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There are numerous ways to earn money online when you sit down and give it some serious thought. You name it: selling physical goods, running ads, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. There are countless possibilities!

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None of the aforementioned activities, however, are as simple as what I will show you how to do today: sell books on Amazon without ever having to write a single word!

I know it sounds absurd, but each day hundreds of thousands of so-called low- or no-content books are sold on Amazon. This makes use of a concept known as POD, or print on demand. This implies that whenever you have a product, you must first make a sale before printing and shipping the item to the customer. If you want to learn a language in a fun way, you can also use Babbel review.

I'll give you an unbiased Book Bolt review so you can start and grow a book publishing company without writing a single line of code using their ground-breaking software solutions.

Let's get right into how everything functions and how you can get going after finishing this guide in just 10 minutes.

What Is Kindle Direct Publishing?

KDP, also referred to as Kindle Direct Publishing, is a method used by authors to publish their own books on Amazon for global distribution. There are typically two methods an author can use to get their book into the hands of readers.

The first is the conventional approach, in which you would approach a publishing house to edit and publish your books while giving them the lion's share of the profits and control. The second option is self-publishing, in which you locate a venue to publish your book on your own. The KDP platform allows authors to self-publish their books and sell them to the millions of Amazon customers who are already there.

Before KDP, you had to use a company called Createspace to self-publish a book and make paperback versions of it. In the end, Amazon acquired Createspace and integrated it into the KDP platform. You can upload the following items using this:

  • Book cover
  • Interior file
  • Title
  • Keywords

and put this book online for purchase on Amazon. When someone buys it, AMAZON will print it, send it to them, and take care of all customer service issues. You can learn how to quickly identify profitable Kindle niches by reading our KdSpy Review here.

You just take a seat back and get paid a royalty for each product you sell!

What Is a Low-Content Book?

A book with no content is just that—a book with no content. It could be a book with graph paper or dot grids, a journal with unlined pages, or a book with lined or unlined pages. Puzzle books, activity books, and journals with prompts are examples of low content books. In both cases, the customer will supply the majority of the text rather than the author as is the case in a traditional book.

The business of selling books with little or no content is very appealing because these books don't have a lot of text. The entry barrier is also significantly lower, so if you want to stand out, you must produce the best book you possibly can. Anyone entering this industry must have distinctive interiors and captivating book covers to succeed. Fortunately, there are resources available to aid in our success.

How Can Book Bolt Help You Make Money?

With its tools for interior design, book cover design, and product and keyword research, Book Bolt can support your Amazon KDP business in three different ways. Let's examine Book Bolt's approach to these three challenges.

How Book Bolt Helps With Research

Easy Amazon Kdp Keyword Research: KDP Spy

A free Chrome extension is KDP Spy. KDP Spy is limited to the American market of You can enter the genre of the book you want to write and find out the top 100 titles in that genre using the KDP Spy. You can view the book covers as well as KDP Spy's rankings for each book's best sellers, estimated sales, and sale price. This provides you with useful information about your rivals and what you would need to produce to win that category.

Book Bolt’s KDP Book Scout

You can use Book Scout to research the keywords that the top-ranking books in your category are using. Along with showing you the search volume for each keyword, this tool also shows you how frequently each keyword appears in those Amazon KDP books. This gives you a good idea of how competitive that key phrase really is by showing you how many people are looking for that keyword compared to how many books are already available.

Book Bolt Review: Cloud Search

The Cloud Search can be very useful if you're unsure of the kind of book you want to write. You can get up-to-date information on what books are selling and where they are ranking on Amazon KDP by typing in a book category or type. You can view each book's search volume and sales history. Additionally, you can see the keywords they employed. Remember that the sales history is probably only an estimate that Book Bolt can determine using their own search analysis, but using an estimate is still preferable to going into a book sale blind. You can find ideas for less popular but potentially more lucrative niches by scrolling through the results in Cloud Search.

Book Bolt Product Search

The Product Search tool will display the top-selling books in a specific category, very much like Cloud Search. You will also learn about the most popular search terms, the best-seller lists of the best-selling books, their prices, and an estimate of the monthly sales for each book.

Creating KDP Book Interiors With Book Bolt

You can create Interiors for your Amazon KDP book with the aid of Book Bolt. With a minimum of 24 pages, you can design a custom interior and select from a variety of different page sizes. When I need a straightforward journal page, I'd rather use Book Bolt's pre-made interior templates than create my own from scratch. They provide templates for almost any kind of page you can think of. Canva is my go-to design tool for pretty much everything, so if I need to make a special interior for something like a prompt journal, I prefer to use that.

