10 Best Book Bolt Alternatives 2023

Low-content publishers can use Book Bolt, a program for low-content book publishing, to make their ideas a reality. With the aid of the software, publishers can produce journals, logbooks, diaries, and other books with minimal contents.

Access to the product database, emerging trends, untapped niches, a keyword research tool, a listing optimization tool, and a book cover and interior designer are some of the features Book Bolt provides low-content publishers.

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Although Book Bolt aims to give publishers some fundamental tools they need to produce their ideal book, it is insufficient to provide users with enough resources.

Similar features to those offered by Book Bolt are also available on other platforms, along with significantly superior low-content publishing services. Here are some respectable Book Bolt alternatives for publishers to consider. The services provided and the tools accessible for each of these options will be covered in this article.

Best Book Bolt Alternatives

1. Kindle Ranker

One alternative to Book Bolt is Kindle Ranker. It's a different platform that provides excellent resources and tools for book marketing research that will help you realize your publishing dream. Email notifications are one of the tools users of Kindle Ranker have access to, and they keep publishers up to date on changes to information regarding book marketing.

With the help of these tools, you can keep track of your sales data, get feedback, find out when your book becomes a bestseller, and get other crucial updates. The Kindle Book Spy tool is another one that you can access through Kindle Ranker. Publishers can use this tool to access data about other authors' rankings, price promotions, and other marketing data for any book on the Kindle platform. KDP keywords can be found by users on Book Bolt, but Kindle Ranker goes a step further to effectively boost a publisher's sales and revenue.

Publishers can locate long-tail KDP keywords for book ideas on Amazon by looking up books or Kindle files as well as from other sources. Low-content publishers are assisted in their publication process by Kindle Ranking. By offering them a variety of effective tools and features on the platform, it also aids in their success in the sales department. Users can access these resources from Kindle Ranking for a reasonable price.

2. Interior Builder

However, Interior Builder gives publishers a specific set of services. It offers a fantastic solution designed solely for quickly creating book interiors. It can also be seen as a platform that publishers can use to create vibrant and eye-catching interiors for their books.

Publishers can easily create interior designs on the platform, and they can use the direct publishing tool to publish print-on-demand paperbacks on Amazon Kindle.

Interior Builder offers tools for designing books, customizing them, downloading them, and managing them, in contrast to Book Bolt which integrates various aspects of book production from research to creation, publishing, and sales. The cost of Interior Builder services ranges from $0 for a 3-day trial to $89.99 per year.

3. Creative Fabrica

Publishers can select and use various stylish fonts from Creative Fabrica's selection of design assets for their book publication.

The platform also provides a source for top-notch illustrations for books. The variety of tools on Creative Fabrica make it more than just a Book Bolt substitute and instead a desirable platform for publishers who value the creation of stylish content.

One of these tools is font cloud, a free online font management tool that gives publishers access to the fonts they want whenever and wherever they want.

The Shape Cloud is another tool that enables the creation of beautiful shapes for use. The Web Font Generator, which gives you access to more than 92,067 fonts, is another tool on Creative Fabrica that you won't find on the Book Bolt platform. The ttf and otf file formats can be converted using this tool to a usable web font.

Publishers can join Craft Club, an interactive area on Creative Fabrica, and submit requests for any design they like. While other Creative Fabrica resources can be accessed for as little as $12 for three months, this Craft Club is a paid membership club that costs $14.52 only to join. Details can be found on the pricing page.

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4. Kindlepreneur

Another option to Book Bolt is Kindlepreneur. Users who want to learn how to self-publish and sell books online can visit the platform, which not only provides tools for book publishing but also serves as a destination.

This platform offers a wide variety of free courses for aspiring self-publishers. Additionally, they have access to numerous educational resources, including free articles and instructional videos. On Book Bolt, however, users won't find these services.

On Kindlepreneur, you can take courses in writing books, creating book covers, marketing books, editing books, formatting books, and publishing books. One distinguishing characteristic of Kindlepreneur is that it develops practical tools for self-publishers to assist them in successfully creating, publishing, and selling their books online. The Amazon sales rank calculator, one of the tools developed by Kindlepreneur, enables users to convert the best seller rank on Amazon into a ballpark estimate of how many daily sales a book receives.

The book description generator is another tool that creates the HTML code required for a book description on websites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and others. Along with the free Amazon Ads Course, Publisher Rocket, Mailerlite, and Atticus, a tool for creating and editing print and ebooks, Kindlepreneur also provides a QR code generator. The cost to access all of Kindlepreneur's features is just $97.

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5. bookow.com

Anyone who wants to give this platform a try will find it to have a special appeal. Independent publishers and authors can easily format their books using bookow.com. The automated book publishing process can be completed by authors and publishers using the tools on bookow.com.

The platform also offers a number of unique typesetting options. A web-based program called bookow.com reads the manuscript and produces a professionally typeset book.

A print-ready PDF file that is delivered in a variety of trim sizes and formats at the end of the process can then be edited or downloaded as a PDF or ebook file.

