IPVanish Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

With a large selection of server locations and strong customizability, IPVanish VPN delivers exceptional value. However, it is sparing with additional privacy safeguards, so we'd prefer to see it subjected to an open, independent assessment.

By making it more difficult to track what you do online and preventing your ISP from seeing your activity, using a virtual private network (or VPN) can help you increase your privacy. With the ability to utilize as many devices at once as users desire, IPVanish VPN offers exceptional value. It also provides a vast selection of servers around the world, covering certain areas that rivals overlook. While giving you precise control over your VPN connection, its interface is neither cutting-edge nor very pleasurable to use. The fact that the service lacks the breadth of privacy features featured in Editors' Choice winners like ProtonVPN or Mullvad VPN, as well as the fact that a third-party audit to confirm its privacy policies has not yet been released, are more worrying.

What Is the Price of IPVanish VPN?

The monthly cost of IPVanish VPN is $10.99, which is somewhat more expensive than the $10.14 average cost of the VPNs we've reviewed. Many services have higher prices than the industry standard, but if they can justify it with useful features, it's still a good deal. Editors' Choice winner Mullvad offers significantly more privacy options than IPVanish—in particular, multi-hop connections—and maintains a single pricing tier of €5 per month ($5.64 as of this writing).

How To Use IPVanish VPN Premium Account Free

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