Ubersuggest Review 2023: 8 professional tips for ranking your website

Ubersuggest: what is it?

Ubersuggest, not Ubbersuggest, is a free tool that you can use to find keywords and analyze all of your SEO. As a "all-in-one" platform, it is promoted. Ubersuggest adheres to the Freemium model, which means that their business plan undoubtedly includes a paid version with additional features.

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However, the free version is extremely well made and already provides a useful analysis. Extremely helpful when you're just getting started and your budget doesn't yet permit you to invest in sophisticated analysis software, like Ahref, for instance.

Who is behind Ubersuggest?

Are Mike Camo and Neil Patel unfamiliar to you? Ubersuggest was purchased by these SEO professionals in 2017 and they have been working to improve it ever since. Numerous business owners can now improve their positioning because of this free solution. In order to enhance website referencing, Neil Patel has edited a number of notable pieces of software. Thus, Ubersuggest is accessible to all and in good hands.

Ubersugget: what is the difference with other keyword generators?

In comparison to Semrush, Ubersuggest offers a paid version with far more sophisticated features. The platform is continuously updated and improved. Particularly for new users, it is very simple to use. It allows you to take your first steps before becoming an SEO expert, which is ideal for your digital marketing strategy.

You can use it without creating an account because it is available in eight different languages, which is a big plus. If you want to create a project, you will only need to connect to your Gmail account (SEO analysis of your website).

Ubersuggest: free or paid version?

Like all of its rivals, Ubersuggest has a paid version and is a potent marketing tool. However, it is still very affordable; personal users pay as little as 29 euros per month, SMEs pay as little as 49 euros, and agencies with up to 8 websites pay as much as 99 euros per month.

We can find coaching, video lessons, and email support in the paid version. Ubersuggest is a recipe that will always be a success! You will, of course, have access to all the competitor information in addition to professional support. For example, if you use the paid formula for SMEs, you can access more than 5,000 backlink lines, 50,000 main keywords from your competitors, 50,000 keyword proposals, 50,000 keyword analyses, seven project creations, position monitoring, and related research.

How to use Ubersuggest to increase your ranking?

The general view

The website Ubersuggest is very user-friendly and ergonomic. We put it to the test for you! Visit the keyword generator to get going. To access the platform without any restrictions, you must log in with your email address.

We have chosen “surf coaching” in France. Ubersuggest displays:

  • the search volume,
  • SEO difficulties (indicative number of competition, the higher it is, the more competitive the keyword is),
  • the difficulty of the keyword by paying (same principle),
  • the cost per click (average cost per click known as CPC, for the keyword in question).

Keyword ideas

The suggested keywords are what we're interested in. Ubersuggest provides you with keyword suggestions ranked by cost per click and from most to least popular. The tiny orange arrow provides you with additional information by pointing to the websites that are linked to by this keyword and showing you their visits and backlinks.

You can conduct a fairly in-depth SEO analysis and choose the appropriate keywords even with the free use of the keyword generator. Question, comparison, and preposition are additional key words that are declined

Content ideas

All of your competitors' articles that are referenced in the content ideas are included, and as an added bonus, there are other well-positioned keywords. Additionally, you have access to the corresponding URL, social media following, and backlinks of your competitors. You must upgrade to the paid version in order to see the remaining keywords. Ubersuggest makes it simple to locate content creation ideas.

Traffic analysis and SEO audit

You can develop a project once you've studied your rivals. You only need to download your keyword list and mention the name of your website. Then, Ubersuggest offers to look at all of your traffic.

You have access to dashboards that list all of the activity on your site, including all of your keywords, position in search results, volume, and how often your best pages are referenced. This SEO audit reveals the flaws in your web pages and enables you to examine your backlinks and identify areas for improvement.

A true planning tool, the traffic analyzer gives you access to a ranking of pages based on the volume of searches made by your rivals and traffic sources. In addition, Ubersuggest obtains information from Google Keyword Planner.

You can turn into a real spy while sitting in front of your computer using Ubersuggest. Unfortunately, you're not the only one; your rivals keep a close eye on you too!

So, we've compiled 8 professional tips for you on how to rank your website!

Tips 1: Analyze your site

An audit of your website will undoubtedly be very helpful as a starting point. It's very simple to do with Ubersuggest. You will receive complete feedback, including both good and bad points. You will be able to fix all the common mistakes and raise your score, such as fixing broken links or keyword placement.

Verify the H1, H2, and H3 titles you have. Don't forget to pay attention to your meta descriptions, maintain your website, and follow strict procedures. Ubersuggest helps you with this by thoroughly scrutinizing your entire website.

So that you can begin a more thorough analysis of your SEO, start by fixing small, quick bugs.

Tip 2: Optimize and work on the long tail

A phrase with at least three or four key words in a row is known as a "long tail." It is particular to a specific service or good. In fact, the more accurate your expression, the more conversions are likely to be recorded.

You might be looking for customized surf lessons in Biscarosse, for instance. As a result, the Google search engine will display the website that is a specialist for this kind of service, that is, the one that has the most keyword data on this subject. In this instance, it is the website of the Vigie de Biscarosse, which has a customized URL and a coaching-focused article.

You can use Ubersuggest to find out the "SEO difficulty" and the volume of searches for "long" expressions. Thus, you will have suggested phrases with keyword clouds, allowing you to quickly position yourself on Google's first pages. Additionally being able to substitute with particular keywords is the idea.

Once more, if your company is just getting off the ground, it will be simpler for you to establish a position on a "long tail" expression to attract qualified visitors and, eventually, your first clients. Ubersuggest will soon replace other SEO tools as your primary one.

