Australian politics direct: Tony Burke says the lower house will return on Saturday after a bill stuck in the Senate

The practice of converting gays into criminal acts committed in WA

The AAP reports that Western Australia will criminalize the practice of gay conversion after hearing horrific evidence of abuse from a former resident of the Esther Foundation women's rehabilitation centre.

A parliamentary inquiry heard evidence that residents were physically and sexually abused in Perth facilities, given non-prescribed medication and forcibly detained for "exorcisms or liberation of demons and faith healing".

An investigative report, submitted to the state legislature on Thursday, said LGBTQI people were told their sexuality was "caused by demons who need to be removed through prayer".

Women who share an attraction are pitted against each other as predator and victim.

The center, which opened in the early 2000s and has ties to Pentecostal churches, entered administration in April after allegations of former residents were made public.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan on Thursday said the government would act on a committee recommendation to ban the practice of conversion.

Accredited health professionals who are regulated through professional bodies and provide "lawful and ethical care", including for people seeking to assert gender through medical care, will not be included in the ban.

"This government has a strong record of supporting LGBTIQA+ people in WA and opposing efforts to forcibly change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity," McGowan said in a statement.

Not only are practices of repentance and bullying ineffective, they undermine fundamental values ​​of personal dignity and have a long-term negative impact on the health and mental health of LGBTIQA+ people in our community.

Josh Butler

The coalition signaled its opposition to the Labor government's bill to renew the referendum process, dismayed that the plan included a proposal to remove written pamphlets that were distributed to voters.

An update to the Referendum Machine Act was introduced this morning, with changes proposed to limit foreign donations and campaigners, no government funding for Yes and No campaigns, and public money for education and to fight "misinformation".

The current referendum law requires the government to produce and send an information pamphlet to voters, containing a 2,000-word essay from those for and those against changing the referendum. This provision will be deleted.

“The next referendum will be the first of its kind in the digital age. There will no longer be a need for taxpayers to pay for a pamphlet to be mailed to every household,” said special minister of state Don Farrell in a joint statement with Indigenous Australia's minister, Linda Burney, attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, and reconciliation. envoy Patrick Dodson.

Shadow special minister Jane Hume and shadow attorney general Julian Leeser said the latest changes would be "overwhelming" and would threaten the success of the referendum itself.

"The new law, if passed, would remove the formal 'Yes' or 'No' campaign in the Vote referendum, prevent Australians from receiving official information on the referendum questions and leave the field wide open for misinformation and interference," they said in a statement. a statement this afternoon.

“The Coalition requests the Government to retain documents outlining the 'Yes' and 'No' cases for the upcoming referendum."

"A successful referendum will only happen if changes are clearly explained, and there is transparency and detail."

Hume said removing the official pamphlet would threaten the way people consider the changes.

“We've seen misinformation play a role in elections around the world and in Australia. But this is more than just an election, this is changing the Australian government document – ​​it is very important,” he said.

"Labor must trust the Australian people to get this decision right and the best way to do that is to ensure they have official information."

He also flagged a concern the Coalition would pursue, about "how prepared Labor is to proceed to a referendum without a formal 'Yes' or 'No' campaign". This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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