Netflix to End Password Sharing in 2023

The dominant streaming service intends to charge customers for disclosing their passwords.

Tudum! Many people all over the world hope for better luck in the upcoming year as we get closer to Christmas, the new year, and 2023. And businesses make decisions about how their lives will be run in the new year in the same way that regular people do. And the world's largest streaming service, Netflix, has disclosed that it will discontinue its password-sharing feature sometime after the clock strikes midnight on December 31 as part of its 2023 plans.

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Netflix has had to endure a rocky year so far after the massive boom that followed the lengthy COVID months. In the first quarter of 2022, the platform had to deal with a significant loss of subscribers, in part because fewer people were staying at home. Since then, the business has been considering initiatives that could assist in reviving its subscriber base. The ending of the password-sharing feature was one of the strategies discussed, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the strategy may actually come to pass in the very near future. In order to prevent subscribers from sharing their Netflix passwords with devices outside of their homes unless they pay to do so, the streamer plans to set up systems.

The process involving validation codes on login pages and the option to add a second user is already being tested on the streamer's Latin American countries version. Although the plan's potential effectiveness in the US and other countries is still unknown, it is not the only strategy Netflix has used to increase its subscriber base. The streamer only recently introduced a more affordable, ad-supported subscription tier in November. A recent report does, however, give some indication that the choice may not be the platform's most popular.

The end goal for Netflix in this situation is fairly obvious to everyone, even though it's unclear how much the streamer plans to charge for shared accounts. All users will either have to pay more or get their own subscription plan, with the most affordable starting at $6.99/month, as the password-sharing feature is no longer free. The streamer may have to walk a fine line with its new policies so as not to annoy even more of its subscriber base, but given the number of excellent shows on offer like Wednesday and Stranger Things, the move could prove to be a stroke of genius. It remains to be seen whether this plan or the streamer's other plans will succeed in the long run. As Netflix starts to implement these changes in 2023, check Collider for updates.

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