Please tell us where she is': Chris Dawson's daughter begs her to reveal where Lynette's mother's body is

Former school teacher Chris Dawson was a "devious monster" who betrayed his family, his murder victim's brother Lynette told a Sydney court.

In a hearing in the NSW Supreme Court today, a statement by Greg Simms was read out explaining how the loss of his sister impacted generations.

"We consider you equal in every way. We trust you. You avenge us by committing the ultimate betrayal," Simms wrote.

Today's sentencing hearing comes 10 weeks after Dawson, now 74, was found guilty of murdering his wife in January 1982 so he could have an indefinite relationship with one of his high school students, known as JC.

"It was a brazen act of a cunning monster determined to one thing, get what you want at any cost," said Simms.

Dressed in prison attire while sitting on the court dock, Dawson listened to statements from Simms as well as Lynette's sister Patricia Jenkins and her own daughter Shanelle Dawson.

Before reading her statement, Shanelle paused to stare intently at Dawson from across the courtroom, crying before speaking.

"The night you removed our mother from our lives was the night you destroyed our sense of security and belonging in this world," he said.

Says she has flashes of memories of her mother's "nightmare" disappearing, she says her life has been shattered, she finds it hard to trust men, and she has been diagnosed with PTSD after learning what her father is capable of.

"The torture of not knowing what happened, of what you did with her body - please tell us where she is. I hope you will finally admit the truth to yourself," she said. In a five-hour judgment delivered on Aug. 30, the judge outlined why Dawson was guilty of murdering his wife and disposing of her body.

Dawson is missing from the Bayview couple's home on Sydney's north coast. His body was never found despite police searching extensively.

Dawson has consistently denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance, claiming he simply woke up and left his family home and children without a trace.

Judge Harrison dismissed this version of events as "laughable".

Two days after the verdict, a lawyer for the former Newtown Jets rugby league player told the court that his client had received death threats while in Silverwater prison because of the salient nature of the case.

The case has come into public scrutiny largely as a result of the Australian podcast The Teacher's Pet by Hedley Thomas which garnered millions of views worldwide.

On the day of the guilty verdict, police confirmed the investigation into Dawson's murder had not ended and urged anyone with information to come forward. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS.

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