Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump by 23 points in the Republican poll

The governor of Florida has an enormous lead over the embattled former president for the 2024 election as Mike Pence approaches his own candidacy

In a new poll of the Republican nominees for president in 2024, Florida governor Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump by 23 points.

Republican and Republican voters dealt a significant blow to the former president's ego in the survey conducted by USA Today and the University of Suffolk and released Tuesday.

There was good news for Trump in another poll covering the same time period, by Morning Consult, that gave him an 18-point lead over DeSantis. Moreover, polling site FiveThirtyEight still shows Trump leading in most surveys.

Nonetheless, David Paleologos, director of the University of Suffolk Center for Political Research, told USA Today: "Republicans and conservative independents increasingly want Trumpism without Trump."

That is evident in the rise of DeSantis, a former US military attorney and right-wing congressman who has pursued decidedly draconian hardline Trumpist policies as governor of Florida, particularly on immigration and education.

Last month, DeSantis marked his disastrous re-election win with a credential speech, declaring his country "where wake will die" with chants of "two more years".

Trump announced his third straight bid for the Republican nomination shortly after the midterm elections.

But he has shown precious little momentum, especially after an election in which most of the candidates he supported for key state and congressional positions lost, contributing to the Republican Party's underwhelming performance.

Trump is also in wide-ranging legal jeopardy, over his electoral subversion efforts, White House record keeping and business dealings.

USA Today said its polls show that among Republican and Republican-leaning voters, enthusiasm for Trump's re-election is ebbing.

“In July, 60% of Republicans wanted Trump to run again. In October, that figure had fallen to 56%. Now that's down to 47%, almost the same as the 45% who don't want him to run for a third time.

Opinion polls put Joe Biden, the president, up 47%-40% in a rematch with Trump.

Biden is 80 years old, Trump is 76 years old. Biden said he would decide whether to run again over the Christmas holidays.

The new poll puts DeSantis, 44, ahead of Biden in the notional race, 47%-43%.

Paleologos struck a familiar tone of caution, saying a large major area could split Republican opposition to Trump and earn him another nomination.

“Add in a host of other Republican presidential candidates who would split the anti-Trump vote and you have a recipe for a repeat of the 2016 Republican caucuses and primaries, when Trump beat the rest of the divided field.”

Another possible candidate, former vice president Mike Pence, is getting closer to announcing the candidacy.

Speaking in New Hampshire, an early voting state, on Tuesday, the former vice president told Fox News that the reception his recent memoir was given “has been a great source of encouragement as we think about the way forward and what our calling is.” in the future. future".

Pence said he and his wife, Karen, will make a decision whether to run next year, after "consideration of prayer" over the holiday period.

"We will continue to travel, we will continue to listen," he said..This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS. 

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