Why You Shouldn't Learn to Code With Codecademy

Although Codecademy offers free coding lessons, is it any good? Upgrade to Pro, if necessary. alternatively, go somewhere else to learn?

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Using a web application called Codecademy, new developers can learn the fundamentals of coding. Although it is very well-liked, there are many things it could do better.

They have launched the careers of thousands of developers and have taught millions of people how to code for free since 2011. Their teaching strategies and product both fall far short of expectations.

What is wrong with Codecademy, then? There are a few issues that need to be addressed, and understanding what it is not good at can help you find better ways to learn how to program.

Codecademy Problem 1: It Doesn't Teach the Mindset

Being able to memorize a language by heart is fantastic, but being a programmer requires more than just this ability. It involves developing a specific mindset and learning how to dissect a challenge, come up with an algorithmic solution, and then code the outcome.

You must be able to approach a problem from a broad perspective and recognize the impact that each decision you make will have on the overall program. You also need to be able to handle high levels of frustration, keep going after hitting a mental roadblock, and stay organized with note-taking apps for programmers.

You must be able to investigate issues, search Google for solutions, and explain your issue to other developers. You simply need to be able to think like a programmer.

You cannot learn to think like a programmer from courses at Codecademy. Instead, it focuses more on teaching you the fundamentals of a variety of programming languages than on showing you how to use them to solve problems in the real world.

So how reliable is Codecademy? If you're content with learning only the basics of programming, then yes. However, it's important to look into more effective ways to acquire that problem-solving experience.

You should consider Project Euler and Reddit's Daily Programmer Subreddit, both of which offer programming puzzles to solve. The latter encourages you to share your code and get developer feedback. Daily puzzles for all levels of expertise, from complete beginners to code experts, are also included.

Codecademy Problem 2: Blink and You'll Miss It

Any thorough Codecademy review will point out one of the biggest problems with the way the courses move along: the pace at which they do so. You may never return to that subject again after you learn something new and overcome a challenge. You'll miss it if you blink.

You'll need to engage in some deliberate practice outside of Codecademy if you want to solidify your progress. The best way to accomplish that is to just write code. Flashcard reinforcement and taking notes are highly recommended by many programmers.

Flashcards made of paper are affordable and useful. In order to get started, you can actually purchase packs of 1,000 on Amazon.

There are many apps you can use if you prefer digital. Numerous community members have created thousands of Anki's flashcards, and its application programming interface allows for extensibility (API).

There are a ton of flashcard apps available for Android and iPhone users.

Codecademy Problem 3: Syntax Does Not Equal Programming

While Codecademy can teach you a programming language's syntax, it generally won't explain how to use it. This explains why Codecademy Reddit questions like the one listed below are frequently posted on the Learn Programming Subreddit.

The developer is learning JavaScript and has a basic understanding of the language, but he is unsure of how to use it. Perhaps the developers are not at fault.

The Document Object Model, for instance, is not covered in depth in the introductory JavaScript course. You are not taught how to compile your code in order to run it in the Java course.

Not just that, though, is frequently ignored. You won't find any writing cleaner code advice at Codecademy. You are not taught how to create self-documenting code by it. It does not instruct you on package administration or how to incorporate other people's code into your own projects.

The value of the Codecademy certificate is ultimately low. You can get around this by looking for a Codecademy substitute. To improve your coding, look for training that instills these crucial habits.

Codecademy Problem 4: Does Not Explain Theory

The secret to Codecademy's success is how it breaks down complex concepts in coding into enticing, manageable chunks. You can enhance the system's functionality with additional tools available with a Codecademy Pro membership. Even the price of Codecademy Pro is fair.

The issue is that while it feels great now, it won't last as long as it does now. Being a developer requires learning the principles of software development, which are quite difficult. It explains why skilled developers are so valuable.

For instance, there is no instruction on programming theory in the curriculum at Codecademy. The topics that took up thousands of pages and the better part of two decades to be written about by Donald Knuth in The Art of Computer Programming.

You are protected from programming's challenging aspects by Codecademy. There is no other way to deal with this besides having the discipline to conduct your own research. A good way to learn if you're not sure what to look for is to find seasoned developers who can serve as mentors.

Codecademy Alternatives

If you like the structure that Codecademy offers but would like some better options, you can take a look at these choices.

Pluralsight vs. Codecademy

You can learn to code with Pluralsight in a similar way to Codecademy, but with a few key advantages. From cybersecurity to software development, Pluralsight has a wider range of courses.

Professional coders who are teaching the classes via video explain the concepts thoroughly. Beginning to advanced level coding is covered in the curriculum. With each path offering in-depth knowledge of the subject, Pluralsight learning is divided into core courses, expanded courses, and labs.

Although Pluralsight is not free (aside from a 10-day trial), the monthly fee you pay will cover all of their content. It's a significant investment with significant outcomes.

FreeCodeCamp vs. Codecademy

FreeCodeCamp is free, just like Codecademy, as the name suggests. You'll also receive some fairly in-depth learning material, similar to what you would receive at Code School.

Your employment is the main focus of FreeCodeCamp. They highlight the fact that over 40,000 recent graduates have found employment at renowned firms like Microsoft and Google. Each certification takes about 300 hours, and they offer a dozen different ones.

The coding interview preparation is where the real difference can be seen. Thousands of hours of challenges are offered by FreeCodeCamp, all of which are aimed at teaching the reasoning behind the coding. This is a huge advantage because employers prefer candidates who can solve problems rather than memorization exercises.

Codecademy Isn't That Bad

Codecademy has a lot of positive aspects. Learning is always the goal, so this is not meant to discourage aspiring programmers. Codecademy is now free, right? Yes. What is the quality of Codecademy? a certain extent Codecademy has actually taught thousands of people the basics of computer science. However, there is also a lot of room for improvement.

Coding is not the only option available. With the help of resources like Udemy courses, web programmers looking to advance can learn JavaScript. Check out these fantastic beginner projects for new programmers if you need some real-world idea inspiration.

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