Australian news live: rival Victorian election launch sees promise on gas supply, education; Albanians to meet Biden at Cambodia summit

Opposition Victoria pledged to limit gas produced in the state for export in a bid to reduce household bills; Anthony Albanese addresses Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the East Asia Summit dinner. Follow today's news live

Albanians will meet US President Joe Biden in Cambodia

Katharine Murphy

Good afternoon again from Cambodia. Considering it's peak season, things are running late. But I'll give you up to speed with the developments so far. Anthony Albanese has participated in the last Asean events this morning and at the East Asia Summit. As I previously indicated, the prime minister will meet the US president here shortly on the sidelines of this event, and speak to journalists afterwards.

I gather in remarks not long ago at the East Asia Summit, the Alba person (among other observations) underlined Australia's commitment to advancing the Aukus agreement as one part of Australia's response to the complex regional security environment, and Australia's commitment to the principles of a non-governmental regime. -global nuclear proliferation.

Political observers will know Aukus is controversial in the region. Some of our close neighbors oppose the deal on the grounds that it sparks an arms race in the region. But this partnership is very important for our security alliance with the US. Joe Biden (fresh from his tidbit that Democrats will hold the US Senate after the recent midterms) is speaking at the East Asia Summit as we speak. In addition to speaking with Alba's people, Biden has a bilateral scheduled this afternoon with the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida.

Cricketer Glenn Maxwell broke his leg at a birthday party

Australian all-around cricketer Glenn Maxwell broke his leg in a "freak accident" while at a birthday party in Melbourne and faces a long recovery, according to

Maxwell was reportedly running in the backyard at a 50th birthday party on Saturday night when he and the man celebrating their milestone both slipped "with Maxwell's foot caught under someone else's."

The website reports Maxwell underwent surgery for a fracture to his left fibula on Sunday. "No one's drunk," the website says.

Australia's chief elector George Bailey said:

Glenn is in good spirits. It was an unfortunate accident and we feel for Glenn in the situation considering he was so touched in his last few matches.

Glenn is an important part of our whiteball structure and we will continue to support him through his recovery and rehabilitation.

Maxwell will miss the upcoming one-day international series against England and has been replaced in the squad by Sean Abbott.

Australian recycling company raises $50 million to upgrade innovative technology

Australian company Samsara Eco has raised more than $50 million for its idea to use a synthetic protein that can break down plastic into reusable components, AAP reports.

Paul Riley, chief executive of Samsara Eco, said:

Enzymes... come in and literally just break the polymer chains and then we just separate the various components that are left.

It has the potential to really change the game. It has the potential to move the button on carbon.

Samasara enzymes produce identical products with pure plastic equivalent to conventional recycling.

Samsara has raised $54m to improve its operations over the coming year. The target is to recycle 1.5 million tonnes per year by 2030.

News so far on Sunday

Thanks to Royce Kurmelovs for navigating the turbulent ocean waters on a Sunday live blog. Graham Readfearn is here to try and keep the ship off the rocks for the rest of the day.

A brief summary of our current position.

Premier Anthony Albanese has spoken with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang through an interpreter at the East Asia Summit. The conversation lasted about four minutes, but was the first leader-level conversation between the two countries since 2019.

In Victoria, the Labor Party and the Coalition are both holding campaign rallies as the state election campaign accelerates.

Labor Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced a $207 million package for specialist schools in Victoria.

Opposition Victorian Leader Matthew Guy said if elected, his government would restrict gas produced in the state from being exported between states or abroad in a bid to reduce household bills.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms stretching from southern Queensland to Tasmania are expected to hit already flooded communities this afternoon and tonight.

A series of footage, leaked to Guardian Australia by a whistleblower, shows Queensland police officers using racist insults and offensive language while working in detention cells.

We'll be here much longer.

Floods, hail, severe storms head for NSW and Victoria

Heavy rains and thunderstorms will drench many already overflowing rivers and overwhelm communities in New South Wales and Victoria, forecasters warned.

Stretching from southern Queensland to Tasmania, much of the area will experience up to 50mm of rain between Sunday and Monday morning, with 100mm or more of rain expected in southeastern New South Wales and northeastern Victoria.

Heavy rainfall can bring heavy hail, destructive winds and intense torrential rains to communities already suffering from flooding after months of rain.

Much of Victoria is also under warning that thunderstorms can trigger asthma, with the risk highest in the northern states.

For all the latest on the storm hitting the east coast, read the full story by Guardian Australia environmental reporter Graham Readfearn.

Brisbane Airport will be 100% powered by renewable energy

Queensland's capital airport has signed a deal with state-owned Stanwell generator which will supply 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy.

The Queensland government announced the deal on Sunday, saying Stanwell would supply up to 185 GWh of renewable energy annually to run everything from runway lights and travellators to retail stores and electric vehicles.

Stanwell will source renewable energy from the Clarke Creek wind farm and the Blue Grass solar farm.

Brisbane Airport Corporation chief executive Gert-Jan de Graaff said the deal meant the company could meet its net zero emissions commitments by 2025, which is 25 years earlier than planned. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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