Windscribe VPN Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

Top VPN service Windscribe provides security, torrenting, streaming, and access to blocked content. Read this Windscribe VPN review to learn more about our testing results and the additional features they provide.

This is an additional effort by TechJury to identify and rank the top VPN programs available. In this Windscribe VPN review, I'll discuss the software's performance, benefits, and most intriguing and practical features.

The outcomes of my security and data leak tests will then be discussed with you. We'll look at every other aspect of Windscribe that can help you choose if it's the best choice for you before we wrap up.

What is Windscribe VPN?

Windscribe is a user-friendly VPN client that is excellent for beginners. All settings are set to automatically operate by default, so all you need to do to establish a secure connection is choose a server from the menu. On their website, a download link for Windscribe VPN is readily available.

The software was introduced in Toronto, Canada, in April 2016, and in addition to having an intuitive user interface, it also has a free version. Even those who are total VPN newbies can benefit from a safer online experience thanks to this on its own.

Windscribe has pros and cons, just like any other VPN service. For more information, continue reading.

Windscribe VPN Essentials – Speed, Security, Privacy

Every virtual network aims to offer two things: encryption that keeps you safe without significantly slowing down. The majority of users also value complete anonymity, which is another thing. Check out Windscribe's performance in these areas.

1. Windscribe Speed

I was pleasantly surprised by this VPN as I ran the speed tests.

I read some end-user Windscribe VPN reviews before using the software myself, and one of the issues that was frequently brought up was the slow speed.

My test results, as shown below, painted a different picture. It doesn't seem too bad after testing four different servers from the US, Europe, the UK, and Asia as usual.

As you can see, there was only a 10% loss in download speed, which is fantastic. Because it offers you a greater selection of servers and operates at faster speeds, Windscribe Pro performs even better. However, there is a significant decrease in upload speed.

Everything was almost perfect in Europe. minimal decrease in download speed and a 10% decrease in upload speed. I experimented with a Switzerland server and the app's recommended best server (a Romanian node in my case).

2. Windscribe Security

No DNS or IP leaks were detected in the tests I ran.

There are many different encryptions available in the program. IKEv2, which is typically the quickest protocol but is easily blocked, is what it uses by default.

The standard OpenVPN protocol is used in UDP mode. Other options include TCP, Stealth, and WStunnel. The last two are advertised as "possibly useful in China."

The lack of a kill switch is one of the frequently mentioned drawbacks of Windscribe, according to some other reviews I read. This information is outdated and flat-out incorrect.

A firewall feature that serves as a kill switch is offered by Windscribe (like some other VPN services). To ensure that there is absolutely no chance of a leak, the firewall disables all connectivity outside of the tunnel. Its behavior can be set to be automatic, manual, or always on.

Conclusion: Windscribe offers strong security via a wide range of protocols and a potent kill switch.

3. Privacy

You can be sure that the business doesn't record your activities while using the service whenever you run the software and enter your Windscribe login details. It doesn't keep a record of your IP address, VPN sessions, or websites you've visited in the past.

But it does save some information about your account.

Of course, the VPN retains any information you voluntarily provide, such as your username, email address, etc.

It's a little unsettling that Windscribe has jurisdiction. The business is headquartered in Canada, one of the five nations that established the Eyes surveillance alliance. Although we are discussing the original 5 Eyes in Canada, I have previously mentioned the 14 Eyes in other reviews.

The first service from the Eyes-alliance I look at in this review is Windscribe.

The 5, 9, and 14 Eyes, for those of you who don't know, are international surveillance partnerships. The world's nations collaborate to gather and share data on mass surveillance.

The 5 Eyes are:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

These five have enormous power to compel businesses to turn over personal information.

Even so, Windscribe's no-logging policy provides security because it prevents the company from disclosing information it does not possess.

Windscribe VPN Pros

Although Windscribe is quick and safe, those are not its only benefits.

1. Generous Windscribe free version

The software is free to use for as long as you like once you download it. You'll have access to 11 locations, each of which offers a group of servers, and you'll get 10GB of data each month. Every 30 days, the bandwidth is recalculated. The free version, which is actually quite good, has only these restrictions. Except for Netflix, the software's features can all be tried out without spending any money. You will have access to more than 110 locations, separate servers from those used by free users, and unlimited data if you choose to purchase the Windscribe premium package.

2. Quickly establishes connections

Windscribe connects to its servers incredibly quickly, in contrast to some of the VPNs I have reviewed (see VyprVPN). Every time I tried a different location, the time it took to establish a secure connection was under 5 seconds.

