Lexus LX 600 2022 Launches, New Engine and Contemporary Looks

After the Toyota Land Cruiser J300, now Toyota launches a luxury version. But under the Lexus banner, the New Lexus LX 600. Like the previous model LX 570, this Japanese SUV has many advantages. Not only a dashing design but also offroad features that make it able to explore anywhere. So what's new in this LX 600 edition?

The new Lexus LX 2022 features a quite revolutionary design with a spindle grille in the form of seven floating bars at the front. In the middle, there is a cavity that functions as an air flow to cool the engine room. In addition, the headlights are also made slimmer complete with three-dimensional daytime running lights.

Meanwhile, at the rear there is also a new touch, one of which is the L logo which is replaced with the writing Lexus as in the New NX 2022. The rear lights are made to connect with the rear bumper style of a tough SUV car.


Dimensionally, the Lexus LX still maintains its identity as a large SUV with a total axis distance of 2,850 mm. According to the manufacturer, this figure has not changed since the first generation LX was introduced in 1995. The latest generation LX also features sleek bodywork with wheel arches designed to accommodate wheel sizes of 18, 20, or 22 inches.

Inside, Lexus still maintains a premium look with wood materials and metallic accents in some parts of the cabin. The new touches are seen in the digital instrument cluster and the 25-inch Mark Levinson audio system. In addition, the latest Lexus LX also embeds a service interface for entertainment features and has two touch screens measuring 7 and 12.3-inches. The larger screen is focused on displaying navigation, camera display and audio settings, while the smaller screen is concerned with climate control systems and vehicle information.

In addition to the dual-screen setup, the infotainment system on the 2022 Lexus LX 600 features voice commands, user profiles, and cloud-based navigation with data pulled from Google. The New Lexus LX 600 2022 is offered in several variants, namely Standard, Premium, Luxury, Ultra Luxury and F Sport. The last two trims will be the models that true Lexus consumers are looking for.


The difference is in some of the distinctive ornaments embedded in the exterior and interior. Starting with the F Sport, this model uses a mesh grille with a touch of black chrome that surrounds the grille. In addition, the Lexus LX 600 F Sport also uses 22-inch aluminum alloy wheels, larger than other variants.

In the interior, the sporty impression will immediately be seen in the design of the seats wrapped in leather, while the steering wheel is textured to provide a more comfortable grip.

The F Sport variant also features an adaptively adjustable suspension system with an electric power steering system. Both are also connected to the Torsen differential system to provide a more dynamic ride.

While the Ultra Luxury variant, the New Lexus LX600 presents a different cabin atmosphere because it has two individual rear seats. The chair also features a soft urethane to help suppress unwanted movement. The two seats in the second row are separated by a wide console equipped with a wireless smartphone charger, closed cup holder and a large storage box with USB port and headphone jack for the rear seat entertainment system. The center console also features a small screen that functions as a seat control and air conditioning system.

Lastly, the Ultra Luxury variant is equipped with exclusive ceiling vents that also function as heating and cooling and rear blinds and reading lights.

New Machine

Improvements to the New Lexus LX 600 2022 do not only occur in the exterior and interior, the manufacturer also presents a new engine, namely a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 that replaces the 5.7-liter engine. There is a significant increase in performance figures, maximum power reaches 409 hp and kick torque reaches 649 Nm.

The engine is mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission system which in the previous generation used 8-speed. Improved capabilities in the latest Lexus LX are also found in the use of aluminum material and a body-on frame platform which is claimed to be 200 kg lighter than the previous generation. In addition, Lexus also stated that the latest LX600 has a 20 percent stiffer design structure than before.

The Lexus LX 600 is also designed as a tough vehicle that can be invited to drive on all terrain roads. Therefore, the manufacturer embeds a high-mounted double wishbone suspension system with coil springs and an improved rear suspension to provide stable handling.


In addition, the latest LX 600 also features an adaptive suspension with Active Height Control that can be adjusted with several options, namely Low, Normal, Hi1 and Hi2. The system will automatically adjust the needs of the suspension with the terrain of the road being traversed. One example is when the driver enters the 4Lo or Multi Terrain Select model, the system will change the suspension to the Hi1 or Hi2 position.

For more varied driving modes, the New Lexus LX 600 also provides several options ranging from Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Rock. This mode is still supported by other off-road features such as Crawl Control and Downhill Assist Control and Multi Terrain Monitor. With the latter device you can use the four cameras to see the conditions around the vehicle as it passes through extreme obstacles.

Unfortunately, Lexus has not released an official price for the new 2022 New LX 600 but consumers will start ordering it in the first quarter of next year and the first market to receive it is the United States

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