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Turnitin is a cloud-based plagiarism checker that is well-known in the academic community. It does, however, have a number of features that make it a helpful application for both teachers and pupils. The tool stands out from other software that focuses solely on detecting plagiarism or providing a grammar checker. It can be utilized by teachers in a variety of ways and has advantages for students who use it. Today, we'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Turnitin, as well as whether it's worth it.

Pros of Turnitin

Turnitin is a wonderful choice for higher education consumers because of its many capabilities.

1. Multilingualism

Turnitin is different from other apps in that it supports multiple languages. It supports over a dozen different languages, making it suitable for multilingual or international students. It's especially helpful if you're a Language teacher that requires your pupils to contribute stuff in another language. Most similar programs will only provide English or very limited support in other languages, putting them at a significant disadvantage.

2. Applicability to Other Devices

Students that use Turnitin will be expected to upload their documents to the program. The best part is that students can use their desktop, doc docx, Google Drive, or Dropbox to upload their papers. Instructors can do the same, and it's a great feature to have instead of having to copy and paste into the application.

You can utilize the software from your iPad in addition to using third-party file uploading. Turnitin is iPad compatible, so you don't even need to turn on your computer to submit your work; you can just use their app.

3. Database Dimensions

While this may not be a favorite aspect of students, it is a blessing for teachers. Most plagiarism detection technologies fall short and miss many cases of duplicated material. Turnitin offers an ever-expanding database that detects plagiarism on over 70 billion websites. In the event that someone has copied work from another student, it will also cross-check previously submitted work against other users. This is by far the most comprehensive detection service database available.

4. Software to Detect Plagiarism

Turnitin will generate multiple reports and a digital receipt after a student's work is submitted. The Originality Report is one of the reports. A percentage of the work will be generated by this report. The higher the score, the more likely the material was plagiarized from another source.

However, other settings you may have enabled or disabled, such as citations or quotations, can affect the detecting software. It's vital to remember that just because parallels were observed doesn't prove there was academic wrongdoing.

The Document Viewer, which color-codes paragraphs, should be checked by instructors. It will draw attention to any inconsistencies. By selecting the Full Source View option, you can examine portions of the source text and even view the entire source. If students were allowed to access that site for paraphrase, you can set that material as being excluded, or judge for yourself if they stole intellectual property.

Because Turnitin's database is so big, it can occasionally produce unavailable source materials such as journal articles, rights controlled work, or previously submitted work. This might occur for a variety of reasons, such as access to private databases or an academic repository. If a repository is private, a request for access to the documents can be made. This typically takes one business day or less.

5. Grading Instruments

GradeMark is a program that allows teachers to make corrections, comments, and even voice remarks on students' work. This feature allows you to drag frequently used comments into categories and create your own tags, such as "excellent application of critical thinking!" Another alternative is to freewrite in the margins, which may also be done on the iPad. Comments, online grading, peer review, and reports can all be uploaded using different file types.

6. Grammar Assessment Report

There are more possible settings that you can turn on and off, as described with the Originality reports. The grammar checker is one of them. Through the ETS e-rater, this tool will create reports on grammar and spelling errors.

While the tool does not automatically activate and correct grammar while the learner is using it, the instructor may observe what has to be addressed. The learner can be provided feedback on the grammar faults they need to correct in order to enhance their writing. Most systems of this type perform a grammar check without explaining why or simply correct it automatically. Students can use Turnitin to grow and learn.

7. Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, they excel at anticipating and responding to their clients' demands. Their customer support department has expanded over time to address the increasing volume of questions and issues. When it comes to contacting them, it usually takes less than an hour to get a response.

When it comes to preventing plagiarism, their service is also rapid. They will respond within a business day or two if you seek access to private databases.

Cons of Turnitin

Turnitin is a good piece of software, however it is not without problems.

1. Limitations

For some instructors, this may not be a big concern, but it can be for those who are correcting significant pieces of work or research papers. Comments at the end are presently limited to 5,000 characters. While you can use the extra space in the margins or elsewhere, it can be a disadvantage for those whose pupils require a lot of help or correction.

The duration of audio comments is similarly limited to three minutes. While this will not be an issue for most people, it may be for those who require more explanations on their job. Sound feedback works better for some kids than written criticism. Other restrictions include only being available on specific applications. Corrections on a PDF file, for example, will not be allowed to include any audio remarks.

Students' plain text documents are similarly limited to 400 pages.

2. Cost

While most Turnitin-using universities provide it for free to their teachers and students, those who do not have a subscription will pay a significant amount. Costs vary depending on the number of students enrolled and the features included, for example. The most recent internet price point was $3 per pupil. The expense of attending a university may appear high, but after tuition is taken into account, the cost is covered. It can be overwhelming for a tutor or someone who is not affiliated with a huge organization.

Is Turnitin Advisable?

Turnitin is an excellent application for both teachers and students. It contains a lot of capabilities that go beyond the conventional plagiarism detection tool, but it has a few drawbacks as well. If you're a teacher that works with a large group of pupils on a daily basis, this technology will only help you improve your teaching skills. It will not only make time management easier, but it will also catch those kids who are more dishonest by detecting plagiarism. It can teach students how to properly cite sources and enhance their writing skills by providing feedback from their teachers and using Turnitin's findings.

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