Myths About Virginity and Hymen Are Often Misunderstood

Talking about the issue of virginity will of course be directly related to the hymen. The hymen or hymen is a fibrous tissue that lies in the vagina. Usually, society interprets a woman's virginity with the condition of the hymen or hymen that is not damaged or is still intact. In fact, many factors that cause the hymen to be damaged.

The hymen itself has a function to filter dirt so that it does not directly enter Miss V. In addition, the hymen grows along with the development of a woman's intimate organs. It can be said that the hymen is not a membrane that is a marker of whether a woman is still a virgin or not. In fact, the function of the hymen has nothing to do with sexual activity.

Here are some myths about the hymen and virginity issues that you need to know:

1. The hymen will tear if you have sexual intercourse

The use of the hymen has nothing to do with intercourse. The experience of having sex for the first time for women is sometimes painful. However, it is not the impact of a torn hymen.

Usually, pain during intercourse for the first time is caused by a lack of lubrication fluid in Miss V. Lack of lubrication makes Miss V dry. Therefore, lubrication fluids are needed by women during intercourse.

Apart from a lack of lubrication, there are various factors that make the hymen torn or not intact. These include exercising, using tampons, or accidents.

2. Not Bleeding When Having Sex for the First Time Means Not a Virgin

Not bleeding when having sex for the first time does not mean you are not a virgin. Many factors cause you not to bleed when you have sex for the first time. Some of them are due to sufficient lubrication fluid so that the vagina is very ready for penetration.

It is not uncommon for women to be born without a hymen. So, it is very unfair if the hymen is used as a benchmark for a woman's virginity problem. Bleeding during sexual intercourse for the first time can be caused by a lack of lubrication fluid in Miss V, so that the vaginal tissue is injured.

3. Miss V Virgin is narrower because the hymen is still intact

The hymen that is still intact will indeed cause Miss V to be a little cramped. However, this is not just a matter of intact hymen. Many other factors cause Miss V to feel cramped during intercourse. One of them is the contraction of the pelvic muscles.

4. All Women's Hymen are the Same

The hymen is a very thin layer of skin and is about 1-2 centimeters from the lips of Miss V. Every woman has a hymen with a different shape. The hymen will also grow as a woman's Miss V develops.

Usually women are born with a hymen. However, some women are born without a hymen. So, not all hymen in women are the same.

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