Users of Book Bolt cannot obtain these services. The KDP Cover Template Generator is yet another effective resource on bookow.com. This program is used to create book cover templates in a number of different file types, including IDML, SLA, ODG, and PDF. On bookow.com, there is also the ISBN-13 Bookland Barcode Generator, which is a useful resource. This tool allows self-publishers to produce a high-resolution barcode image in PDF format. The ISBN-13 Hyphenator is another publishing tool that is available on bookow.com but is not present on Book Bolt.

Using this tool, you can properly position hyphens in your ISBN. One of the tools on the bookow.com platform that assists in determining the width and height of the KDP print cover is the KDP Cover Size Calculator.

6. Merch Titans

An alternative to Book Bolt called Merch Titans offers all the resources required to enhance Merch by Amazon. Additionally, it contributes to higher profits and sales while more effectively streamlining the publisher's product research procedure.

The Product search tool, which enables users to use a keyword search to get product data and other essential information from Amazon, is one of the useful tools offered on Merch Titans.

Another tool you can use to look up any desired keywords associated with your book on Amazon is keyword research. The Book Bolt platform also offers this feature.

The Titan vault is yet another impressive resource you can discover on Merch Titan. With the aid of this tool, users can quickly browse the top-selling items on Merch by Amazon and identify lucrative markets and niches.

On this platform, users can also access the KDP research tool to discover the best-selling books on Amazon. The Merch Titan platform also offers a trademark checker, which gives users access to the US trademark database. This function is not available on the Book Bolt platform.

The image research tool that Merch Titans provides its users with allows publishers to look up images like vector graphics. Publishers now have access to a sizable library of high-quality images and vectors thanks to this tool. Depending on the publisher's budget, Merch Titan's services are reasonably priced. You can sign up for the starter plan for as little as $9.99.

7. Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is a top-tier self-publishing platform that provides excellent tools to assist book publishers in generating profitable online book sales. It is a respectable substitute for the Book Bolt platform.

One of the features available on Publisher Rocket is the Keywords search tool, which enables users to enter up to seven keywords and instantly receive a list of the most popular common words. The Competition tool from Publisher Rocket also allows users to view a list of the top-ranked books on Amazon's front page.

The Publisher Rocket category feature assists in categorizing the list of Amazon books. By using a tool called Amazon Ads, publishers can also compile a sizable database of keywords that will be useful during the book advertisements. For just $97, you can access all of Publisher Rocket's features.

8. KDP Wizard

Another Bolt Bolt substitute that anyone looking for a Kindle Direct Publishing platform should take into account is the KDP Wizard.

KDP Wizard, as the name suggests, takes low-content publishing seriously and offers its users top-notch features. The platform combines data from Kindle Direct Publishing with Airtable, a potent database program.

The publisher's Amazon KDP data is connected to the Airtable API application by KDP Wizard, which secures and organizes the data. A popup app that publishers can use to instantly access all the information and files related to their book on their web browser is one of the features that users can enjoy on the platform.

On all product creation pages, duplicating data is simple thanks to the copy and paste buttons.

Publishers can also seamlessly edit their contents without using any HTML tags by using the rich text editor tool, if they choose. To gain direct access to customer review data on your product, you can quickly and easily submit your product to Airtable using KDP Wizard. All of KDP Wizard's services are available for reasonable prices, as indicated on its pricing page.

The MerchWizard, a potent tool that instantly synchronizes the publisher's Merch by Amazon Account to numerous other platforms, is also included.

A cheap app called MerchWizard makes it simpler for publishers to work with users and other publishers on product pages from other platforms.


The KDSPY is another alternative to Book Bolt that merits consideration. It is an effective tool for writers and independent publishers. It assists with competitor analysis, keyword research, market intelligence, book tracking, revenue projections, and other tasks.

Publishers can access trends and other important information about the book publishing industry using the spy tool KDSPY, which also enables them to find the best category to rank in.

These tools allow authors to track bestseller data for sales ranking and identify keywords. You can use all KDSPY tools and resources for a one-time fee of $59 only. 

10. Self Publishing Titans’ KDP Niche Research Extension 

Every self-publisher needs KDP Niche Research Extension as a Book Bolt substitute.

Self Publishing Titans created an intuitive Chrome extension for KDP niche research. Publishers can get information about any niche or keyword thanks to this strong extension. Simply enter a keyword into the Amazon search bar, press "enter," and the KDP Niche Research Extension will analyze all of the results and provide a Keyword Niche Score.

KDP Niche Research Extension only uses information from the first page of Amazon to provide publishers with accurate information and data about their top competitors. The keyword niche score displayed during the KDP Niche Research Extension's research process is based on the average BSRs, the quantity of reviews, the average price, and the number of competing products on Amazon.

Any niche with a score above 62% is presumed to be profitable because the higher the score, the more profitable the niche. Publishers who want to produce books with little content should conduct keyword searches to determine how well those keywords are performing. Free downloads of KDP Niche Research Extension are available.

Conclusion: Which Of These Is The Best Book Bolt Alternative?

Kindlepreneur is the best alternative to Book Bolt on the list. It combines Book Bolt's features with numerous other features and tools from other platforms, making it our top pick.

Kindlepreneur outperforms every other option on the list because it provides self-publishers with a vast array of additional helpful resources in addition to the top-notch low-content publishing tools they would require to build a successful business.

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