Grammarly Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

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Not sure if Grammarly Premium is worth the price but considering making the purchase? Learn more by using our Grammarly review guide. In order to make your writing more effective and clear, Grammarly developed a digital writing tool that you can use as you write. It checks your grammar, word choice, and tone. Co-founders Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn can claim 20+ million daily active users and have successfully attracted over 2000 institutions and enterprise clients.

Grammarly Review [2023 Update]: Is Grammarly Worth It?

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It might be a good idea to read our Grammarly review if you're looking for a reliable editing program. For writers of all genres, the service is highly recommended because it can greatly improve the flow of your writing. You can use its robust feedback system to help you get better at spelling and grammar. Depending on your requirements, it might also be a smart idea to spend money on a qualified copy editor to proofread your writing. Here is our review of Grammarly. grammarly worth it 2023

One of the most popular tools among millions of users is Grammarly. Everyone uses Grammarly because it is user-friendly, detects plagiarism, and enhances vocabulary and writing abilities in writers, students, and professionals.

What Is Grammarly?

Do you frequently use your desktop, Microsoft Office, or browser to type professional emails or write? Would you like to make sure that your writing is well-written, follows your writing objectives, and is grammatically correct? As you type, Grammarly offers AI-based assistance to ensure that the content is accurate and free of grammatical errors.

Actually, based on my own experience and a lot of cases, this grammar checker extension offers a lot more than just grammar to improve error-free writing. In fact, Grammarly has been cited as one of the most creative grammar-checking businesses for offering advice on how to make everyday writing better.

The Google browser extensions have a built-in grammar checker. This extension allows users to write posts, blogs, and articles without spelling mistakes, whether they are professional writers or not. It is a great way for beginners to improve their writing abilities.

Let me simplify things for you before you read the entire review. Watch the video below if you would rather watch a video than read the lengthy pros and cons of the tool. Using the frank review, you can decide whether or not to purchase Grammarly.

Where Is Grammarly Available?

  • Content Editor: The main website for writing and customizing the writing suggestions you can see is this software.
  • Browser Extension: You can download the most recent versions of Grammarly as a browser extension to help you while you type on Google Docs, Medium, Twitter, and other websites, regardless of whether you use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Grammarly for MS-Office: Use the MS-Office version for suggestions when writing in MS-Word or Outlook.
  • Grammarly for Desktop: You can download Grammarly for desktop on Mac or Windows if you don't like using a browser to access it.
  • Grammarly Keyboard: To ensure that all emails and messages you send and receive on your phone are written with perfect grammar, you can also download the "Grammarly Keyboard" app from the App Store (for iPhone) or Play Store (for Android) and set it as the default keyboard.
  • Grammarly for iPad: You can download the Grammarly app for iPad from the App Store, which optimizes the Grammarly keyboard for tablet users.

Anyone's ability to write well depends on how well their sentences are put together, how they approach writing, and, of course, how many mistakes they make. You can choose which of these, or a combination of these, would be best for your needs and aid in your growth, depending on your usage and objectives.

Grammarly Users:

  • Writers
  • Students
  • Academicians
  • Millennials
  • Businesses 
  • Professionals 
  • Marketers
  • Journalists

Other users like healthcare, law, engineering background

Review of Grammarly: Paid vs. Free Features

While you might be considering whether the Paid or Free version is best for you and whether the investment is even justified. To assist you in making your final decision, let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of each version as well as the costs. grammarly worth it 2023


Grammarly Free

Grammarly Paid

Critical Grammar and Spelling checks 



Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

Genre-specific writing style checks

Plagiarism detector (Database of 16 billion pages)

Grammarly Premium, according to the company, is supposed to deliver results that are superior to and free of grammatical errors. They take pride in the following outcomes:

  • 76% of users find writing more enjoyable than before
  • 99% of students see improved writing grades
  • 85% of users are now strong writers

Review of Free Version

The Free version uses an AI-enhanced spellchecker, punctuation checker, and basic grammar checker tool with browser and MS Word Integration to check the most common errors like muddled words or extraneous punctuation. Furthermore, because it is AI, it can perform far more effectively than a typical human spell checker. It has mobile versions as well and can only be used by one person.

