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Skillsoft is a learning management system that provides corporations and business groups with a comprehensive range of eLearning tools, online training, and corporate talent solutions to help them enhance their most valuable resource, their workers. This program can provide effective lessons aimed at transforming employees into valuable organizational assets. The classes include a variety of topics and train personnel in areas such as business, digital, information technology, certification, and compliance. For numerous organizations and sectors, SkillSoft has been the foundation of many development and training programs in specialized specialty fields, earning the trust of many clients. The majority of these clients are within the Fortune 500's top 65 percent. Over 165,000 effective courses, books, videos, and other learning materials are available from Skillsoft. In-app translations are available for 29 languages. Because SkillSoft is completely cloud-based, users can access the system and information from any computer with an internet connection.

The following are the main characteristics of Skillsoft:

  • Management Training and Development
  • Digital Skills Training
  • Business Skills Training
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Certification Training
  • Compliance Training
  • IT Training Portfolio
  • Course Catalog
  • Workplace Safety and Environmental Health
  • Books

Advantages of Skillsoft

SkillSoft's advantages stem from its extensive course database and ability to integrate rich media, considerably improving the learning experience. Here are some further details:

SkillSoft is designed to keep your employees efficient, competitive, productive, and compliant as industry standards and business requirements change as technology and trends evolve. Experts agree that the top ten most important work skills now may be obsolete in a few years. SkillSoft has the programs and classes you need to help your staff learn new business skills.

Companies can provide their employees with a variety of materials to foster their growth, learning, and professional development, including videos, courses, books, certification-aligned content, and professional mentorship. Skillsoft has everything you need to provide your staff with the skills they need for optimal task performance and career advancement, from rich certification training to multi-dimensional microlearning.

In today's business, digital expertise and know-how are necessary, and SkillSoft teaches these critical skills to your staff through extensive training so that they can adapt to the ever-changing digital economic landscape. For the modern workforce to stay up, digital technologies such as Social Networking Apps, Microsoft Office, G Suite, and Adobe Creative Cloud are required. For increased productivity and efficiency, SkillSoft ensures that your workers are familiar with and experienced with these products.

SkillSoft also offers leadership, management, business acumen, and executive processes training for employees who have the potential to be leaders and major contributors to company success. This will help you improve the effectiveness of your current employee development programs and allow your employees to grow and unlock their full potential.

Skillsoft Pricing

INDIVIDUAL : starting at $19 mo

  • Build skills in business, technology, developer and more
  • Learn online or on the go with the mobile app
  • Evaluate your knowledge with course assessments
  • Set goals and reminders so you stay on track

TEAM : $45 mo

  • Everything included in an individual subscription plus...
  • Create assignments for your team
  • Manage users and track their progress
  • Add your own content
  • Analyze with reports and dashboards

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