Panda VPN Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

The Republic of Seychelles, which is outside the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliance intelligence sharing range, is where PandaVPN is headquartered. With more than 30 million users already, it is a reliable option.

Take a quick look at its main characteristics:

  • Wide-ranging Server Network: PandaVPN has a vast server network with locations all over the world.
  • Impressive Upload and Download Speeds are available. Say no to lagging or buffering.
  • No data cap or speed limit is imposed, allowing you to browse the internet without limitations.
  • Advanced Security - Uses trusted ECC encryption to protect your private information and every connection.
  • It is possible to connect up to three devices at once with PandaVPN, which works with all popular devices.

Locating PandaVPN servers

More than 3000 servers in 80 countries and 170+ locations make up PandaVPN's extensive global server network, which spans the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

No matter where you are, there is always a high-bandwidth and low-latency server available thanks to the extensive server network. You should be aware that connection speeds increase with the proximity of the VPN server. View the complete list of server locations.

Speeds & Unlimited Bandwidth for PandaVPN

Your connections pass through an encrypted tunnel when using a VPN. This reduces the speed of your connection. Therefore, using a VPN will slow down your internet access. PandaVPN makes an effort to minimize the effect and offer impressive speeds.

Prior to connecting to the VPN during our testing, our initial speed was 69.45Mbps. The speed was 63.78 Mbps before manually connecting to a nearby server, and it only slightly decreased. This is amazing. Additionally, picking a server that is closer to you will result in a faster speed.

As an alternative, you can use the Smart Mode, which will pick the most suitable server for you at that moment.

PandaVPN offers quick and fluid connections for web browsing, social media chat, online streaming, and gaming. What's more, there is no data cap and no speed restriction.

How safe is PandaVPN?

To protect the connections of its users, PandaVPN employs the highest level of ECC encryption. PandaVPN protects your online communications from risks like hackers who may snoop on the data you send and receive.

OpenVPN and Shadowsocks are just a couple of the VPN protocols that PandaVPN supports. One of the most popular protocols, OpenVPN, maintains a good balance between security and speed. In nations with strict network censorship, Shadowsocks might not be sufficient, but it does offer a quick speed.

Split tunneling is offered by PandaVPN. Some traffic is encrypted in this way, and the rest stays on the local network. You don't have to alternate between them in order to conceal your true IP address.

The 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance does not include the Republic of Seychelles, where the VPN is headquartered. The nations that make up that alliance communicate with one another. You should be aware that once a VPN is exposed, government agencies can see the privacy of its users, particularly if the VPN provider keeps logs.

PandaVPN: Is It Private?

PandaVPN upholds a log-free policy out of complete respect for each user's privacy.

You are not required to enter your email address and profile name when creating an account. As an alternative, you receive a series of random numbers as your login information. Additionally, it accepts the Bitcoin payment system, which guarantees your online anonymity.

Additionally, PandaVPN doesn't log your connection or activity. This information includes your browsing history and any files you download, as well as the incoming and outgoing IP addresses of each server you connect to. It also includes the beginning and ending times of each connection.

How Else Can PandaVPN Help You?

Let's now examine the rest of PandaVPN's features.

Access the Internet anonymously

There are many servers in PandaVPN's network. Your IP address alters whenever you connect to a server. By doing this, you can become anonymous online and stop being tracked by other parties.

Defeat ISP throttling and tracking

ISP tracking can be stopped by using PandaVPN. Because they are unable to link the new IP addresses to you, your ISPs are unable to identify you. Specifically, they are unaware of your online activities.

Because ISP throttling is based on your online activities, they are unable to throttle network connection speeds.

Internet Restrictions Unblocked

We are only able to access Internet content that is authorized for us to access due to geographical and copyright restrictions. You have the opportunity to bypass internet restrictions with PandaVPN.

You might have read some unfavorable comments about PandaVPN that claimed it couldn't unblock all streaming services. However, in our testing of PandaVPN Pro, we were able to successfully unblock Netflix and a few other streaming services, including HBO, Hulu, and Disney+.

PandaVPN offers gaming-focused servers in addition to dedicated streaming servers. Connecting to these servers will improve the gaming experience for the player.

Safely Download Torrents

Some people claim that PandaVPN is unable to grant them access to any torrenting websites.

However, when we activate the Global VPN Mode or OpenVPN First Mode, our testing shows that it functions. A list of BitTorrent servers that are optimized for fast torrenting is available. We were able to access some websites and download the torrents we wanted.

The absence of tutorials or guides to show users how to use the app on its official website, in our opinion, may be the cause. This is an area where PandaVPN could do better.

Shield Remote Working & Wi-Fi Connection

Data is valuable in today's world. There are potential risks that put your privacy in jeopardy when using free public Wi-Fi. Hackers hide in the shadows to steal your personal information, and they then sell what they have amassed to seedy websites in order to make money.

Your data is locked by PandaVPN using cutting-edge ECC encryption technology, rendering it impenetrable to outside attacks when using free public Wi-Fi.

The VPN is also excellent for people who must work from home or are traveling for business. Sending and receiving private business documents over a secure channel is possible with PandaVPN. This adds yet another layer of privacy.

Simple Setup and Wise Connection

PandaVPN provides a simple setup procedure. Just follow the on-screen instructions after downloading the app from their website. You will then be prompted to log into your automatically created digital account.

In order to begin browsing while using Smart Connection Mode, press the connect button. The best server with the lowest load will be picked by this mode automatically. When you don't have a target server to connect to, this is helpful.

A server connection can also be manually selected from the server list. To provide users with the most convenience, PandaVPN groups servers according to location and intended use. For instance, finding servers in the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa is simple. Additionally, it lists specific BitTorrent, streaming, and gaming servers.

The manual selection will take some time, to be honest. If you're pressed for time, you can also use the search box at the bottom to quickly find your preferred server.

Pricing & Refund Policy for PandaVPN

When looking around for a VPN service, price is an important consideration. What is the price of PandaVPN's services? Four price tiers are available.

The 12-month + 12-month plan, which costs $2.77 per month, offers the best value. You purchase for a year and receive an additional year of service. There will be a sale almost every holiday season. Do keep an eye on their official website, then.

Paying $9.99 a month for the month-to-month plan is still less expensive than the industry average. The monthly cost for the 3-month plan is $6.99, while the 6-month plan is even less expensive at $3.99.

Regarding refund policies, PandaVPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of its packages so that you can test them risk-free. You can contact customer service to cancel your subscription if you're unhappy with this VPN.

This PandaVPN review should have made clear what makes this VPN unique and what features it offers. Testing is the best way to verify. You have nothing to lose because of the option for a money-back guarantee.

However, if you believe that PandaVPN is not the best option for your requirements, you can check the reviews of iTop VPN or VeePN to see if they are a better fit.

How To Use Panda VPN Premium Account Free

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  3. Open Panda VPN then sign in
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