Brilliant Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023 is an online learning platform dedicated to STEM subjects. Its 60+ science, technology, engineering, and math courses all provide an interactive learning experience.

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Sue Khim started Brilliant in 2012, and it has grown to 4 million members in the last ten years. Award-winning professors, academics, and professionals from MIT, Duke, Microsoft, and Google are among the course designers. Its classes are built around hands-on learning to keep the experience interesting and enjoyable.

However, this does not necessarily imply that Brilliant is the best online learning platform for you. So, let's find out everything in our comprehensive review.


Interactive, Its courses are interactive and hands-on, requiring the learner to actively participate and engage.

Trial Offer, All new users who want to try out the premium plan can do so for free for seven days.

Suitable for beginners, Brilliant has created a number of courses for beginners to learn the basics. Then there are intermediate and advanced courses to choose from.

Self-directed,'s courses are all self-paced, allowing you to complete the guided exercises at your own pace.

App for mobile, Its mobile app allows you to download individual courses for offline use (up to 6 at a time) so you can learn whenever and wherever you want.


Topics are limited, As Brilliant only covers the STEM courses, it does mean that if you are looking for something outside this topic area, it would be best to check out Coursera or Skillshare.

Subscription only, There is no one-time payment option; instead, you must subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription.

Certificates aren't available, Brilliant's courses do not include completion certificates, and the emphasis is not on professional development. If that's something you care about, you should look into Udacity or Datacamp.

For Whom Is Brilliant?

Now, that isn't the easiest thing to answer, but Brilliant boasts that its courses are suitable for people aged 10 to 110. Brilliant may be an appropriate platform for you if you appreciate problem-solving and confronting difficulties through interactive and hands-on learning.

Brilliant is a learning experience for students, professionals, and lifelong learners alike. It's a platform that most of us can benefit from, whether we're trying to understand concepts through problem-solving or just want to keep our minds engaged.

Its emphasis on STEM topics provides a fresh approach to studying these crucial skills, which you may not have previously found enjoyable. I know that in high school, Math and Science were not my favorite subjects, but after doing some of Brilliant's guided exercises, I have a newfound enthusiasm for these subjects and have even had some fun problem-solving them. It has truly transformed subjects that were formerly dreaded into a guided discovery experience.

It's important noting now that if you already know you don't want to take STEM classes and want to learn about a wider range of topics, you should look at alternatives like Coursera, Udacity, or Datacamp, which are more focused on achieving educational goals and expanding your career.

Brilliant for Educators

Brilliant isn't just for students; it also provides free educational resources for teachers and professionals. You'll get access to interactive lessons, problem-solving activities, teaching tools, and more.

To apply for an Education account, simply fill out the signup form and survey to determine your requirements. After you've been accepted, you can choose from up to six courses and participate in unlimited daily challenges. You can then invite your students to join you on the Brilliant platform.

You must be a classroom teacher and be able to validate your education status in order to apply. The educator account will be active for a period of two years.

What Do Brilliant Courses Cost? has two options: free and premium. The free account is limited to the Today page, which includes a sample of daily online courses as well as the opportunity to sync your progress across the web and mobile app.

The Premium experience, on the other hand, offers three different membership plans, all of which include unrestricted access to the 60+ courses, as well as offline mode on mobile apps and guided courses. You have three options for paying for the Premium plan:

  • Monthly payment of $24.99
  • Annual payment of $149.85 (working out to $12.49 per month)
  • Pay $299.89 per year for groups of three or more.

How To Use Brilliant Premium Account Free

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