Turnitin's Latest Innovation: Able to detect Articles made by Artificial intelligence (AI) In 2023

Turnitin claims AI generated writing detection will be available shortly as college teachers worry that students may exploit new technologies to cheat.

Fears about how AI-generated articles authored by chatbots would challenge society have grown as they have become more complex and logical. AI threatens to replace academic thinkers, journalists, singers, and other professions.

The "rush of interest and concern regarding ChatGPT," which is "a challenge and and potential for the education community," was noted by Turnitin CEO Chris Caren last week in a blog post.

There are currently no academic regulations to control the alleged practice of students asking ChatGPT prompts to compose their essays for them.

Turnitin has reassured schools that it will release AI-created content identification tools in the first half of this year in order to reduce the danger that students submit writing that has been generated by artificial intelligence as their own. Existing customers will be able to utilize a prototype for free while the business collects information and user reviews.

Professors may not recognize a contribution as a student's original work because AI writing is coherent, and because the text is created at random, a typical plagiarism check won't detect it. Even while it seems human-like to us, robots write using a fundamentally different mechanism, according to Eric Wang, VP of AI at Turnitin. The most likely word is used in the most likely location when writing by chatbots.

Turnitin has been getting ready for writing produced by AI ever before OpenAI launched GPT-3 in 2020. The statement has since changed to acknowledge that while AI has the ability to "help and enhance" learning, "there is a more pressing and immediate need to identify when and where AI and AI writing tools have been used by students."

There is no smoke without fire, yet despite the hysterical headlines about how miserable teachers are, there aren't many testimonies from academics who have actually received writings that an AI program wrote. Is it so difficult to spot that the majority of cases have gone unnoticed? Or is the academic institution less at risk than we would think?

Man vs machine: identifying AI generated essays

Darren Hick, a professor of philosophy at Furman University, and Antony Aumann, a professor of religious studies and philosophy at North Michigan University, both discussed their encounters with AI writing in interviews with Insider. Both realized there was a small irregularity in the essays of the students and challenged them. The pupils acknowledged to using generative AI.

The chatbot was revealed to Hick by a little falsehood that was offered as an unquestionable fact. He claims that the reason behind Aumann's accusations is that "the chat writes better than 95% of [his] students could ever."

Hick's assessment, that it was "very nicely written wrong," highlights a significant problem with AI-generated writing. The developers of ChatGPT, OpenAI, have cautioned against precisely such "plausible-sounding yet inaccurate or nonsensical answers," noting that a reinforcement learning model lacks a source of truth.

Students could pass off AI-written work as their own with a little extra effort. Before submitting the essay, the author says they "used chat gpt [sic] to compose 90% of it, added [a] few more things from myself, [and] modified the wording a tiny bit." The Turnitin plagiarism score was under 5% chance.

Despite the conflicting reactions, people aren't as eager to denounce "cheaters" as other media outlets. In this way, using ChatGPT is like using a calculator—a tool, not a shortcut. The most intriguing comment comes from a Reddit user who identifies as a teacher. Given that "it won't produce anything worth reading if you don't feed it the appropriate information [or] modify and change the outcome," the user queries whether utilizing ChatGPT is dishonest.

AI essay assignments

Putting the structure of the college essay aside for a moment, perhaps it is advantageous to let AI-generated writing in a high school setting. The same user argues that it "levels the playing field" for disgruntled students who have lagged behind on some of the writing's complexities but are still able to create intriguing thoughts and/or debate points. Software that supports them with wording and rhetoric can be useful.

In fact, one could wonder if a lesson plan that involved editing the tone and cadence of computer-generated text would be effective.

According to a claim in the UK tabloid daily The Mirror, teachers in the UK are concerned about ChatGPT's abilities because the answers it generated for essay questions on English literature, English language, and history would earn passing GCSE scores. The potential that GCSE students may use AI-generated responses in their exams is not addressed in the text.

Academic standards at the collegiate level aim to ensure that exams will demonstrate students' worth in obtaining a higher level certificate based solely on their abilities. Uncertain rules regarding the usage of writings produced by AI could offer some students an undue advantage; could preventative measures also address positive attributes like income or family history?

Online bots that can recognize writing that was created by a machine are currently accessible. One such tool that shows if a text is "genuine" or "fake" writing is GPT-2 Output Detector Demo. Longer chunks of text are needed for an accurate reading even though it appears to recognize AI generated work: "the findings start to get trustworthy after roughly 50 tokens."

To address concerns about cheating, some university academics are considering drastic measures. According to Aumann, some professors are thinking about switching back to the old-fashioned, handwritten exams like blue books.

Turnitin's new software, according to the argument, is to "allow professors and students to trust each other and the technology," not to have ChatGPT prohibited from academic settings.

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