When using the internet, a lot of people worry about their security. If you fall into this category and are hesitant to use Grammarly because of security concerns, do not be concerned. Your documents are fully encrypted when you write or download them from Grammarly. Your documents are secure with Grammarly, even if you are using the free version. It makes suggestions for improvement using their built-in dictionary, but occasionally it fails to recognize words in other languages or regional names and flags them.


  • Constant Grammar and Spelling Checks
  • Encrypted data
  • Better than a human spellchecker
  • Accurate suggestions and tone checker
  • Easy to use and compatible with most devices
  • Supports American, British, Canadian, and Australian English


  • Only basic feedback on Grammar and Spelling
  • Lack of Plagiarism Detection
  • Advanced formatting not supported
  • A few minor errors related to the detection of tone or sentence check

Review of the premium version

The free version only offers necessary spelling and grammar checks. However, the Premium version also gives you access to readability suggestions, vocabulary improvement ideas, genre-specific writing checks, and a plagiarism checker. For those who must write professionally to expedite their publishing process, lower the cost of editors, and produce overall better writing, the premium version could be a lifesaver.

Plan for Grammarly Premium Pricing


Monthly Plan

Quarterly Plan

Annual Plan

Price Per Month




Total Price for 12 Months


$239.76 annually(Billed as a one-time payment of $59.95 per quarter)

$139.95 (Billed One time)

Although many of Premium's recommendations are spot-on, some can be repetitive and narrow in scope. A built-in plagiarism checker also significantly reduces your workload. The Grammarly Premium Plan's complete price list can be found below.

Utilizing Grammarly

You might be unsure of how to use Grammarly if you're new to the world of online grammar checkers. It's a good thing that Grammarly is totally free. You can use Grammarly in Microsoft Word, your web browser, or a mobile app, depending on your requirements. Here are some pointers on how to use Grammarly. Make sure you have a document ready to enter into the website before you start. Once you've entered your text, Grammarly will check it for errors and offer correction suggestions.

Click the corresponding red line once your document has loaded. Any spelling or grammar errors that Grammarly finds will be made clear. The program will offer notes about the errors and advice on how to fix them when you click the red lines. Grammarly will suggest shorter variations of words in addition to pointing out any errors. By choosing the appropriate option, you can customize Grammarly's recommendations to suit your requirements and preferences.

Once you've registered, you can use the Grammarly app to check your writing. It offers a free version with writing advice for the majority of websites. You can upgrade to a Premium account if you want more in-depth corrections. Most websites let you use Grammarly and access Premium corrections. You can sign up to receive weekly writing statistics as well. By emailing your work to Grammarly, you can also have it checked.

Click on Grammarly's Chrome icon after setting up your browser to use it. This extension is simple to install and is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Grammarly can then be used on any website. Just be sure to do so before installing the Grammarly extension. Following installation, the extension will automatically review the text fields and recommend any necessary changes. If you choose to grant Grammarly access to your computer, a pop-up window will ask for your permission.

Grammarly's emoji-powered Tone Detector analyzes the tone of your writing to make it easier to read. It will alert you if you accidentally or intentionally used the same word more than once, preventing embarrassing gaffes or plagiarism. You might unintentionally incorporate research material without properly citing it while writing fiction. Any plagiarism will be indicated by Grammarly. The program also provides advice on how to improve your writing style.

You can use Grammarly by typing it into your text editor after downloading the extension for your browser. Grammarly will then start checking your text editor for spelling errors. The text in your text editor can then be edited. You can access your documents from the Grammarly dashboard if you're using Grammarly in your browser. Visit Grammarly's website to find out more. When you're prepared to use the service, take these actions:

Install the no-cost browser add-on. After installation, text fields will display a small Grammarly logo. Paste your content into the desktop application after that. The editor's corrections will be more thorough than Microsoft's spell-check, and the program can help you write more effectively. Additionally, Grammarly's free version is accessible as a desktop application and Chrome extension. You should try the free version of Grammarly before purchasing it since it does not recognize corporate positions or titles.

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