Australia live news: North Korea's missile test 'recklessly threatens our security', says Albanese

PM calls for an emergency session of the UN security council over North Korea's missile test

Anthony Albanese has called for an emergency session of the UN security council to be held in response to North Korea's missile launch.

The prime minister was speaking from Bangkok, where he recently met the leaders of South Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and US Vice President Kamala Harris on the sidelines of the APEC summit to discuss North Korea's actions over the past 24 years. hour that saw the missile land off the coast of Japan.

Albanese said the missile launches "recklessly threaten our security" and "destabilize our territory".

He says:

In particular, it caused trauma to the people of Japan and the people of the Republic of Korea.

This provocation violates various UN resolutions and must stop. Australia supports convening an emergency session of the UN security council to address this issue. We categorically condemn this action, and we will consider what further action is necessary.

To clarify one of the things that we talked about in the meeting is the nature of these missiles is that they are long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, which threaten the security of the entire region. And that's why it needs to be condemned by the global community.

Albanese said there had been an escalation in North Korean activity, and that "this is precisely the reason why the UN security council was created so they can act in a very short time on matters like this."

What happened on Friday 18 November 2022

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Here's a summary of today's major news developments:

Australian economist Sean Turnell has been reunited with his wife in Melbourne after being released following two years of detention in a Myanmar prison.

The North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile that landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone on Friday has the potential range to strike the US mainland, Japanese officials say. Anthony Albanese has called for an emergency session of the UN security council to respond to the launch.

The Albanese also shrugged off new statements from the French president that the Aukus submarine deal risked a nuclear confrontation with China, while confirming that Australia would not support Taiwan's entry into a major regional trade pact.

The crisis at Twitter reached new heights Friday as hundreds of employees reportedly rejected Elon Musk's ultimatum to stay on for the business, threatening its ability to remain operational.

Covid cases have continued to soar, doubling in New South Wales and Victoria in just two weeks, prompting health authorities earlier to mandate a limited return to mask use to curb the rise in cases. Meanwhile, a major global cruise operator has reintroduced vaccine and mask mandates on its Australian ships due to a "rapid rise" in Covid cases across the country.

Perth schoolboy Cassius Turvey has been buried, with hundreds of mourners gathering to say goodbye to the "beautiful" 15-year-old.

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MH17's guilty verdict is a positive result for the victim's family

For Matthew Horder, in an Amsterdam court to hear the three men ultimately found guilty of shooting down commercial flight MH17, there was finally a sense of justice, balanced by the knowledge that the man responsible for killing his parents couldn't be. to see the inside of a prison cell.

The three men found guilty of the fatal MH17 shooting on July 17, 2014 – Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinsky, and Leonid Kharchenko – have been sentenced to life in prison. A Dutch court held them responsible for the launch of a Buk missile that brought down the passenger jet, killing all 298 people on board.

Horder, who is still coming to terms with the deaths of his mother, Susan, and father, Howard, said finding fault with the three men was an important responsibility for the families of those killed. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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