CrunchyRoll Review: Great Streaming Platform For Anime Lovers

There are several streaming services that can be subscribed to online, but none compare to Crunchyroll. Of course, anyone who enjoys anime is already familiar with Crunchyroll, one of the most well-known and popular anime streaming services.

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Millions of people use it to watch their preferred anime shows with the free plan, but millions more choose to pay for a subscription.

Despite not being quite as well-known as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, Crunchyroll still offers a sizable selection of anime to watch. We'll go over all the details of Crunchyroll in this review and discuss whether a subscription is worthwhile.

Crunchyroll At a Glance

Key Features:

  • A sizable collection of anime, including Funimation dubs.
  • A variety of anime genres, including action, comedy, drama, adventure, mystery, idols, and more, are available to watch.
  • View more than 1300 series and numerous simulcast programs.
  • Several pricing options are available.

Product Details:

  • For the free version, playback quality is 480p; for subscribers, it ranges from 720p HD to 1080p.
  • 6 concurrent streams (Ultimate Fan subscription)
  • No profiles are permitted per account.


  • broad anime library
  • anime is simulated a few hours after it is released in Japan.
  • Use the Crunchyroll app to read manga.


  • doesn't stream some television programs, such as Dragon Ball and Cowboy Bebop
  • lacks an animated series
  • Not a lot of dubbed content Crunchyroll receives a 7 out of 10.

Why Get Crunchyroll?

Excellent anime content Yes, it is a little obvious, but you can watch anime quickly in addition to being able to watch it. Within an hour of a series' release in Japan, Crunchyroll makes it available online. These are the simulcast programs, including My Hero Academia, Ace of Diamond, and Black Clover.

Actually, if you want to stay up to date on your favorite options, you can check the Crunchyroll simulcast calendar. After all, you must not miss the newest One Piece episode!

Additionally, there are many options available, ranging from classic series like Hunter X Hunter and Naruto to original series that the platform itself produces, such as The Rising of the Shield Hero, which has also recently enjoyed success. You can anticipate both traditional anime content and original anime content.

And all you have to do to find a specific series you want to watch is visit Crunchyroll's home page.

Even though some anime shows might be more well-liked than others, Crunchyroll doesn't make any distinctions. For free or with a paid subscription, they offer a variety of anime.

There are a variety of genres represented, including Shonen, Isekai, sci-fi, idols, sports, historical romance, post-apocalyptic, and sports with supernatural elements. If you're looking for a new show to watch, you can use the drop-down menu to search by category or the app's search bar to look up specific shows.

Additional genres include Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Korean, crime, family, food, historical, romance, and thriller within the drama category. There are many different shows and categories from which to choose if you're looking for a good anime drama.

Remember that, as Funimation is now owned by Crunchyroll, their shows are also available, and more are being added all the time. Consider Yu Yu Hakusho and Tokyo Ghoul. In essence, this means that you now have more options—and options that have been dub!

This is because Funimation has a larger library of dubs, so as everything is transferred over, more dub series should start to appear.

Manga Shop

Crunchyroll offers more than just anime. In addition to amazing products, you also have manga available for purchase. A platform for reading manga is provided when you download the app. Once you have the app, you can search for your favorite manga series by simply scrolling through your phone to find it. This is a fantastic resource to use if you haven't read any manga yet!

To read your favorite volumes, visit the manga store. If you really want some clothing, browse the selection of books, figurines, clothing, and even physical videos if you want to expand your collection. Even Japanese snacks are available to purchase and enjoy while watching your preferred shows.

Features and Accessibility

Crunchyroll may not have as many dubbed options as you'd like, but the emphasis is on subtitled content right now. Unfortunately, there aren't many customization options available for those subtitles, which may make them challenging to read for some.

Better parental control tools are something that parents also wish for. In your settings, for instance, you can filter out mature content and manga, but you can't actually lock those settings down. Given the size of the library and the difficulty of cycling through all the content you might not want your child to see, this can be very challenging.

Since there are fewer content ratings or advisories, you can't always rely on everything being automatically blocked, so you might need to keep a little bit closer tabs on what younger kids are watching.

