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Crunchyroll is an anime-focused streaming service. It was previously owned by WarnerMedia's Otter Media until it was purchased by Sony's Funimation in late 2020. It competes with other services such as Sony's own Funimation to bring Japanese animation to anime fans, with hundreds of titles available. Manga titles, which are Japanese-style graphic novels, are also available on Crunchyroll.

The service had over four million paid subscribers as of last report, with many more watching the platform's free content.

Crunchyroll is recommended for:

  • Anime and manga fans who are serious
  • Streamers on a tight budget (a free plan is available)

Crunchyroll isn't suitable for:

  • Anime fans who prefer their content dubbed in English
  • Families in search of a platform with effective parental controls

Crunchyroll is a veritable anime streaming destination: with over 1,200 titles (more than its competitors in the United States), professional reviews agree that the platform's vast library is a strong point. Another big plus for paying members is that Crunchyroll adds new content within an hour of its release in Japan, if possible. Subscribers should be aware that the majority of Crunchyroll's content is subtitled rather than dubbed in English: this is neither good nor bad, but it may not suit everyone's tastes. It also has a free plan, unlike most of the other streaming services in our rankings, and a relatively long 14-day trial period on its paid plans.

Crunchyroll isn't perfect, despite its benefits. Its interface has been described as clumsy and awkward, and some users have complained that the ads on the free plan are intrusive or annoying (this can be avoided by paying for ad-free premium plans). The parental controls on Crunchyroll are also lacking. There is only one option for filtering out mature content, and critics have noted that it is ineffective. Furthermore, there is no way to create multiple user profiles under a single account so that different family members or roommates can build their own libraries. Crunchyroll's video quality is limited to 1080p HD and lacks 4K HDR, which can be explained by the fact that anime series are rarely produced in 4K quality, so it's not Crunchyroll's fault. There's plenty here for dedicated anime fans, but those with a more casual interest might prefer a service like Netflix or Hulu, which has some anime mixed in with a wider range of content.

Crunchyroll has a free plan that gives you access to some of its anime and manga library, but it comes with ads and other restrictions. Free users, for example, do not have immediate access to new releases, and they cannot download shows or movies to watch offline. Crunchyroll's library is also restricted to free users. Peacock and Funimation both offer a free service with similar restrictions as Crunchyroll, as well as paid premium plans with larger libraries and more features.

What Are Crunchyroll's Other Plans?

Crunchyroll offers three paid plans in addition to the free one. At $7.99 per month, the "Fan" plan provides full access to Crunchyroll's library, including digital copies of manga comics (in English only) and access to new anime releases within one hour of their Japanese release. Although the Fan plan is ad-free, subscribers can only stream on one device at a time. The $9.99 "Megafan" plan includes all of the benefits of the Fan plan plus the ability to download content to watch offline. The Megafan plan allows for simultaneous streaming on four devices and offers discounts on Crunchyroll's online anime store. Subscribers to this plan also get priority access to Crunchyroll events. Those who sign up for the Megafan plan for a year get a discount (it's $99.99 for the year, saving about $20). Finally, the $14.99 per month 'Ultimate Fan' plan increases the number of devices you can stream on to six and gives you better discounts in the Crunchyroll store. Subscribers will also receive an annual swag bag and an exclusive figurine.

Is there a Free Trial for Crunchyroll?

All paid Crunchyroll plans include a 14-day free trial. It is possible to skip the free trial, but there is no reason to do so. Naturally, there is no free trial with the free plan.

How many Crunchyroll devices can stream at the same time?

Users can only stream on one device at a time on the free plan and the cheapest paid plan, Fan ($7.99 per month) (though there's nothing stopping users from creating new free accounts to use on other devices). The Megafan ($9.99 per month) plan allows for simultaneous streaming on four devices and, unlike the cheaper plans, allows users to download content for offline viewing. The Ultimate Fan ($14.99) plan allows six devices to stream at the same time.

What Shows and Films Can You Find on Crunchyroll?

  • Black Clover
  • EX-ARM
  • Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  • Kemono Friends
  • Kiznaiver
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • My Hero Academia
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • One-Punch Man

Crunchyroll is primarily an anime streaming service, so don't expect to see any live-action programming. However, it has a large selection within that realm: it has around 1,200 series, making it the largest platform available – at least for American users. Crunchyroll covers a wide range of anime genres, including fantasy, martial arts, comedy, drama, and shonen, with series like "Natsume's Book of Friends," "Hunter X Hunter," and "Mushishi" among them. It has also recently begun producing original series, such as "Tower of God." However, the platform does not include all of the popular anime series in North America, such as "Pokemon" and "Dragon Ball Z."

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