Is Book Bolt Worth it? My Experience with this KDP Low-Content Book Creation Software

Since I began writing low-content books to sell through Amazon's KDP platform, I've experimented with a variety of tools for both writing the books and doing keyword research.

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And since so many people appear interested in investigating this source of income, I made the decision to go ahead and review the programs I have so far used.

(If you're unclear what I'm referring to, see my first post on how to create KDP low-content books here and my update post here.) This review series was originally one article, but I divided it into several to make it easier to read and to include more details about each program. When all four of my reviews—which I wrote—are published, I'll write a post outlining the software configuration I suggest for beginners. Let's begin with Book Bolt, the first tool I used to create KDP low-content books

What is Book Bolt?

When I learned about writing low-content books, Book Bolt was the first program I tried because it was mentioned in the very first video I ever watched on the subject. To be completely honest, I only made the purchase on impulse because I wasn't yet aware of the range of available options.

Having said that, Book Bolt is in no way a subpar application. It has some variation of nearly every feature you require to create low-content books because it was specifically created for those people. There are many pre-made interiors that you can download in various sizes, as well as a cover creator, interior creator, category lookup tool, and many other features.

The tools at Book Bolt can also help you find the best Amazon keywords to use. You can find good keywords and competitive niches by using a tool that lets you search for a keyword and see the books that rank for that keyword as well as their Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

Additionally, it has a keyword research tool that is comparable to Publisher Rocket, a program I will discuss in a later post. The tool provides data on things like Amazon search volume and competition, but I think Publisher Rocket's data is more comprehensive.

A puzzle designer tool is also included in the Book Bolt Pro version in addition to everything else. I gave it a quick try, and while it appears to be fairly simple to use, I can't really comment on the puzzles' quality as I don't do many of them. This feature might make Book Bolt a no-brainer for you if the puzzle book niche is one that you are very interested in.

What are the best features of Book Bolt?

I would say that Book Bolt's pre-made interiors are probably my favorite feature. It's simple to download interiors in a range of sizes and there is a respectable selection available. They have some decent research tools, and you can use them to learn enough about keywords to get going. (However, as I previously mentioned, I prefer Publisher Rocket for keyword research; we'll talk more about that in a later post.)

I think the cover's creator is "just okay." There is a free version of Canva that has more than enough features for you to get started, and it is much more feature-rich and fairly simple to use.

A tool for interior design is also available on Book Bolt, but I haven't used it much because, first of all, I prefer Canva for overall design, and second, I've been concentrating on pre-made interiors because designing the covers felt like enough work on its own. However, your results may vary.

Who is Book Bolt best for?

Overall, I'd say that Book Bolt is a good choice for a beginner because it pretty much has everything you need to get started creating and selling KDP low-content books, and some of the tools are actually quite good.

People who find the idea of having multiple subscriptions/products overwhelming (or not financially feasible) or who simply want to dip a toe in the KDP low-content pool and want an all-in-one program to get started with should consider Book Bolt more. You could simply sign up for a month and use it to experiment, create a few books, and test it out.

My favorite feature so far is probably the pre-made interiors. Although I prefer Canva for cover design, if you've never used any other design platforms, the Book Bolt cover design program might be easier to use and have a shorter learning curve. However, any cover you create with it will be quite simple as they don't have a lot of graphics and design components.

The company has produced a lot of instructional videos as well, which is nice, and occasionally they give subscribers access to brand-new, limited-edition interiors. They also hold weekly Q&A calls, but I've never been to one of those.

Will I renew my subscription?

I took advantage of a promotional offer and paid about $60 for a six-month "Pro" subscription (the "Pro" level is the only one with the puzzle creator tool and costs $20 per month). I'm not sure if I'll renew it after it expires. It will likely depend on where I am in my journey with KDP low-content books and whether or not I am still finding it useful. I should also point out that I haven't thoroughly examined all of their tools, so with more use I might decide that it is worthwhile renewing.

Final verdict: is Book Bolt worth it?

In terms of price to feature ratio, Book Bolt is worthwhile, in my opinion. The Newbie pricing tier is the most affordable paid tool I've used for KDP creation so far, costing only $9.99 per month.

I would also add that a beginner, someone with little to no design experience, and someone without access to any other paid keyword research tools would find it more valuable. Almost all of the features you get from Book Bolt are available elsewhere in some form, so you might not find it necessary if you already pay for other programs that offer those features.

Click here to access Book Bolt and give it a try for yourself.

Leave any inquiries you may have about Book Bolt in the comments section, and I'll do my best to respond. I'll be reviewing Publisher Rocket, an Amazon keyword research tool, in my subsequent post.

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