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In this fast-paced era, the need for foreign language skills continues to grow. Many companies require their prospective workers to be able to speak foreign languages. One of them is English. Even now there are many English learning applications circulating on the Play Store or App Store.

In the past, if we wanted to improve our English skills, we would definitely go to a language institute to study like in class. But now, since there is an English learning application, we don't have to bother anymore to come to the course.

Did you know, according to the Eton Institute, by learning English you can improve your brain and memory abilities. In fact, you will find it easier to do work and will be more focused, even to the point of being able to do multitasking work. In addition, English will lead you to more and more promising career opportunities.

How to Learn English from Scratch

Actually, learning English is not as difficult as it seems. As long as we have the intention and want to learn, then everything will be easy. If you still find it difficult and difficult to get started, you can follow the tips on how to learn English from scratch below:

Create a Dictionary Contains Vocabulary

There are many English words with various meanings. If you find it difficult to understand, you can make a dictionary containing the English vocabulary that you want to learn and understand. Write down the vocabulary along with its meaning. Add a lot of vocabulary so that your understanding of English also increases. Don't forget to add new vocabulary every day.

Learn English from Film

Do you enjoy watching movies? Already subscribed to a streaming service application? If so, you can learn English by watching movies without subtitles. The way to learn English from scratch is to understand the conversations of the characters. If you still find it difficult, you can use English subtitles.

Learn English from Songs

If you are a fan of English songs, you can learn from the lyrics of the song, lo. The way to learn English from scratch is by playing the song, memorizing the lyrics, looking for the meaning. If necessary, add vocabulary that you do not understand into the dictionary. So the more vocabulary you learn, the more understanding you will receive.

Talking with Strangers

One way to learn English from scratch is to talk to foreigners. If you continue to practice it, you will also get used to optimizing English. With more practice, your English skills will improve. It will not only improve speaking skills, but will also improve listening skills.

Learn English from Books or Writing

The next way to learn English from scratch is by reading a book or writing words in English. If you are used to reading Indonesian books, you can replace them with English books. You can see and understand the writing structure, grammar, spelling, and so on. Then, continue with writing.

Use the English Learning App

You can use English learning apps to hone your skills. By using the application, you can also learn self-taught easier and faster. In addition, English learning applications tend to be easy to use and more practical. So it can save time to go to the course, deh.

English language courses

If you still feel less confident after self-taught English, you can go to a language education institution. By taking English courses, you can study regularly and be more disciplined in seeking new knowledge and understanding. There are many language institutes that offer English courses. You can search and choose which one is more suitable for your learning style.

Don't be afraid to be wrong

It is necessary to know and remember that in every learning process we do not need to be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is normal and anyone can do it. Well, from that mistake we learn to understand and control ourselves better. Likewise with learning English.

By using English learning applications, we can learn anywhere and anytime we want. Even some applications are designed simply, making it easier for users to learn. And some apps have offline features. But how to learn English from scratch to be more confident?

Unlike other language learning apps, FluentU displays video content with subtitles in the language of your choice. The nine languages FluentU includes are English, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

There are many language levels that you can follow, such as newbie, intermediate, to advanced. The available video categories are also very diverse. Starting from daily activities, business, health, to politics. So, you can learn a new language as well as jargons that are not usually given in other language learning applications. Not only can you hone your language skills, FluentU also offers a non-boring learning process through its video features.

How much does fluentu subscription cost?

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