Breaking news: State calls for return of masks; AFL referees are among those arrested on suspicion of suspicious betting on the Brownlow Medal; Floods in NSW are expected to be record breaking

By Joe Attanasio 3:10

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Here are today's main news:

Meteorologists say flooding across Midwest New South Wales is expected to be record-breaking as dangerous wild weather systems continue to wreak havoc in several states.

Scores of towns remain in the line of fire in Victoria, while in SA, 50 schools were closed and thousands are still without power after strange conditions overnight.

Four men - including a referee - have been arrested by police for suspicious betting activity related to the AFL Brownlow Medal.

The hackers behind the Medibank cyberattack have released the details of another 500 Australians.

Porsche driver Richard Pusey has been found guilty of transmitting graphic and offensive images of the Eastern Freeway accident to a financial services watchdog.

And SA health authorities strongly advise citizens to wear masks in indoor places and on public transport.

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A record-breaking flood emergency in NSW as thousands remain without power in SA

By Savannah Meacham 2:44

Floods in New South Wales Central West are expected to be record-breaking as wild weather systems wreak havoc in several states.

Major flooding occurred in several areas including Parkes, Forbes, Eugowra, Molong, Cowra, Canowindra, Blayney, Young, and Yass.

Bureau of Meteorology Meteorology Steven Bernasconi warned Forbes could break the 1952 flood record of 10.79 as water levels are expected to rise to 10.8 meters on Thursday.

The opposite side offers a closing statement

By Allanah Sciberras02:44

In a closing statement, the Secretary of Transport said only the Andrews Government "can be trusted".

"We've seen in the past and heard again with the scams in the Liberal Party, they can't be trusted," Allan said.

"They want to cut the SRL, they want to audit all our projects. That means less work and that means cutting projects."

Meanwhile Transport Minister Shadow said the Coalition had a "responsible plan to deliver public transport" and "get all Victorians proper roads to get home quicker and safer".

"All Victorians now pay higher taxes. The (Andrews Government's) priority is the $200 billion rail tunnel that doesn't pile up," Bach said.

"Liberal policies are very different. We want to fix the health crisis, provide cheaper public

transportation, and improve our roads."

Liberals promise a $2 per day cap on public transport travel

By Allanah Sciberras 2:40

If elected, the Coalition government will cap public transit fares at $2 per day, and $1 for concession card holders to reduce cost-of-living pressures.

"Victorians are experiencing a cost of living crisis," said Bach.

"Many Victorians are struggling. The main cost-of-living measure we are proposing at election time is a flat rate of $2 all day, every day."

Meanwhile the Andrews Government said travel on the regional rail network would be cheaper if re-elected and would be capped at $9.20 per day.

"Only the Andrews Labor Government will bring parity to regional public transport fares," Allan said.

'Victoria on track to surplus in 2026': Allan

By Allanah Sciberras 02:39

The next question is based on how the Andrews Government will make the country's debt back into a surplus by 2026.

"The State of Victoria is on track to a surplus, an operating surplus in 2026," Allan said.

"This starts from making decisions about how to manage state finances carefully, but also investing in productive infrastructure."

The Shadow Ministers said that if elected, they would also put the country back in surplus by disrupting the debt limit.

"We think it's important," Bach said.

"We have also made a series of responsible and wise decisions. For example, about ensuring that our essential living expenses, stamp duty cuts, are timed there."

'Andrews government can do both': Allan

By Allanah Sciberras 02:28

The Andrews government says it can do both, it can build SRLs and invest in public health.

"Well, not only can you do both, I think the Victorians would expect their government to do both," Allan said.

"There are 8000 jobs at risk. That's 8000 salary packages at risk of being cut by the SRL."

Allan said the SRL would be delivered with state, federal and non-government funding.

'Time to focus on fixing the health crisis': Bach

By Allanah Sciberras 02:24

However, if the Coalition is elected within two weeks, all work will be stopped to ensure every penny is directed towards fixing the health crisis.

"All experts agree the SRL will cost $200 billion to build," said Bach.

"Victoria already has more debt than NSW, Queensland and Tasmania combined. That means even higher taxes for Victorians who have experienced 43 tax increases under the Andrews Labor Government.

Bach said it was time to focus on "fixing the health crisis".

"That's a responsible thing to do, a wise thing to do," he said.

The Minister for Transport Infrastructure and the Shadow Minister face off in the Victorian Election debate

By Allanah Sciberras 02:23

With only 12 days until the Victorian Election, 9News is hosting a transport debate with Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister Jacinta Allan and Shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure Matthew Bach.

Transport and spending on infrastructure have been central issues in this year's state election.

The debate started with the question of how much the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) would cost if the Andrews Government was re-elected.

The SRL is set to become the most expensive project in the state's history with construction work in just three months that will be a chore for decades.

“The first phase of the SRL, we estimate, will cost between $30-$35 billion.

"That's the part of the project where we see the initial work going on right now," Allan said.

An independent analysis from the Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office released in August estimated the project would cost more than $200 billion with an estimated completion date of 2084-85.

Allan criticized the independent analysis saying it was "deliberately deceptive in its framing". This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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