HBO Max review 2023: The best of the best has room to improve

HBO Max has finally arrived, but there was some confusion about its arrival. This HBO Max review aims to answer that query as well as any lingering questions about how HBO Max differs from HBO Go and what happened to HBO Now. And most importantly: if you don't already have an account, should you subscribe?

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At first glance, HBO Max seems to have enough content to overtake rival streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus and rank among the best. It's actually our choice for the best.

But what about that? Despite all the positive press HBO Max has received, Westworld's removal from HBO Max is raising questions and causing bad news to spread about the service. Previously, only the "Max Originals" were in danger, but that has changed.

The Last of Us' HBO Max release date suggests that we won't have to wait long for the service's next must-watch show, which is fortunate for HBO. But in the near future, HBO Max + Discovery Plus might simply be called "Max."

Want to know what's new on HBO Max? Titans season 4 will soon be available on HBO Max, and two of the year's top new movies have just been added. Oh, and it's time to watch season two of The White Lotus.

HBO Max is one of the more recent additions to the streaming scene, but it already has a lot to offer, including all of HBO's high-profile shows, such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and The Wire. Additionally, the service has its own originals like The Flight Attendant and American Pickle. HBO Max has a monthly fee of $15, but you can currently prepay for six months and save 20%.

HBO Max pricing and availability

HBO Max has a 7-day free trial and a monthly cost of $14.99. Existing HBO Now and HBO Go subscribers also receive HBO Max, though not everyone does. Furthermore, HBO Now has been discontinued across all platforms because HBO Max has replaced its app.

Download the HBO Max app and log in with your current login information to access the service (be they from HBO or TV provider).

Up to three streams can be watched simultaneously with one HBO Max subscription, which is one less than Disney Plus (4 streams at once). Depending on the subscription package you choose, Netflix offers different numbers of concurrent streams (1 at $9, 2 at $14, and 4 at $18).

While Netflix and Disney Plus are accessible worldwide, HBO Max is only available in the United States with plans to expand internationally.

HBO Max supported devices

This was initially our biggest issue with HBO Max, but thankfully it has since been resolved. With apps available for Android, Apple TV, iOS, iPadOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Chromecast, HBO Max debuted on a limited number of gadgets. That omitted Roku, the largest streaming media platform (as well as Fire TV).

Unfortunately, the most recent HBO Max app bug is currently affecting iPhones and iPads, so you should probably stick to Android devices with larger screens.

Fortunately, that conflict came to an end in December 2020, just in time for Wonder Woman 1984's release on the streaming service on the same day that it opens in American theaters. HBO Max is currently accessible on a sufficient number of devices for us to put an end to our complaints.

HBO Max movies

The acquisition of significant blockbuster films for HBO Max in 2021 is undoubtedly one of the biggest pieces of news surrounding the service (which began with Wonder Woman 1984 at the end of 2020). The Matrix 4, Dune, Godzilla vs. Kong, and many other films have debuted on HBO Max in 4K HDR.

Unfortunately, it appears that HBO Max users' recent streak of luck is ending. All of the 2022 original movies were supposed to be released on HBO Max 45 days after their theatrical debuts, but the Warner Bros. Discovery merger has changed that. According to the most recent rumors, new movies are no longer assured to be added to the service—at least, not right away.

HBO Max content library

HBO Max's streaming library is the most impressive I've ever seen, but it also baffles me like no other. The Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, on the other hand, is a success. And the fireworks we had been anticipating all season were delivered in the House of the Dragon finale. Speaking of seasons, yes, we are eagerly anticipating season 2 of House of the Dragon.

Then, they simply began canceling and removing shows left and right. The bloodletting started with HBO Max movies, then moved on to HBO Max shows, and is currently affecting two HBO shows: Westworld and The Nevers.

The HBO Max content, which excludes recent releases, begins with the already distinctive lineup of HBO original programming and includes the Warner Bros. Studios film archive (many of which were in HBO already, such as the Harry Potter movies, though they come and go as they please, oddly). The DCEU movie selections, as well as sizable groups of movies from Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection, are available in addition.

In search of the best of the best? The HBO Max programs with a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score have been compiled.

The HBO Max library has more than 10,000 hours of content in total (according to HBO). Although Netflix doesn't advertise a comparable figure for its library, it is estimated to be around 36,000 hours(opens in new tab), a figure that is probably constantly changing as new and removed content are added and removed each month. 4,000(opens in new tab) hours of content were said to be available on Disney Plus when it first launched.

