How To Use Codecademy Pro In August 2022 Part 2 [Cookies 100% Working]

Programming and computer science professionals are constantly updating their technical knowledge. This is because the field of technology and information technology is constantly evolving, requiring professionals working in contact with these fields to be available to update their knowledge and improve the quality of their services as new techniques are developed and new demands come to occupy the market. .

To adapt to this scenario and keep their knowledge up to date, these professionals find digital platforms as an excellent alternative. More and more, platforms offering online courses are gaining support, as they manage to deliver quality content at a fair value and with a range of practicalities that do not allow face-to-face teaching.

And among the different online course platforms, Codecademy stands out as the only platform specifically aimed at the programming and computer science niche.

In particular, it is known that the fact that the platform is specifically aimed at this niche is not a guarantee of the quality of the referred platform, as its quality is evaluated based on different criteria. Therefore, to help you understand whether Codecademy is a good platform for online courses, we present below this Codecademy review.

Since Codecademy is a resource-rich platform for specific programming and technology audiences, the content available on Codecademy is great for those who are already working in the area or are relatively familiar with the basic concepts. However, people seeking more introductory knowledge, with little or no practical knowledge, may rate the experience as negative, as Codecademy's online courses are very specific.

As an advantageous point in the user experience, the following aspects can be highlighted:

  • Optimized and intuitive layout
  • Up-to-date content and ability to interact with support staff
  • Content produced by experts in computer science and programming

Codecademy price

The Codecademy prices are not calculated solely based on the courses themselves, but primarily based on the resources that students wish to rent. That's because Codecademy is a subscription platform, where students pay a monthly fee based on the tools and resources that best suit their needs, to take varied courses.

So, to provide you with interaction tools that help with the learning process, Codecademy has plans that can vary from US$15.99 to US$50.00.


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