Pricing Options

There are several different Crunchyroll pricing options available to you. Ads are present in the free plan, but simulcasts and the complete libraries of anime and manga are not available. However, you can still view a sampler that will play the first three episodes of new shows for a short while.

You too have tiers of plans. The first option is the $8 per month plan. This is Crunchyroll's Fan tier plan, which will lift all restrictions on your content and give you full access to all of its features. Additionally, you can view new releases within an hour and access all English-language digital copies of manga online. And yes, there won't be any ads during your streaming.

The $10 per month plan is the next option. You can access discounts, fan expos, and offline viewing with the Mega Fan tier, which also includes everything from the earlier plans. You can also receive a small discount if you sign up for this plan for a full year. Oh, and you get a discount at the Crunchyroll store in addition to being able to stream on up to four devices.

Check out the $15 monthly Ultimate Fan tier plan if you truly want the full experience. Receive some discounts on bags and figurines in addition to streaming on up to six devices! Additionally to discounts, having this plan entitles you to an exclusive goodie bag and figurine.

Be aware that all of these tiers offer exclusive access to Funimation and VRV shows at no additional cost and support 1080p streaming. If you want to test out the experience on one of the paid plans, you can also choose to try a free trial as well for 14 days.

There is a bundle that offers Crunchyroll and other popular streaming services to US viewers for a single price. You can access anime streaming services, gaming channels, and cartoon channels if you have a VRV subscription.

Additionally, if you decide to subscribe to VRV, you'll get access to HIDIVE, Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media, and more in addition to the Crunchyroll Fan membership. The monthly subscription fee is just $9.99.

Streaming Options

You are aware that various plans provide various streaming choices. You can stream content on more devices if you have a higher tier plan.

You can only use one device with the free plan and the Fan plan, which is the most affordable option. Having said that, nothing would prevent you from creating multiple accounts to stream on various devices as well. Though it might be simpler for you to simply sign up for a higher-tiered plan. You can stream on four devices with the Mega Fan plan and six with the Ultimate Fan plan.

And exactly what devices can you use to watch Crunchyroll? You have access to a wide variety of platforms. These consist of:

  • Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android, and iOS devices
  • various video game consoles
Crunchyroll is actually only unavailable on the original Wii.

Streaming Quality

You can anticipate varying streaming quality on Crunchyroll because it offers two different streaming options (free and subscription-based). Both are of average quality, but anyone viewing on a phone or tablet will have no problems with them. However, you might experience lagging if you try watching on a big TV or even a laptop.

The loading times are slow. You shouldn't anticipate that tapping on the show of your choice will start it playing immediately. Instead, you should prepare for a brief delay while it loads. But once it starts, unless your connection is really terrible, you shouldn't have any issues watching.

The streaming quality on the free version will probably be around 480p, which is not very good. However, streaming quality will range from 1080p to 720p HD if you have a subscription. Although the connection may fluctuate between HD and standard definition, it typically plays in HD.

Ads are another consideration when it comes to streaming quality. Ads will appear approximately every five minutes if you only use the free version without purchasing a subscription. Although they only last for 15 to 30 seconds, they can quickly become grating and degrade your streaming experience.

Gaming consoles, smart TVs, casting devices, and other gadgets are all compatible with Crunchyroll.


Although Crunchyroll has a lot of content, users often complain that the interface is difficult to use. Additionally, those advertisements can become grating if you prefer using the free plan, which is why so many people continue to pay for the subscriber plans.

Additionally, you are unable to switch profiles, so if several people are watching anime at the same time, you may need to switch between series and take care not to watch an arbitrary episode of another show.

No, 4K HDR won't be available, but 1080p HD will still be available. But don't blame Crunchyroll for this. This is common on anime streaming services because 4K anime series aren't often produced.


If you're willing to pay a subscription fee, Crunchyroll is a great streaming service for anime fans. You can check out Crunchyroll's free plan to see if it's a good fit for you, but a paid plan will give you the best experience. With this all-in-one anime platform, you'll enjoy more advantages and a seamless streaming experience.

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