5 Best Canva Templates for Your Blog or Business in 2023

Here at Create and Go, we primarily use Canva, one of the most user-friendly graphic design tools available, to create graphics. The vast collection of Canva templates they provide, which includes thousands of free Canva templates, is one of their best features. These templates are an excellent place to start if you need some inspiration or ideas for your design work. You're missing out if you haven't browsed the Canva template collection yet. They have an absurdly wide selection of templates that you can use for your blog or online store.

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There is a Canva template for just about anything you need to design, from social media templates to invoices, infographics to mind maps.

The best thing about using a Canva template is that they are completely editable, allowing you to change the font and colors, include or exclude elements, and make any other adjustments you need to make them consistent with your brand. We're covering the top Canva templates for your blog or online business because there are so many of them available (including many that you might not expect to find in a graphic design program). We'll also discuss whether or not you need to upgrade to Canva Pro in order to access the additional design features, as well as the differences between premium and free Canva templates. Let's quickly go over where to find and how to use Canva templates first, though.

Canva Templates 101: The Basics

The Canva platform is simple to use and unlike the well-known (and notoriously challenging to learn) graphic design program Photoshop. You don't need specialized training or a degree in graphic design to use the program, and elements are simple to add, remove, position, resize, copy, paste, etc. Additionally, using Canva templates is a great place to start if you're new to graphic design because you can get designs of professional quality without having to pay a graphic designer.

Choosing A Canva Template

It's simple to locate Canva templates, and there are a few ways to look through them. Here are the top locations to look for them:

1. In the Canva templates library

The menu bar at the top of the home screen can be used to access the Canva template library. To browse through a category, first click "templates" and then the appropriate option.

When you locate a Canva template you like, click it to view a preview of the design before choosing "Customize this template" to put it to use.

2. Using the Canva search bar

You can use the search bar to find the kind of template you're looking for if you don't want to browse by category. For instance, you can use the search bar to look up a template for your upcoming pin design by typing "Pinterest pins" into it. You can also use more specific keywords in your search, such as "Facebook Earth Day Posts," to see templates made specifically for that purpose in Canva.

Additional filter buttons for many Canva template categories can be found at the top of the search results. As a result, if you search for "Calendars," a list of well-liked subject filters, including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Photo, and Birthday, will appear.

3. In the Templates tab of the design menu

To find Canva templates that match your design dimensions, you can also start with a custom design size and then click on the Template tab in the design menu. This is a fantastic option if you are aware of the size your design must be but are unsure of which template category to look in. Additionally, it's a useful tool if you simply want to look through templates for inspiration or if you decide to change your mind and use a different template.

Working With Your Canva Template

After selecting your template, you can begin changing images, rearranging the various components, altering fonts and colors, and making any other changes you desire. If you want to learn more about how to use the various features of the Canva editor, check out their learning resources.

It's important to keep in mind that many Canva templates contain a variety of grouped elements. Use the group/ungroup feature in the Canva editor menu bar to break up the group of elements if you want to move or edit just one of them.

Canva Templates vs. Your Own Designs

Of course, if you prefer, you can always come up with your own designs. It's simple to use Canva's editor and vast collection of stock photos to realize your own ideas once you get the hang of it.

However, it can be very beneficial to browse Canva templates for inspiration and ideas even if you're making your own designs. Additionally, Canva provides style presets, such as color schemes, font sets, and combos of both. These choices are located in the design menu's Style tab. If the Style tab isn't already visible in your design menu, click the More tab to bring it up.

When you have a design you really like, you can save it as a template to use on other designs you create in the future. You can even share the link to the template with others.

Free Canva Templates vs. Premium Canva Templates

You can only use the free Canva templates if you have the Canva free version. The Canva Pro templates will be available for you to use and edit, but you won't be able to save your designs without a watermark unless you upgrade your account to Pro or pay a one-time fee.

Since the search filters don't have a free vs. paid filter option, using free Canva templates is a great way to find complimentary free elements.

But are the free Canva templates just as good as the premium Canva templates?

Yes, in many instances. There are a ton of excellent, cost-free Canva templates available.

If you're trying to create an ebook or another multi-page design using a Canva template, you might want to think about upgrading your account because it's harder to find free multi-page template designs.

Additionally, you can create a few designs using Canva Pro's free trial to determine whether you want to continue using the premium features.

The main distinction between the premium templates and the free templates, aside from that, is that the premium templates make use of stock photos and premium features, whereas the free templates do not.

Therefore, even though your options for graphics, editing tools, animations, etc. are more constrained than they would be with a Canva Pro account, you can still create some stunning designs without upgrading.

Check out these websites to find more lovely stock photos online if you can't find the ideal image in Canva's library.

What are the Best Canva Templates?

There are a ton of original templates on Canva, but not all of them are ones you'll need if you're a blogger or business owner.

Here are our top Canva templates to take into account for your blog or online business to help you focus your search:

1. Social Media Templates

Social media is now a necessity for having an online presence; if you still believe that people don't judge a book by its cover, we have some bad news for you. Whether they are for advertisements, cover banners, or everyday social media posts, the images you post on social media matter.

Numerous social media templates are available on Canva, including posts, ads, videos, covers, profile pictures, backgrounds, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need to post online.

You can look through Canva's static templates or think about using one that is animated with stock video clips, animated graphics like stickers or backgrounds, or animated stickers.

2. Blog Templates

Canva is a fantastic tool for making stunning graphics for your blog posts and blog site design. While placing images within your blog doesn't really require a template, featured graphics and other intricate graphics are a different matter.

Using a Canva template could make your emails and blog posts more appealing to readers or help you communicate your content's meaning more effectively.

3. Business + Marketing Templates

In order to communicate with your customers, clients, employees or coworkers, as well as other business professionals, you frequently need to create print or digital materials if you own a business, even one that operates primarily online.

For those requirements, there are Canva templates as well! You can produce effective marketing materials by using a Canva flyer or brochure template. Alternately, you could use a professionally designed Canva newsletter template to communicate regular updates to your customers or business.

You can even find Canva Powerpoint templates that you can edit in Canva and then copy and paste into Powerpoint, or you can present your work directly from Canva using the presentation tool.

Pro Tip: The presentation tool from Canva also has a feature that lets you record your voice while presenting your slideshow and share it via a shareable link. This is an excellent tool for making sales presentations, tutorials, and other things.

4. Printable + Digital Product Templates

Did you know that you could design products for your blog or online store using Canva's templates?

Amazing Canva templates are available to help you create printable and/or digital products that you can use as lead generators (opt-in freebies), sell, or incorporate into your online course.

5. Informative Templates

Canva has a vast collection of templates that you can use to showcase your ideas through imaginative designs.

Having a creative and informative design on your blog or website will undoubtedly elevate your content, whether you're using a Canva infographic template to help your reader visualize an idea or displaying crucial metrics with a high-level graph.

The Next Steps

It's time to use your design or product that you created using your preferred Canva template. Make sure to compress your image file before uploading it to your website when you create graphics for your blog or website.

Using Canva's built-in image compression feature will save you time if you have Canva Pro.

You can also share your work directly on social media with Canva's features, send your print or merchandise design to a print shop directly, present a slideshow on your device or via a shareable link, and use many other sharing options.

The end goal of using these designs to draw attention to your content or business is not just to create beautiful graphics and business materials in Canva, though it is undoubtedly an important piece of the puzzle.

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