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I am a person who believes that self-improvement or self-improvement is something that must be done every day. The best way to continue to develop ourselves and our potential is to invest our time in learning, either through free learning platforms that are milling about on the internet, or through online course platforms such as Udemy.

Well, If you want to learn a new skill or try something new but don't know where to start, Udemy is the place to be. With a large selection of courses to choose from, Udemy connects teachers and students. In this Udemy review article, I will take a look at the different categories of courses available, how much do they cost, and are the quality of the courses worth the cost? Let's just talk about it!

Without a doubt, Udemy is one of the most popular and influential online learning and course platforms in the world with many categories, from design, marketing to coding courses. Udemy is a platform that carries online courses with very diverse categories. Since Udemy was founded in 2007, Udemy has grown to become one of the largest learning platforms in the world, offering more than 130,000 courses, available in 60 languages ​​and assisting more than 30 million students from 190 countries. Udemy can also be accessed from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

What sets Udemy apart from other online learning platforms is that Udemy strongly supports instructors (teachers) in the same way it supports users who are students on Udemy. Instructors can create entire courses and submit them online, after passing through quality checks and other processes of course. This makes it possible for everyone who wants to become an instructor (teacher) to share their knowledge and skills with others without having to meet in person. You will not play a passive role in taking courses on Udemy, if you want to be an active participant, you can also receive feedback from instructors and not infrequently your instructors or instructors will ask you to demonstrate the skills you have just acquired from the course modules they have prepared.

Udemy has recently expanded to serve larger businesses and organizations, enabling independent instructors to deliver company-wide courses and develop their team skills.

Udemy Advantages and Disadvantages

Any platform will always have advantages and disadvantages, and so will Udemy. After trying Udemy, I caught some of the advantages that Udemy has as well as some of the factors that I categorize as disadvantages.

Advantages of Udemy

  • Large selection of course materials and categories. From yoga classes to coding classes.
  • Courses created by professionals who are also practitioners in the industry.
  • Udemy has a great promotion program, so you can get promo codes to help buy the online class of your choice.
  • Udemy materials are usually packaged very concisely and to the point, so you can finish them in no time.
  • After purchasing the course, you will have access to the material forever. (So ​​if there's an update, you'll know).
  • Online courses on Udemy can be a pretty good alternative to corporate training.
  • The Udemy platform allows teachers and students to interact actively even online.

Disadvantages of Udemy

  • Most of Udemy's material does not come from accredited institutions or practitioners.
  • Udemy course materials are non-transferable for grades with the same courses at the university.
  • Most courses on Udemy do not provide certification.

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