The Interior Pro is one of my favorite features of Book Bolt's interior generator. You can mix and match interiors from Book Bolts with interiors you may have purchased from another website or created on another platform thanks to this feature, which enables you to organize and rearrange your pages.

For instance, you can mix in your own pages to create a truly unique book if you buy KDP interiors from a website like Creative Fabrica. By adding pages to the Interior Pro tool, you can make a cohesive book as long as you ensure that all of the page sizes are the same.

Creating KDP Book Covers With Book Bolt

The Book Cover Designer tool from Book Bolt is fairly simple to use. You can layer various elements, add different elements from within Book Bolt or from your computer, and add masking and distressing to your designs to make them stand out. I also like how simple it is to add text effects like curved text and similar things. In the design tool itself, you can also upload your own fonts and use cost-free images from Pixabay. It's nice that you can easily match the color of your text to the rest of your design because you can alter the stroke and fill colors of their components.

How To Make Puzzle Books Easily

There is another program called Puzzle Wiz inside of Book Bolt. From word searches to hangman puzzles to crosswords, Puzzle Wiz makes it incredibly simple to create 14 different types of puzzles.

Depending on the type of puzzle you want to create, all you have to do is choose the puzzle type, the solutions to be included, and a few other criteria. When you've made all the choices you want for your puzzle, Puzzle Wiz will create it. After that, you can either incorporate it into your book or modify it for your target market. Watch the video below to learn how to use Puzzle Wiz to create a word search puzzle.

How Book Bolt Helps With Listing a Book on Amazon KDP

Book Bolt Lister is a Serious Time Saver

You can easily upload your books using the Chrome Extension called The Book Bolt Lister. You will be prompted to enter information when you upload a new book to Amazon KDP, including the title and subtitle of your book, the author's name, a book description, search terms to make your book easier to find online, and other details.

When you have to essentially include the same information in every book you write that is similar to another, it can get tedious. You can create a profile in the Book Bolt Lister so that when you're inside of Amazon KDP, you can quickly fill in your book information by pressing a hotkey (perhaps shift+6).

For instance, if you only write activity books for kids, all you need to do is set up your profile once. Then, when you visit the Amazon KDP new listing page, simply press your hotkey once, and a lot of your information will auto-populate. It saves a ton of time. Previously, I would have had to copy and paste text for each book's description and keywords back and forth from a Google doc where I had saved all of my descriptions and keywords. I'm no longer required to do that.

KDP Book Category Finder Tool

Two categories must be chosen when you upload a book to Amazon KDP. You should select the categories that will make it easier for customers to find your book. So, for instance, you would want to use a category related to health, diet, weight loss, or exercise if you were selling a weight loss tracking journal. Your book will become more accessible if you add it to these categories. KDP Category Finder is a tool found inside of Book Bolt. Simply enter the kind of book you're writing, and you'll receive a list of suggested categories. You'll save time and see which categories might be more competitive than others as a result.

What Does Book Bolt Cost?

Two different price plans are available from Book Bolt. One is for beginners and costs $9.99 per month, while the other is for experts and costs $19.99 per month. If you choose to purchase your plan by the year, there is a small discount.

Can I Use Book Bolt For Free?

If you can use the tool and make your interiors and covers within the 3-day free trial period offered by Book Bolt, you will have what you need and won't be charged.

The Cons About Book Bolt

Without a con, this wouldn't be the complete Book Bolt review, would it? The interface's appearance is the only real drawback I can think of for Book Bolt. The Book Bolt dashboard may be a bit dull for those who prefer web tools with lots of flashy graphics, animation, and other bells and whistles.

Additionally, it could be a little simpler to use the book cover design tool. I'm used to using a more user-friendly platform because I've been using Canva for such a long time. However, I believe that in the long run, cosmetics are unimportant, so if you can get past it, you will gain a lot from the product's other features.

Conclusion: Is Book Bolt Worth It?

Without a doubt, Book Bolt is worthwhile, in my opinion. The Puzzle Wiz alone is worth the subscription since I write puzzle books (Puzzle Wiz is included in the Pro plan). In order to make sure you're writing the right kind of books, keyword research is also essential. This is also one of Book Bolt's best features and a factor in my decision to maintain my subscription so long as I continue to sell books on Amazon. I advise you to try Book Bolt to see if you think it's worthwhile.

Assisted you, Book Bolt review? Have you used Book Bolt before? If so, how did you find it? Comment below and let us know.

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