The Vigie website is positioned as the top option for coaching surfers. Competitors who unquestionably provide the same service do not use the keywords "coaching" or "personalized courses" in their meta tags. It's only natural for us to request more information when presented with a thorough page and eye-catching images... The Watch wins the lottery!

By carefully choosing your keywords, you can improve your long tail strategy with Ubersuggest and establish yourself as an authority.

Tips 3: Find the right keywords with Ubersuggest

Being positioned on high search volume, low competition keywords is one of the fundamental principles of SEO.

Make a list of the keywords you believe are crucial for qualified traffic before starting an SEO analysis. Choose them based on factors like the information on your pages, what your rivals are searching for, and what users are searching for. When you have your listing, you can use Ubersuggest to look for the keywords you believe are appropriate for your business. Rest assured that the software provides suggestions for keywords, expressions, and phrases if you're stuck for ideas or SEO is still too nebulous.

Tips 4: Use ingenious backlinks with Ubersuggest

Backlinks are links that point to another website and are positioned on key words. Google will view you as more trustworthy if you have more sites with these kinds of links.

To improve your reputation, the backlinks must be of high quality, though. You can easily see how many external links there are on Ubersuggest for this. You can access the site's reputation, score, and even the anchors (the keyword on which the link resides). These cues are crucial for understanding the positioning of your rivals and for getting inspiration from them. You also have the option of viewing the links that point to your website under the "Return links" category. a useful tool for researching websites that mention you. Additionally, to examine those who link to the websites of your rivals

I'm sure you've heard of the netlinking technique. Why is this such a big deal? What will improve the positioning in Google is this. As a result, you must put emphasis on quantity rather than quality. Few high-quality backlinks are preferable to many low-quality ones.

Put a strategy for netlinking in place. It involves thinking upstream about the keywords you want to position yourself on and selecting sites carefully that may one day become partners.

Consider indirect rivals, perform a quick analysis to determine their Google ranking, and then offer them sponsored links or free link exchanges. A partnership with a dedicated page featuring your logo and a link to your website is another option you have.

Consider the Biscarosse Surf School as an example. The links are primarily on travel-related websites. The idea is to offer link exchanges with online shops that sell sporting goods, bloggers and YouTubers in the sports industry who would be willing to test out, say, two hours of surfing. You are responsible for establishing your netlinking plan!

Tips 5: install the Ubersuggest data extension

Ubersuggest provides us with a very useful extension that makes it possible to quickly analyze all of the keywords on a web page. All the information is available for thorough analysis, including search volume and competition.

For a quick and effective analysis, this useful tool quickly gives access to crucial data! You will be immersed and plunge right into the heart of SEO thanks to this tool. enough to get you acquainted with all the terms. Additionally, Neil Patel will have the honor of going everywhere with you.

Tips 6: Rework your keywords on existing pages with Ubersuggest

Analyze your website's SEO performance. The keywords on which you are already positioned will be visible to you right away. Thanks to Ubersuggest, you can view additional expressions. It is a treasure trove of knowledge that will help you improve your SEO.

The process to do this is straightforward: choose the expressions that seem relevant to you, then add them to the page that already contains the relevant keywords. The secret to ranking on Google's first page is semantics, or the study of words.

Be careful; using keywords wisely is more important than simply adding ten of them to your article. For instance, you could edit your content to include more sentences in order to maintain the SEO gains and rank #1!

To improve your old pages' positioning, keep them updated. Harmonize your content without erasing previously completed work. Create internal links, stake your content's credibility, and keep your site's optimization up to date. You can use Google Search Console to analyze your entire website. This very comprehensive tool will enable you to assess all the enhancements you have made (monitoring of positions, display, and click-through rate in Google), then fine-tune your approach (targeting, target analysis, natural and paid referencing, etc.).

Tips  7: Set up an editorial calendar with Ubersuggest

It is possible to put down your pen and write only about topics that interest you, but you will need to wait a little while before starting a lengthy discussion. You must first plan out all of your content before you can begin.

You must establish yours after analyzing the competition, keywords, backlinks, and editorial strategy.

To accomplish this, scan all business-related topics, rank them according to keywords, and then schedule the publication of your articles. Consider the time required for drafting. It's important to plan out your entire editorial schedule if you want to be consistent and improve your Google ranking!

Keep your items from deteriorating, and patience is key. Ubersuggest can be used to track the development of your keywords. Regularly check the positions, compare them, and make any necessary adjustments. With the help of this software, you can quickly assess the effectiveness of your efforts and determine the ROI (in terms of time and money). It would be unfortunate to perform in-depth work without any supporting analysis. You can quickly see where your keywords are positioned using Ubersuggest.

Tips 8: Calculate the future budget for your paid campaign

Do you want your Google Adwords campaign to pick up the pace? You can find out how much your competitors are paying for the keywords they use by using the Ubersuggest tool. You can conduct keyword research while using Google Trends as another tool. The software will enable you to calculate the cost of your plan if you intend to run a paid campaign.

You have access to CPC (cost per click), which gives you the chance to see the keyword research and competitor strategies. You will be able to tell right away whether the budget you have set aside will be enough or not based on the keywords you want to position yourself on.


  • Ubersuggest is a freemium tool that enables you to free keyword research and SEO analysis.
  • Analyze your website, fix the major SEO issues, and generate keyword ideas. Starting out, it will be simpler to "rank" on the long tail.
  • In order to organize your editorial calendar, create a list of keywords.
  • To make sure you discover new ones, examine both your own and your competitors' backlinks.
  • Come by frequently to analyze your pages' content optimization potential so you can regain your ranking on Google.
  • In order to always have fresh keyword suggestions, add the extension to analyze each search you perform.

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