Skillshare Premium Account Giveaway June 2022 Part 6 [Grab It Fast 100% Working]

As an online creator and consultant, I'm constantly learning new skills in order to stay current in the industry and satisfy my clients. Over the last five years, I've relied heavily on online learning to accomplish this. When I want to learn something new, I usually go to YouTube and ask a question, hoping for the best.

The majority of the time, what I get are videos taught by "experts" with endless ad breaks and sales pitches for their products. I recently turned to an online learning platform I'd heard so much about: Skillshare, because I was fed up with the poor quality and questionable knowledge shared on free platforms.

After being impressed by Skillshare's high-quality free classes, I decided to sign up for an annual membership (and received a 40% discount; see the pricing section for more information) and dive deeper into the Skillshare courses available to premium members.

In this review, I'll talk about my Skillshare learning experience. While some online course reviews are simply rehashed sales pages, everything you're about to read is based on my own personal experience as a lifelong learner.

Skillshare is an online learning community where students can take self-paced online video classes. UX design, creative writing, business analytics, graphic design, photoshop, web development, and many other skills are available on the Skillshare platform.

Since its inception in 2010, Skillshare's primary method of learning has been the completion of projects while watching online video content.

Skillshare is a cost-effective alternative to other e-learning platforms and an excellent starting point for people looking to improve their career skills or discover new courses to pique new interests.

The following are the categories that Skillshare uses to categorize its courses:

  • advertising
  • business
  • design
  • entrepreneurship
  • fashion and style
  • film and video
  • food and drink
  • gaming
  • music
  • photography
  • social media
  • technology
  • writing and publishing

What is the structure of Skillshare courses?

Skillshare courses are set up in a traditional online learning format with some cool extra features.

Then there are the video tutorials. On the web-browser version, the video lessons are organized and displayed to the right of the video playback screen, making it simple to toggle between lessons and quickly see how the course is organized.

There are five options beneath the video playback screen to help you learn more:

  • About
  • Reviews
  • Discussion
  • Resources and Projects
  • Transcripts

What is the cost of Skillshare?

You're not alone if you Googled "Skillshare cost" and couldn't find a pricing page. Skillshare isn't forthcoming with their pricing, but to save you the trouble of internet sleuthing, here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to pay for the service.

Skillshare offers a free month of membership if you sign up for their monthly plan (you can always cancel before you are charged).

Skillshare costs $32 per month after your free 1-month trial.

Yearly—If you want to save money, a yearly membership costs $168, or $14 per month on average.

Skillshare is currently running a 40% off promotion, which means you can sign up for an annual Skillshare subscription for just over $100 at the time of publication. (Prices for our non-US readers will vary.)

If you want to provide group access to your book club or office coworkers, Skillshare also offers team subscriptions.

Finally, if you want to save money, Skillshare will give you a free month for every new student you refer. That's right, if you refer a dozen friends, you'll get a free year of Skillshare membership. That's a good deal.

Did you know that Skillshare has benefits?

I'm a sucker for a good bargain. When you sign up for a Skillshare subscription, you gain immediate access to the benefits available to Skillshare members. Adobe Premiere Pro, Squarespace, Todoist, Freshbooks, Canva, and other creative services and products are among the perks available.

The savings vary, but they quickly add up. After you sign up, go to to redeem your perks.

Pros and Cons of Skillshare

I enjoy a good pros and cons list, just like Leslie Knope. So here's my contribution to Skillshare:


  • There are over 27,000 courses to choose from.
  • One-month free trial
  • a wide range of topics and lengths of courses
  • Project-based learning is a type of education that focuses on completing a specific
  • a reasonable price
  • Additional products and services are eligible for discounts and perks.
  • Refer a friend and get a free month.
  • Sessions in real time


  • The quality of the courses varies.
  • There are no certificates or accreditation available.

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