During a live broadcast from Turkey, a video captures a television reporter sprinting as an earthquake strikes.

Following Monday's devastating earthquake in Turkey, television reporter Yuksel Akalan was broadcasting live from the streets of Malatya when the ground began to tremble beneath him. As the shaking starts, Akalan and a number of other people are seen running down the street. The sound of a building collapsing can be heard as the cameraman also turns to flee.

Reuters quotes Akalan as saying, "There were two consecutive aftershocks with a loud noise as we were heading to the rubble to (film) search and rescue efforts, and the building you are seeing on my left was brought down to earth." "The air was thick with dust. He is covered in dust and is a local resident."

In the video, Akalan is seen assisting a mother and her young daughter as they flee down the road while pleading with the girl to be calm.

Early on Monday, two distinct earthquakes and numerous aftershocks struck the region, leaving at least 1,900 people dead and countless others injured throughout Turkey and Syria. Rescue personnel stated that they anticipated the death toll to rise.

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