3. User-friendly interface

The Windscribe client UI is easy to use and attractive. It is very welcoming for newcomers and perfectly optimized.

Setting up protocols or locating servers won't be confusing. Everything is simple to find and convenient to access.

4. Good for streaming and torrenting

Simply connecting to a UK or US server won't let you watch Netflix. Netflix can be accessed through the "Windflix" servers because of the Windscribe servers' optimized servers. The servers menu lists them as locations. Popular streaming services' geo-restrictions are successfully avoided by Windscribe. Except for the Japan, India, and Windflix servers, the program is also good for torrenting (see the FAQ section below for more information).

5. Supports multiple devices

One of Windscribe's best features is this. You can connect an unlimited number of devices, and they have apps for almost every platform. You have apps for every major OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, at your disposal. Additionally, you can download the Opera, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions. You have a choice between the iOS and Android versions of Windscribe for mobile devices. You can also use Windscribe with your TV and router.

6. Unlimited devices

Unlimited, indeed. Pay once, and everything—including your toaster—is connected!

7. Browser extension with exclusive features

The website for the program also provides a browser extension with some useful features. Keep in mind that it must be downloaded instead of being included in the software itself.

Along with other helpful exclusive features, the extension offers an adblocker, automatic location selection, a time zone changer based on your connection, and other features.

You can perform a double hop, also known as a double VPN, with the Windscribe browser extension, which routes your connection through two locations as opposed to one. When compared to Perfect Privacy VPN, which permits up to four hops, this isn't particularly impressive.

Even so, it still outperforms the majority of VPNs that lack this feature entirely.

8. Bypass DNS requests

Additionally, you can switch your API (application programming interface) solution from automatic to manual, omitting DNS in the process. For an IP address, you should contact support if you get a Windscribe no API connectivity error (which can take a while, see below).

9. Mine for upgrades

A relatively well-known alternative currency called Monero can be created using some of the computing power that Windscribe's users can contribute. The ability to directly fund your Windscribe account with cryptocurrency while using the VPN service is an intriguing feature.

Windscribe Cons

Even though everything sounds wonderful, I must highlight two very serious drawbacks.

1. Based in Canada

I already discussed why this might be problematic. Despite the company's claims to the contrary, a gag order issued by any government or agency will compel them to secretly record your activities and turn them over to the authorities. So bear that in mind before downloading Windscribe.

2. No live chat (with a human)

On the website, Garry is available for live chat. Who would be a decent person? If only he weren't a bot.

Unless you skip the FAQ or are incredibly bored and want to chat with a bot for some reason, he is also useless.

You must submit a ticket and prepare yourself with patience if you want to speak to a live person who can answer your questions. Your response won't come for more than a day.

Although I was writing this Windscribe VPN review, I was not at all pleased with the support. Aside from their slow response times (in some cases longer than 3 days), their responses typically only included one sentence with a link to a page on Windscribe that was somewhat related to the problem.

If the business wants to take a more prominent place in the VPN market, the support needs to be significantly improved.

Windscribe Price

Three paid plans are available from Windscribe: a monthly plan for $9, an annual plan, and the incredible option to create your own plan based on your requirements.

You will be billed $1 per month for each place and its servers. For $2 a month, you can use Windscribe if, for instance, all you want to do is watch Netflix.

You can use the Windscribe VPN free version for as long as you like by downloading it, as I already mentioned. The 10GB monthly broadband cap and the number of available servers, including Windflix, are the only restrictions.

There is a refund policy, but you can only ask for one if you haven't used 10GB of traffic or if it has been 3 days since your purchase.

Overall, even without taking into account any potential discounts and Windscribe coupon codes, it may be a truly affordable VPN service.

Payment Options

If you still decide to buy this software, you can choose between PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paymentwall as your method of payment.

Do I Recommend Windscribe?

There are many positive aspects of Windscribe, including its free version, speed, security, and ability to successfully evade geo-restrictions.

However, I couldn't get over the fact that Windscribe VPN was based in Canada while I was writing my review. Since the whole point of a VPN is to maintain anonymity, it is obvious that spying is possible in this situation.

There is also Garry, who has the potential to be very annoying and is essentially useless if there is a problem with the software. His responses are all predetermined, and occasionally they have nothing to do with the query.

When you take into account the potential breach of your privacy, the paid version isn't really that inexpensive either.

Finally, I have to say that I do not suggest Windscribe VPN.

Despite the lack of live chat support, I would strongly advise this software if the business operated somewhere outside of the Eyes network.

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