accounts may be terminated or blocked after three strikes. This is particularly aggravating, given that the issue might be avoided by acquiring permission and thanking the sound composer, or by utilizing royalty-free music.

Epidemicsound Subscription Price

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