How To Use Wordtune Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

We've discovered a handy tool called Wordtune in our search for clearer, shorter writing. However, this AI-based program is not a grammar or spelling checker. It's intended to assist you in rewriting sentences to (maybe) make them better.

And if you write books, you are aware that sentences are the trees that make up your book's forest. Check out this Wordtune review as we investigate this program to see if it's worthwhile to use.

Wordtune Benefits

  • You can test it out for free in a limited form first.
  • helpful for overcoming writer's block.
  • has a free Word Add-In included.
  • has an online editor and a browser addon.
  • can make your writing more concise and clear.

Wordtune Negatives

  • The user interface can be annoying and disruptive.
  • Some recommendations are illogical.
  • The free version is limited to 10 rewrites per day.
  • a tad bit pricey considering its narrow focus.
  • able to serve as a crutch.

The Verdict: This is a helpful tool for authors who frequently struggle with sentence structure and clarity. While ProWritingAid and similar products offer some of the same choices, Wordtune offers a little more freedom. Nevertheless, I believe that overusing this tool could hinder a writer's ability to develop and discover how to write more succinctly.

Describe Wordtune.

Wordtune, a product of AI21 Labs, uses deep artificial intelligence to provide customers with a large selection of alternative sentences. To swiftly present various ways of saying the same thing, it makes use of language models before getting to the main idea of the phrase.

The tool's website has glowing evaluations, and the free Google Chrome extension is well regarded. But is it beneficial to everyone? I'm interested in the development of AI technology in writing as a content writer and author. For some sorts of writers, I believe an AI writing tool like Wordtune holds a lot of potential, even though I'm sure we're a long way from AI writing being considered art or even halfway passable entertainment. So let's put it to use!

Features and Examples of Wordtune

Wordtune provides five different sentence restructuring options (only one of which is included with the free extension). Which are:

  • When you highlight a sentence to rewrite, you have a number of options when you choose this generic option.
  • Make it informal - By doing this, you may get rid of all jargon and give your writing a less formal feel.
  • Make it official - If you feel that your writing is too informal for more formal communications, you can utilize this option to change it.
  • Just as it sounds, make it shorter. Under the influence of this choice, run-on sentences falter.
  • Can't seem to find the appropriate words? Expand it. In an effort to make your phrase more understandable to the reader, choose this choice.

Plans and pricing for Wordtune

After going through the AI writing tool's fundamentals, let's look at plans and prices while also delving a little deeper into this software.

Your daily sentence rewrites are infinite with Wordtune's subscription version. This implies that you are free to make as many uses of all five features as you choose. You are free to completely revise any sentences!

Premium Rates:

  • $24.99 on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly: $9.99 (paid as $119.88 annually).

You can use the Wordtune Chrome extension with limitless rewrites if you have the premium edition. Additionally, you can use the brand-new Microsoft Word add-on and the web editor.

Comparing Wordtune to Other Tools

Wordtune differs from other writing tools because it focuses on reworking any sentence you choose. Although the online editor also provides some rudimentary features for spelling and grammar checks, they fall far short of Grammarly's or ProWritingAid's offerings.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid both draw attention to particular language patterns and suggest different ways to phrase them. Run-on sentences, passive voice, and those that could be clearer are examples of this. Although ProWritingAid's free edition offers several sentence suggestions comparable to Wordtune's, this is a premium feature in Grammarly. However, neither of these widely used programs has the option to highlight any particular sentence.

a comparison A comparison of Wordtune versus ProWritingAid would be somewhat unfair because the two programs accomplish quite different tasks. Suggestions for sentence form are only one of several options PWA has available. I'd advise spending your money on a yearly subscription to ProWritingAid instead of Wordtune given the more powerful and feature-rich choices available.

Check out our article on the top proofreading tools for a more thorough look at a list of additional writing tools.


Thank you for reading my Wordtune evaluation. I believe that the majority of people who regularly send emails and other types of communications could benefit from using this tool. It's undoubtedly a crutch that even authors with years of experience occasionally employ. However, I would only use it when I was completely stuck and no amount of struggling with a sentence was helping.

You can improve as a writer by understanding how to correct the sentences that seem incorrect to you. And even if devices like this have their uses, the best tool we all possess is right behind our ears. It's up to us to use that instrument properly to maintain it sharp!

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