Audiomack Premium Account Give Away May 2022 Part 1 [Grab It Fast 100% Working]

We've had a lot of questions via Twitter and email over the last 24 hours, so we wanted to give everyone new to our platform (or those thinking about joining) some information on why we're different, what we do, and where we're going next.

We want to keep this post focused on what we do, but first and foremost, the SoundCloud team is a great group of people. We've met a few of them over the years, and they're all incredibly dedicated to their work. They've created an incredible product that has completely changed the face of music streaming. We don't enjoy seeing people get fired, whether they work for a competitor or not. Unfortunately, a few people at the top of SoundCloud have made decisions over the years that have not prioritized their artists or employees, and this is where we saw a gap in the market.

What exactly is Audiomack?

Artists and labels can share their music for free on Audiomack; there are no premium accounts for artists, and free accounts include unlimited storage, whether you have one song or a thousand.

Audiomack is also free for listeners, though we do have a subscription option ($5.99/mo) in the mobile apps that removes ads and allows for HQ streaming (more features coming soon).

Why should I switch to Audiomack as an artist?

Many of our artists host their music on both our site and SoundCloud, which we think is fantastic — we encourage artists to host their music in as many places as possible for maximum exposure. Because we're free, we don't see why you shouldn't add your music to Audiomack in addition to other platforms. You can use us alongside Spotify, SoundCloud, and other platforms in the same way you probably use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your music.

What sets you apart from SoundCloud? How do you avoid repeating the same mistake? You're going to have the same issues as they do.

To begin with, we do not believe in charging musicians to share their music. Aside from its limited scalability as a business model, charging the people who add content to your platform, which brings in millions of users, makes no sense — content creators should be compensated, not the platform. Thousands of artists already receive the majority of the revenue generated by their music, and this will soon be available to all Audiomack artists.

Second, the platform was built in response to requests from our artists and users (want to suggest new features? You can do so right here.) We're getting a lot of requests for comments and messages on Audiomack right now, so we're prioritizing it on our product roadmap.

We show you what's trending right now when you open the Audiomack app or go to our homepage — you don't need to follow anyone or curate your own feed to find out what's hot (although you can do this too).

Audiomack isn't a full-fledged streaming service that includes every song ever recorded. Instead of being your only music app, we want to be a complement to the other services you use — Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, HypeMachine, 8Tracks, and so on. We only work with new, independent, and up-and-coming artists, which has led us down a unique path. We use Spotify and other great music apps alongside our own at work every day, and many of our users do as well, based on our conversations.

Finally, we run a very lean operation. Audiomack has never taken any outside funding and does not waste money. We are profitable, and we built our business with long-term viability in mind. We've grown from 1 to over 200 million streams per month with 99.9% uptime and no outside funding — we believe that speaks for itself.

What's next on the agenda?

Our team is currently working on major upgrades to our upload process and artist-facing backend; there will be significant changes coming soon, as we recognize this is an area that requires improvement. Better statistics and analytics are also on the way.

Next, we'll investigate how to make Audiomack more social. While it may appear to be simple to add a comment section to every song, we need to do it right and avoid the SPAM and sex bots that plague other sites right now. Not a connection between artists and bots, but an actual connection between artists and listeners.

What happened when you guys worked with SoundCloud, I heard?

Until May of 2017, Audiomack allowed artists to use the SoundCloud API to add songs to their Audiomack profiles, which many of our major artists did. This allowed those artists to market themselves outside of SoundCloud while maintaining their SoundCloud play counts (a play on Audiomack also counted as a play on SoundCloud, if a song was streaming through their API). To be honest, this wasn't ideal for us because it meant that any music uploaded via their API was out of our control — if their servers went down, the music was gone, and we couldn't allow users to stream it offline in accordance with their API Terms of Service. We did this because we were frequently approached by artists — some small, some large — who requested this capability.

SoundCloud informed us in May that our API key would be terminated. We offered to pay them for continued access, but they turned us down (without even asking how much). We reminded them that thousands of artists paying $15 or more per month for a premium account were doing it themselves and wanted their music to be streamed through the API to aid their marketing — nothing changed.

Daily new account creation has increased by 3x, daily active users in the apps have doubled, uploads have increased by 4x, and monthly streams have nearly doubled since the API was disconnected. Almost every major artist who previously uploaded through their API has switched to native uploads. We'll let others decide whether that decision was good for SoundCloud, but it was unquestionably good for us in retrospect.

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We only add an email address and a password here after testing them; we add them only if they work. Additionally, the majority of users change the passwords for their premium account once they gain access. That is why you see an incorrect password during the login process. Don't be disappointed, I will always give this give, therefore don't forget to join our telegram group, click on the picture above.

Audiomack Premium Account Login Give Away May 2022 (Part 1)














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