Senior Kelowna West challenges the mayor to 'hang out with' him to point out the poor road conditions

75-year-old Ross Auvigne has been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and is confined to a wheelchair. So with time remaining, he enjoyed his trip to the local grocery store. Unfortunately, the condition of the roads and sidewalks was so bad that it was dangerous for him to continue his journey.

Auvigne said she was concerned about the safety of residents as well as her own safety. “The sidewalks are very rough and these chairs don't, they don't have very good suspension. This particular chair wanted to throw and throw me forward,” Auvigne said.

Auvigne has challenged the West Kelowna City council for the past two years to join her on one of her trips to the supermarket. He even said he would buy them a bar of chocolate if they came. Today, Mayor Gordon Milsom accepted the challenge along with 35 others. The mayor of West Kelowna was even given a motorized wheelchair so he could appreciate the full experience.

"I love it, the more support we have, I'm sure the more attention we'll get from the Mayor," Auvigne said.

“I really appreciate the challenge from Ross to take the seat with him. It's the only way I feel to really experience what it's like to have to negotiate an incomplete sidewalk and a road where there are no sidewalks,” Milsom said.

The mayor even had to request a police escort on his return to keep the group safe. Milsom told Global News that the area was already on the city's radar.

"I know that the path that Ross regularly walks is on our list and we will work it out."

Unfortunately, Auvigne will be leaving her Senior Residence and heading to the Hospital next month and will likely not see any changes in this area. And while he may not notice the change he expected, his voice is still loud enough for the change to happen, even after he's gone.

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