Australian political life: national anti-corruption commission law passed unanimously; parliament blasted Morrison

The Corruption Eradication Commission Bill is passed

Ayes has it!

There was applause in the room, because unanimously, on vote (meaning no division) passed the national anti-corruption commission bill.

The government has issued a primary election pledge and a national anti-corruption commission will be set up sometime in the middle of next year.

Bob Katter has issued a statement on The Vote, in which he appears to support it, but would also like to add another senator as part of any referendum.

According to me

Kennedy MP Bob Katter has asked the Prime Minister to enter alternative questions in the Indigenous Votes to Parliament referendum.

Mr Katter said he agreed that Australian Firsts deserved to have their voice and their needs heard and recognized by Parliament, but stressed the importance of that voice being a true representation of Indigenous people.

He proposed members of geographically defined communities be given the right to elect one senator to represent the community's First Australian in Parliament, as opposed to government-appointed "silver tongues from the University of Sydney".

“Canberra has been awarded two senators with several hundred thousand people, and it is a similar situation for the Northern Territory as well,” said Katter.

"So I don't see how you can argue that people in this area of ​​the community, who are in dire need of special representation, shouldn't be given at least one senator in the Australian Senate."

Federal parliament has turned to issues of public interest – led by independent MP Goldstein Zoe Daniel and the need to act on eating disorders.

The Victorian Liberal leadership's hope, John Pesutto, was one step closer to the job with the odds that he would win the Hawthorn seat.

The latest wave of absentee pre-election votes tallied by Victoria's election commission has pushed Pesutto 1,000 votes over independent candidate Melissa Lowe.

The postal vote also supports a shadowy former attorney general, meaning Lowe is unlikely to get enough support running.

Pesutto is one of three Liberals vying for leadership.

They also include Berwick MP, Brad Battin, and Polwarth MP, Richard Riordan.

Earlier today, Warrandyte MP Ryan Smith withdrew his candidacy and threw his support behind Battin, who he described as having a shared vision for the party's future direction.

Allegra shopper got the next crossbench question:

Senator Pocock said you made a commitment to him to review the modern award. Can you confirm that you have made this commitment and provide the assembly with more information, specifically regarding the form of the review, when and whether it will be conducted independently of the government.

Tony Burke:

Thank you and I want to thank Member Wentworth for the question and acknowledge both Member Wentworth and a number of crossbench members in this house raised an issue that ended up being part of the negotiations that took place in the Senate. Prize review was one of the issues crossbenchers raised within this house as well.

A review is something that hasn't been taken up yet but it's my understanding a review will be next year on the grounds of a review and one of the reasons why I immediately agreed to it is as part of a better paying secure job bill we don't just update the action object we update modern object of appreciation. That means the reward system will now have objects it didn't have when it was developed.

For example, the principles of gender equality, particularly under the amendments made here, will now become statutory requirements but when those requirements are. And securing a job as a goal once the law is passed, and an award goal but not at the time it was drafted.

I'm not suggesting that a review be conducted on this matter. Of course there will be a government decision about the extent. But when you change the object of the reward system, I think it's very important that you then have some sort of overview to what the rewards themselves really mean. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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