Pure Flix Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

Pure Flix is a subscription-based video streaming service that emphasizes Christ- and family-centered entertainment.

Pure Flix is a portal for all-ages-appropriate videos on education, hobbies, health, and fitness, as well as documentaries.

How Does It Function?

Similar to other subscription-based video streaming services, Pure Flix offers a variety of tiered membership levels via monthly and annual subscriptions.

Pure Flix material can be viewed on a computer, tablet, television, mobile phone, and Roku or Amazon Fire Stick devices.

Pure Flix distributes its proceeds to the various humanitarian organizations it supports, such as Adopt Together, which helps bridge the gap between families seeking to adopt and children in need of families. They also fund Reboot, which assists veterans in overcoming obstacles and reintegrating with their families, and Association Gospel Rescue Mission, which tries to give meals, housing, and even counseling to substance abuse victims.


As an alternative to other subscription-based video-streaming platforms, Pure Flix offers a lineup that will provide a clean, enjoyable, and wholesome experience for families.

Pure Flix offers videos in essentially five distinct categories: educational, religious, children's, motion pictures and short films, and series. Through Pure Flix's instructional videos, you and your loved ones may have a great time learning about the globe. You can find everything, including animals, biographies, documentaries, geography, health, history, government, science, and nature. Pure Flix provides access to hours upon hours of instructive content.

Christianity-related videos on Pure Flix cover topics such as church history, creation, revelations, prophesies, evangelism, Jesus, missions and missionaries, relationships, prayer power, and Bible stories.

Pure Flix makes it easy for parents to select videos for their children by categorizing them by age ranges, such as one to four (1 to 4), five to seven (5 to 7), eight to twelve (8 to 12), and for teens.

Pure Flix has already preselected content that is appropriate for children of all ages, so parents can rest comfortable.

Cost and Price Strategies

At Pure Flix, there are two types of memberships available. The first option is a monthly subscription, for which you must pay $10.99 each month and renew your membership in order to access their material. The second type of membership offered by Pure Flix is an annual subscription for $99.99 a year.

This type of membership is only required to be renewed once a year, and the projected value of the yearly subscription is 24% less than the cost of renewing a monthly subscription throughout the year.

If you choose to commit to Pure Flix, you can enjoy the first month of your subscription for free as a trial period. This trial period is provided regardless of the type of membership you elect to purchase.

Customer Support

There are multiple methods to contact the Pure Flix customer service team. Their customer support telephone number is 1-844-426-3549; you can call them at this number.

If the phone agent was unable to resolve your issue, their website states that an advanced support staff member will react to your email within 24 hours.

You can also email their customer service team at support@pureflix.com. Except on Sundays, you can contact them at any time and anticipate a response within 24 hours. If you decide Pure Flix is not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any moment through the website.

Simply visit the website and log in. Once logged in, navigate to My Account and click Cancel My Subscription. This can be done via their website or mobile app.

Online Evaluations and Complaints

The vast majority of Pure Flix reviews and opinions are positive. People love the quality content provided and are astonished by how much content is available on the platform.

Reviews on other websites, such as Amazon, indicate that the majority of people appreciate Pure Flix, awarding it an average of 4.5 stars. Subscribers are also pleased to learn that the profits will be donated to charitable organizations.

Pure Flix offers a considerable amount of content with Protestant viewpoints, which may contain a few opposing points for Catholic families teaching their children about their own religion.

Opponents and Substitutes

Subscription-based video-streaming systems are not a novel concept, and several have existed for some time. Perhaps the most popular of these is Netflix.

However, while their selections are frequently commended for their quality, not all of their content is appropriate for children and family viewing, as is the case with Pure Flix. This is true when comparing Pure Flix to Netflix.

The Dove Channel and Crossflix are the most appropriate platforms to compare Pure Flix to, as they also provide family-friendly programming options.

Dove Channel by the Dove Foundation offers videos and films that meet their "Faith & Family Dove Seals of Approval," in contrast to Pure Flix.

Similarly, Crossflix offers wholesome entertainment due to their Christian beliefs.

Where Can I Buy?

If interested, visit www.pureflix.com to begin your membership immediately. Don't forget to sign up for the free trial month so that you can determine if it's suitable for you.

The Conclusion

Try Pure Flix if you have trouble finding family-friendly videos and films. You will be able to find something for the whole family to enjoy, including dads, among their Christian-centered, wholesome content.

Please leave comments if you have any experience with Pure Flix or their services.

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