Brilliant Review 2023: Is Learning Platform Worth It?

The vast majority of learning is done online these days. The future of education appears to be virtual learning, but how can you tell which online resources are worthwhile? is the website for you if you are studying in the STEM fields. From retirees to secondary students, Brilliant offers a broad selection of STEM courses. containing cutting-edge, practical information on subjects like Logic, Computational Biology, Neural Networks, and more. Anyone who wants to learn more and deepen their understanding of math and science can now do so thanks to Brilliant.

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Why Reading Brillian Review?

You should fully understand how an online program operates and what benefits you will receive before enrolling. You should research any online learning platform before signing up, including How kid-friendly is it? Is the website trustworthy or a fraud? You will be guided through everything Brilliant in this article. Continue reading to find out why Brilliant was created, how the courses are organized, how much subscriptions cost, whether the platform is trustworthy, and what users are saying about it.

What is

Brilliant is an online learning platform dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their STEM objectives. The knowledgeable instructors at Brilliant are experts in illuminating math, science, and engineering through engaging learning activities. "Exploring the laws that shape our world," according to Brilliant's courses, "raises math and science from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided discovery." Their goal is to educate people of all ages about STEM fields and how they relate to everyday life. Increased intuition and enhanced problem-solving abilities result from an understanding of math, science, and engineering.

What is unique about Brilliant?

With Brilliant, you can investigate STEM in a novel and creative way. Instead of just teaching you how to memorize facts and equations, the courses emphasize teaching you how to master topics. You can improve your knowledge and lay a strong foundation by understanding how STEM actually functions. It can be monotonous and boring to watch lectures. According to research, solving problems is significantly more effective than paying attention to lectures, says Brilliant. Brilliant therefore aims to promote learning through practice rather than pushing out video lectures and verbally outlining every concept. Brilliant gives students the tools they need to apply their knowledge and solve problems.

What is Brilliant trying to achieve?

With Brilliant, learning is accessible and exciting for everyone from 10 to 110 years old, regardless of skill level. It's never too late to begin studying STEM subjects. Ambitious students of all ages can locate the ideal course. Additionally, this online learning environment provides interactive visuals, stimulating problems, and unique, hands-on learning opportunities.

The website is also designed with community education in mind. Brilliant gives users a platform where they can work on challenges developed by users all over the world, engage in discussions about math, physics, and other subjects, and ask questions and get support.

To view fresh issues for discussion and new problems to solve, sort through the community tab. You can also add your own problems here for your fellow students to solve. In order to help the community build upon existing subject wikis and further develop their knowledge, Brilliant also supports wiki pages.

Brilliant courses

How are Brilliant classes structured?

Exciting storytelling and guided problem-solving are both incorporated into excellent courses. These programs are ideal for those with an insatiable curiosity who don't mind making mistakes in order to learn. You can customize your education to fit your interests and needs with well-liked classes and learning pathways. Select your area of specialization and register for the course. Alternately, select a learning path to develop your skills and enroll in a number of courses on a broad subject. You can find every STEM subject you're interested in learning more about, with paths ranging from Probability, Statistics, and Finance to Applied Computer Science and over 60 individual courses.

Are Brilliant courses accredited?

The experts at Brilliant attended schools like MIT, Caltech, Duke, the University of Chicago, and others. They are committed to developing cutting-edge curricula that promote genuine understanding and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Making math and science education approachable and entertaining motivates students to keep learning.

Their courses depart from conventional methods in order to foster greater conceptual understanding, independent thought, and the development of more practical skills. Each course includes a thorough description of the topics it will cover as well as the skills you will learn.

Cost of learning with Brilliant

Are Brilliant courses expensive?

Brilliant gives you flexibility to meet your learning needs with a range of offers. Each class offers a free preview that you can use to see how the platform works for you. In the Today tab, you can also take part in brand-new Daily Challenges without charge. If you enjoy using Brilliant's free features, you can upgrade to a premium membership to access all courses and Daily Challenges. You can accelerate your learning and advance your STEM knowledge with premium.

Does Brilliant offer a free trial?

You will have two days following registration to begin your free trial. A 7-day free trial of Brilliant's premium edition is available to all users. Your account should display a banner with a link to begin your free trial. The 7-day trial period of your premium subscription can be canceled at any time, and you won't be charged until that time. Two days before your trial week ends, Brilliant will even send you a reminder about the upcoming payment.

What are the premium pricing options?

Just €14.99/month when you subscribe for three months. Brilliant's annual subscription, which costs just €9.99/month, is the most popular option. If you have a large number of students at home, you can pay €239.88 for an annual subscription for 3+ students. Brilliant subscriptions require a single upfront payment.

How can you cancel your subscription?

You have the right to revoke your subscription whenever you want. The "cancel" button can be found on the page where you can manage your subscription. You cannot get a refund for any future months you have already paid for because you must pay for the subscription up front for either three months or a full year. Your subscription won't renew automatically if you cancel it. The Brilliant support staff might make an exception, for instance, if the renewal fee was just applied to your account. You must get in touch with the support staff regarding your specific situation.

Brilliant Mobile

How does the mobile app work?

Use the Brilliant mobile app to improve your learning experience. You can download the free app and use it to access your courses when you're not connected to the internet. You can access your courses at any time and complete puzzles and challenges wherever you are with the help of the mobile app. The app encourages learning on the go and is not only convenient and user-friendly. In between your hectic schedule, squeeze in an extra problem or lesson.

Is Brilliant a legitimate platform or a scam?

Safe and acclaimed service

Brilliant is a fantastic service built on the principles of efficient learning. They aim to stimulate the mind in a practical and community-driven way, cultivate it, and activate it. These programs invite failure and raise issues. Brilliant is an effective and secure online learning platform for students of all ages and backgrounds. It is a platform designed for innovative learning and challenging students that is interesting and well-structured.

You can trust that Brilliant is a reliable and practical platform because of its over 50,000 5-star ratings in the App Store and Play Store. Numerous esteemed news outlets have written about Brilliant, and users adore the website and mobile app. The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR, and other publications have all mentioned it. Brilliant is a well-known online resource that encourages innovation and practical STEM education.

What do Brilliant learners have to say?

What are the pros?

Trustpilot reviewers adore "This community has really helped me in personal empowerment," one user wrote. Many reviewers laud the app's knowledge and insights as well as its community-based learning.

The mobile app and ability to download courses and access them offline are additional advantages of this platform. You can better absorb knowledge and learn thanks to the user-friendly, stylish interface. This is a fun way to learn everything you wish you had paid attention to in school, said one reviewer. It should be noted that the courses emphasize practical knowledge and incorporate illustrations to make learning more engaging.

Brilliant is also excellent for improving problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Users adore the innovative ideas and content presentation. Brilliant makes learning enjoyable and frequently feels more like entertainment than actual learning.

What are the cons?

Although some users agree that Brilliant makes learning engaging and fun, they find the cost to be a little high. Other pricing options, as reviewers have noted, would make the platform more accessible to users.

The course's lack of instructions was another drawback mentioned by a user. All through the course, they wished for more thorough explanations. Other reviewers were disappointed because they couldn't understand the trial and cancellation policies. To ensure you know when and how to cancel if you change your mind, please carefully read the policy before signing up for your trial and subscription.

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