But what really matters to me are the old Studio Ghibli Japanese animation movies. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away—never before accessible on a U.S. streaming service—are must-watch, ultimately rewatchable examples of cinematic gold. Even the Ghibli collection, which is currently streaming on Hulu, is missing one title: 1988's Grave of the Fireflies by Isao Takahata.

We have included Station Eleven, the subsequently canceled Minx, and the Harley Quinn series as beloved HBO Max Originals.

HBO Max design and interface

HBO Max's 10,000 hours of film and television history can be challenging to navigate because of the service's unhelpful menus and screens. A carousel of seven promoted shows and movies is displayed on its home screen. You get more generally promoted content below the Continue Watching and My List sections (which Disney Plus didn't have functioning correctly at launch), with rows for movies and shows and Max Originals. Following that, you'll see a row for "editor's picks" of HBO shows and a row for Harry Potter.

The size of HBO Max is then hinted at by the nine hub buttons. HBO, DC, Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, Crunchyroll (anime), Studio Ghibli, and Looney Tunes can all be accessed from here. The Criterion Collection is noticeably absent from this list because it already offers a subscription service (Criterion Channel), which it might not want to cannibalize by allowing HBO Max to highlight its library.

Highlight buddy comedies, family-friendly films and television, and mysteries are among the additional rows. Even a row called The Continued Fight for Civil Rights exists because the Black Lives Matter movement urgently needs all the support it can get right now. LGBTQ+ programming is listed first, followed by musicals, fantasy, true crime, and blockbusters.

There are sections for Series, Movies, and Originals in the menu on the left side of the screen, along with Just Added, Last Chance, and Coming Soon.

Better editorial direction is what HBO Max really needs right now. It seems so obvious to have a list of the best movies on HBO Max that includes selections from all of the company's channels.

The TV shows on HBO Max, such as Friends, Rick and Morty, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Doctor Who, and others, are also poorly curated. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is listed as one of HBO Max's shows on the home screen, but there are no episode lists organized by category, making episode 1 the only viable option. These vaults would seem much less intimidating if you could access guides to the best celebrity cameos on Friends, for instance, or all of the episodes about Will's relationships on Fresh Prince.

Only one such carefully curated list that allows you to view every Rick and Morty episode that parodies a movie can be found under the Comedy section. Similar to how Akira Kurosawa's films are highlighted with a row in the Drama movies section, these cool lists of picks ought to be promoted on the home page rather than being tucked away on category pages.

HBO Max performance and 4K streaming

Unfortunately, HBO Max did not support 4K streaming at launch. HDR isn't accessible right now either. According to Tony Goncalves of AT&T, these features are being developed. The lack of 4K and HDR at launch gives the impression that the service wasn't given enough time to develop fully.

HBO Max will start streaming in 4K HDR on December 25, 2020, with Wonder Woman 1984 (and other big movies).

It's comparable to The Simpsons' aspect ratio issue on Disney Plus, but it's much worse because it affects many more programs. Disney Plus, in contrast, debuted on Day 1 with 4K HDR. Only those with Netflix Premium subscriptions—which are $1 more expensive than HBO Max at $15.99—can access 4K HDR content.

HBO Max parental controls

Five user profiles, each of which can be either an Adult or a Kid, are permitted by HBO Max. With kid accounts, parents can restrict what their children can view based on the MPAA rating (G to NC-17) and those for TV shows (TV-Y to TV-MA).

Although this is a good idea, the system has a glaring flaw. A 4-digit PIN code can lock only the child accounts. A child can access parent accounts without a password if they have access to HBO Max in any room of the house, which has no rules or content rating limitations.

Even though I'm not a parent, the fact that a child account exists means that parent accounts must have the option to be password-protected. I understand the premise that HBO can't prevent children from opening the apps — some responsibility must be left to parents — but parents can't watch over their children all the time.

While Netflix's parental controls let you lock parent accounts, Disney Plus doesn't have any.

HBO Max verdict

There isn't a single part of HBO Max that feels finished, as this HBO Max review explains. Although it has a good library, there are some problems.

HBO Max won supporters by including prestigious brands like Studio Ghibli and the Criterion Collection in addition to the HBO archives. But what about now that it's removing programs like Westworld? We are worried.

As HBO's core competency keeps it strong with each passing month, we've just upgraded HBO Max's score because it has kept adding some of the best new shows.

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