2022 midterm elections: Democrats beat expectations as John Fetterman wins crucial US Senate race – live

Latest updates and results as millions across the US vote in what is mostly seen as a referendum on Biden's presidency

It may take some time until we know which party will win control of the House and Senate. But so far, the November 8 midterms have been full of surprises. Democrats have shown surprising strength in the main races, defying what was widely expected to be a Republican sweep amid high inflation and low approval ratings for Joe Biden.

Two of the three Virginia Democrats in the district seen as national mood-setters have won re-election, which is an early sign of good news for Democrats.

Democrat Josh Shapiro defeated 2020 election denier Doug Mastriano in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election.

Democrat John Fetterman declared victory in his race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. Maryland elected the first black governor in its history, Democrat Wes Moore.

Florida voters leaned further toward the Republican Party, re-electing fiery governor Ron DeSantis and senator Marco Rubio.

From Washington to New York, Democrats defied Republicans' bright predictions that they would fall apart this year, even in their traditional stronghold.

JD Vance won the Senate Republican race in Ohio, crushing Democrats' hopes of taking another seat in the chamber.

Michigan voters re-elected Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Democratic representative Elissa Slotkin in a fierce race. They also support a vote that perpetuates reproductive freedom.

Voters in Vermont and California also supported abortion rights measures.

 Wes Moore of Maryland will become the state's first black governor, and in Massachusetts Maura Healey will become the first lesbian governor in US history. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS.

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