How To Use Creative Fabrica Premium In October 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

Creative Fabrica ( is a marketplace site where graphic designers, crafting enthusiasts, and artists can easily buy and sell digital works. This site provides a platform for designers who want to earn money by selling their work.

With a subscription system, customers only need to pay $19 - $29 per month and can get access to a wide variety of graphic works, fonts and crafts. So, during subscription, subscribers can easily download various fonts or graphics that they like. When the subscription expires, they will automatically no longer have access to those assets and will no longer be allowed to create new works using those assets.

Advantages of Selling on Creative Fabrica

  • Designers at Creative Fabrica can reap many benefits, such as:
  • Earn up to 75% on every sale — 75% on designer referrals, 50% on Creative Fabrica referrals.
  • With a business model like this, making money doesn't have to be complicated. Designers simply put their products on Creative Fabrica and can earn from this subscription system.
  • Earnings can also increase over time as more people join the Creative Fabrica site.
  • Designers have complete control over the pricing for the products they sell.
  • Designers also have the freedom to sell products on other marketplaces. Also, Creative Fabrica will always assist designers in increasing traffic to their stores.
  • Fast payment. Designers don't have to wait until the end of the month. They can request anytime to get their earnings within 7 days.
  • Also, Creative Fabrica provides technical support to represent the designers. So, designers can focus on working without having to take care of the needs of buyers.

How to Open Shop at Creative Fabrica

It's also very easy to open a shop. Designers can simply create an account on the Creative Fabrica website, more precisely at this link, and change their account to a designer account in the 'My Account' section. Then, the designer must fill out a form questioning their background as a designer. This request will also be sent to the Creative Fabrica admin for the approval process. When the request has been approved, designers can go directly to the 'Designer Dashboard' to start uploading their products.

Tips and Tricks for Selling Fonts on Creative Fabrica

Then, the next important topic to discuss is: what are the important tips for designers to get their fonts approved on Creative Fabrica?

  • The most important thing is that the uploaded font must be original and there must be no copyright element.
  • The font design must also of course have good quality and standards that comply with Creative Fabrica standards. Designers can also see examples of good, premium quality fonts on the Discount Deals page for reference.
  • Designers should also provide font files in OTF and TTF formats.
  • The chances of a font being approved will also be higher if the font is PUA encoded. So, the more PUA encoded characters or swashes in a font, the higher the probability that the font will be approved.
  • If the photo for preview has copyright elements and/or inappropriate words, the request to publish the font is definitely rejected.
  • For preview photos, it would be better if the designer used grammar and spelling in good and correct English.
  • Providing attractive preview photos and as many as possible is also a bonus value.
  • Then, so that many people buy or download fonts, designers can also provide bonus files and adapt font designs to various seasons, such as the Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's day season. Usually, seasonal fonts like this are often downloaded by many people.

To find out the most popular fonts on Creative Fabrica, designers can check this page and then select the 'Sort by popularity' option. Here you will see the fonts that are most favored by buyers. Most of these fonts are Script & Handwritten fonts, usually contain elements such as swashes, and can be used for crafting.

Profitable Affiliate Program

Creative Fabrica also has an affiliate program for designers to earn extra income. An example is when a designer generates sales through his affiliate link, the designer can earn an additional 25% of the total product price. So, if the product costs $18, the designer can earn an extra $4.50. Therefore, it is an effective way to increase income.

It's also easy, designers only need to send an e-mail to Creative Fabrica ( and say that they are interested in joining the affiliate program. Creative Fabrica admins will also activate their affiliate accounts. Then, the designer will get a unique reference number. Designers just need to put that number at the end of a URL in order to start making money from referrals. So, for example, if the unique reference number is 12345, then the affiliate link would look like this:

How to become a member of creative fabrica

As a buyer, there are many advantages to being a member. The costs incurred to become a member vary depending on the features you want.

  • verything from the craft subscription
  • 87,787 Fonts
  • 4,376,859 Graphic assets
  • 77,709 cut files
  • 28,261 embroidery designs
  • Commercial license

As a beginner and want to try a premium account from creative fabrica, you can try logging in using my account, you can see the tutorial in my video HERE, you can download the script below after waiting a few seconds. Before using this feature, we really hopes for you to support us by SUBCRIBE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL and JOIN TELEGRAM GROUP by Click Image below.

Script Link

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