Australian News: Sydney woman killed in Seoul Halloween named crush; Defense faces cyber attacks on contractors 'very seriously'

Grace Rached identified as Australian killed in South Korean crowd

Cait Kelly

The Australian who died in a crowd at Halloween celebrations in South Korea has been identified as 23-year-old Sydney woman Grace Rached.

The crowd caused the deaths of more than 150 people in Itaewon, Seoul on Saturday night. Two other Australians who were with Rached are now being treated in intensive care.

In a statement, Rached's friend Silvio Cohiji, who met the filmmaker at university, said people were always attracted to him.

Grace is an amazing person, a ray of light who will do anything to lift those around her and have such a big life ahead of her, doing amazing things in her career and traveling a lot.

Has the joy of life in him and everyone always feels happiest around him Everyone is attracted to him and he loves his parents and little sister so much that he is truly a person who would be blessed to meet him.

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