Australian politics straight: News Corp columnist Peter Gleeson leaves Courier-Mail and Sky News after plagiarism accusations

Peter Dutton provided a formal warning during question time

Then we come to the spiky end of Julie Collins' campaign.

Russell Broadbent asks:

The question is for the minister of small business: can the minister confirm to Parliament that under the extreme changes in industrial relations of the Labor Party, small businesses such as hardware stores, hairdressers, cafes, butchers, can be forced to bargain with big companies? supermarket if they are inside the same shopping center as that big supermarket?

Milton Dick has also had enough:

Look. No, I don't want that question anymore. The question was clearly directed at the wrong minister.

With industrial relations, I'm just saying, if the minister chooses to ask someone to also complete the answer because he wasn't directed to his responsibilities under a standing order, I'm welcome to the minister... I'm not ruling out that question. . I invite the minister to answer that question.

Julie Collins has also had enough:

And I thank the opposing members for the questions. As I clearly stated here, more than two million businesses will be exempt from the single interest stream that members mean, in terms of the industrial relations bill. Can we also... remind the house, Mr Chairman...

There were so many interjections, Dick stepped in again and gave Peter Dutton a formal warning:

I can't be clearer. When a minister stands up, within seconds of answering, it is unacceptable to shout, to interject.


And as I said earlier this week, in this place Mr Chairman, there is another threshold that must be met. One of them, of course, the Fair Work Commission will say that they have a common interest. It won't happen in the instance that the member actually refers to. Paul Carp

Minister for Trade and Tourism Don Farrell and Minister for Education Jason Clare met with International Education and Training finalists at Parliament House today, ahead of the 60th Australian Export Awards this evening.

Farrell said:

On behalf of the Albanian government, I extend my warm welcome to all international students studying or planning to study with Australia.”

We love having you with us, in Australia and around the world. You are an important part of our highly diverse community and our global education programme."

The Government of Albania supports our world-class international education sector and I congratulate the finalists of the Australian Export Award International Education and Training.

clare said:

International students studying with Australia move quickly. They continue to lead countries, become entrepreneurs, and make meaningful changes in their communities and around the world.

We're breaking the back of the visa backlog. We have also announced an extension of employment rights for students who earn degrees in fields where we have a skills shortage and students will return. It's great to look at, but there's still a lot of work to be done. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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